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Teradata Basics for Business Users

by Tom Coffing & Leona Coffing

The brilliance behind the Tera-Tom Genius series is that each book gets deeper and deeper into the details of Teradata. The Business Users book begins with brilliant fundamentals before diving into how Teradata...

Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy

by Vincent Michael Palamara

Painstakingly researched by an authority on the history of the Secret Service and based on primary, firsthand accounts from more than 80 former agents, White House aides, and family members, this is the definitive...

How to Build a Dinosaur: The New Science of Reverse Evolution

by Jack Horner & James Gorman

A world-renowned paleontologist reveals groundbreaking science that trumps science fiction: how to grow a living dinosaur

Over a decade after Jurassic Park, Jack Horner and his colleagues in molecular biology...

Best Practices in Talent Management: How the World's Leading Corporations Manage, Develop, and Retain Top Talent

by Marshall Goldsmith & Louis Carter

Praise for Best Practices in Talent Management

"This book includes the most up-to-date thinking, tools, models, instruments and case studies necessary to identify, lead, and manage talent within your organization...

Silent Disco

by Lachlan Philpott

Tamara and Jasyn are in love. Tamara is fourteen. Jasyn lives with Aunty and his brother Dane is in prison for dealing. Jasyn wants to take Tamara to the formal, but he hasn't got the cash. In a world of absent...

Namatjira & Ngapartji Nagapartji

by Scott Rankin

Ngapartji/Ngapartji-meaning reciprocity and co-operation in Pitjantjatjara language-is an emotional, educational, effective and deeply affecting experience of indigenous history as told through Trevor Jamieson's-cocreator...

Dog Days: Australia After the Boom

by Ross Garnaut

A blueprint for the nation after the boom.

Australians have just lived through a period of exceptional prosperity, but, says influential economist Ross Garnaut, the Dog Days are on their way. Are we ready for...

Las Vegas for Vegans

by A. S. Patric

From Las Vegas to Melbourne, from Europe to a doomed airplane in mid-flight, from a seedy motel to the local bookstore, the true setting of these stories is the human heart. A son spends the day at work having...

Madame Bovary's Haberdashery

by Maurilia Meehan

Zac, a translator of Flaubert, can't believe his luck. He ends up sleeping with Odette, a beautiful but capricious ceramic artist, and her best friend, Cicely, a talented knitter and author of an erotic novel....

After Love

by Subhash Jaireth

Vasu, a young Indian student of architecture, arrives in Moscow in the late 1960s. He falls in love with Anna, an archaeologist and an accomplished cellist, yet his romanticism about the Soviet Union clashes...

The Darkest Little Room

by Patrick Holland

'The darkest little room in the world is the human heart,' she said at last. 'Even yours, perhaps, has black secrets that you would never let into the light.' Patrick's Holland's haunting new novel arises from...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Taoism

by Brandon Toropov & Chad Hansen

You're no idiot, of course. You know Taoism is one of the world's oldest religions, based on simplicity and balance. However, you may not know it has important parallels with modern Western life: health, ecology,...

The Edge of Bali and Other Writings

by Inez Baranay

Three people travel to Bali for very different reasons. Marla is well read in Bali's culture; she distrusts false ideologies, orientalism and tourism. To her surprise she finds the echoes of a golden age and...

Riding the Trains in Japan: Travels in the Sacred and Supermodern World

by Patrick Holland

Arriving late in Kyoto Patrick Holland cannot find a room for the night. Homeless and disorientated and in a place where loitering is not encouraged his only solution is to ride the trains. The train journey...

The Comfort of Water: A River Pilgrimage

by Maya Ward

This is the joyful yet heartbreaking true story of four friends who walk a 21- day pilgrimage from the sea to the source of Melbourne's Yarra River. There is no path for most of the way, but offers of campsites...

In Search of the Blue Tiger

by Robert Power

Eleven year old Oscar Flowers is on a quest to make sense of the strange world of adults that surround him in the seaside town of Tidetown. The bizarre behaviour of his parents and great aunt impels him to search...

We All Fall Down

by Peter Barry

We All Fall Down is a vivid and compelling narrative of middle class friends and families, relationships and the contemporary workplace. Kate and Hugh Drysdale like many couples buy a house that stretches them...

Exile: The Lives and Hopes of Werner Pelz

by Roger Averill

Like the best true life adventures, the story of Werner Pelz is stranger than fiction. Forced to flee Nazi Germany for being Jewish, he was then interned in England for being German. Shipped to Australia on...

Shafana & Aunt Sarrinah

by Alana Valentine

A story of two Australian Afgani Muslim women and the tension within a family over the wearing of the headscarf. A young Australian-born Muslim woman, turns to the religion of her heritage for answers after...

The Club

by David Williamson

Williamson's famous play about the uses and abuses of managerial power, which in 1976 foreshadowed the great changes that Australian football has since endured, proves even more prescient since the rise and...