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I Smile Back

by Amy Koppelman

The movie tie-in edition of Amy Koppelman's "powerful," "exquisite" novel, starring Sarah Silverman and Josh Charles!

You Are My Heart and Other Stories

by Jay Neugeboren

A vibrant collection of deeply intelligent stories from "one of our most honored writers of literary fiction."

Crystal Eaters

by Shane Jones

Crystal Eaters is an ambitious family saga, love story, and watershed in the career of this acclaimed fabulist.

Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky

by David Connerley Nahm

A jaw-droppingly gorgeous, mysterious, and lyric exploration of childhood, personal loss, ghost stories, and small-town life in rural Kentucky.

Made to Break

by D. Foy

A melancholic, savage look at relationships and the lies we tell ourselves, suffused with spirited language and humor.

Mira Corpora

by Jeff Jackson

An electrifying story of mad hope and redemption in the face of nightmarish odds.

The Other Side of the World

by Jay Neugeboren

A seductive and intelligent novel of unlikely groupings and intrigue.

How To Get Into the Twin Palms

by Karolina Waclawiak

A witty and moving twist on the immigrant story. Get ready to lust after chesthair, kitchen haircuts, and pleather.

I'm Trying to Reach You

by Barbara Browning

First Michael Jackson, then Pina Bausch, Merce Cunningham... is someone killing famous dancers? A witty, creative, and seductive mystery.

Radio Iris

by Anne-Marie Kinney

Radio Iris deals with watercooler culture in an artful and existential way, delivering an eerie allegory of our modern recession.

Baby Geisha

by Trinie Dalton

Eye-popping stories that showcase an assured and exceptionally stylish talent.


by Joshua Mohr

An ambitious, uplifting, and vital new work that underlines Mohr's relevance as a major American voice.

Square Wave

by Mark de Silva

A grand novel of ideas and compelling crime mystery, about security states past and present, weather modification, and imperial influences.

The Glacier

by Jeff Wood

A brilliant and visceral cinematic novel about authenticity and the American condition.

Not Dark Yet

by Berit Ellingsen

A rich character-driven drama, addressing questions of personal morals and societal ethics, set on the cusp of a self-inflicted apocalypse.

Seven Days in Rio

by Francis Levy

An incendiary and provocative new novel from "Nicholson Baker and Mary Gaitskill's French-kissing cousin"!

The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing

by Nicholas Rombes

This debut will ensure Rombes the status of a distinctive and fresh American visionary; David Lynch admirers take note.

Haints Stay

by Colin Winnette

An imaginative, acid Western from a rising star in the indie lit world.

The Correspondence Artist: A Memoir

by Barbara Browning

An intelligent and witty new comedy, sure to delight fans of Nicholson Baker and Charlie Kaufman.

The Only Ones

by Carola Dibbell

An edgy, intimate, and haunting portrait of a unique mother-daughter relationship in a post-pandemic world.