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by Mayumi Azuma

With Ren poisoned by Viro, Coud races against the clock to find an Edel Raid doctor that can save her life. But his quest takes an unexpected detour as the doctor informs Coud of another Edel Raid that has been...


by Mayumi Azuma

The adventure continues as sky pirate Coud Van Giruet is pushed to new heights! In an attempt to avoid arrest, Coud and his companions are forced to climb through the mountains. When their route is cut off by...


by Mayumi Azuma

Abandon ship! Coud's first time on a boat doesn't go so swimmingly as the battle continues between his crew and the assassin Grayarts. Together they may be able to take the air out of Grayarts's sails-but with...


by Mayumi Azuma

After finally standing up to the corrupt owner of Milliard Trey, Rasati finds herself battling two top-ranked fighters. Her only chance of victory is to react with her Edel Raid sister, Lilia...but does Lilia...


by Mayumi Azuma

Coud is back-and he's training hard! During his workout, he spots the great fighter Rasati returning home. Coud insists that she tell him her secrets to winning-but when she tells him it's simply her desire...

30-Minute Read: Stress-Proof Your Marriage

by Cory Busse & Heidi Busse

Stress-Proof Your Marriage takes seriously the subject of marital bliss (without taking itself too seriously). Reinvigorate your marriage today. Take the first step to grow in faith, laughter, and love.

The Children of Fatima

by Leo Madigan

The most revealing book yet on Fatima, this full-length volume offers the phenomenal, never-before-released details of what Francisco and Jacinta Marto saw and heard.

30-Minute Read: Simplify Your Life

by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

Let God lead you back to the clarity of peace that He intended for you by discovering that true simplicity comes not from doing...but from living in trust, patience, and gratitude.

The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

by Susan Tassone

This best-selling, one-of-a-kind combination of the traditional prayers of the Stations of the Cross and scriptural reflections focuses on Christ's passion and death.

The Twelve: The Lives of the Apostles After Calvary

by C. Bernard Ruffin

Who were the Apostles really? What happened to them after the end of the Gospel story? Revel in the wealth of detail Ruffin has dug up for each Apostle -- even Judas Iscariot.

The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus: Introducing S3 Leadership -- Servant, Steward, Shepherd

Saints of Africa

by C. M. Vincent J. O'Malley

Over 117 million Catholics live in Africa -- almost twice as many as in the U.S. Discover early defenders of the Faith and 20th-century martyrs as they bear witness to the remarkable sanctity of Africa.

Prayer Book for Widows

by Kay M. Cozad

A prayer book like no other, written by a widow for widows. Prayers that center on the emotions and situations a widow faces. A powerful resource.

The Auctioneer Bangs His Gavel

by Benjamin Grossberg

"Reading The Auctioneer Bangs His Gavel, I had the sense of finding a poet I'd been looking for unawares: one who intertwines a survey of human sexuality (and gay sexuality at that) with theological questions;...

A Profile in Alternative Medicine: The Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, 1845-1942

by John S Haller Jr

The Eclectic Medical Institute, known by its friends as "Old EMI" (and "Old EMC" when reorganized in 1910), was an American institution in origin, concept, and practice. For nearly a century, EMI was known as...

A Surgeon's Civil War: The Letters and Diary of Daniel M. Holt, M.D.

by James M Greiner, Janet L Coryell & James R Smither

Daniel M. Holt, a successful country doctor in the upstate village of Newport, New York, accepted the position of assistant surgeon in the 121st New York Volunteer Army in August 1862. At age 42 when he was...

The Bright Streets of Surfside: The Memoir of a Friendship with Isaac Bashevis Singer

by Lester Goran

The Bright Streets of Surfside chronicles 10 years in the life of Isaac Bashevis Singer, as witnessed and shared by a fellow writer close to him at the time. In 1978, with a mixture of hero worship and academic...

Working South: Paintings and Sketches by Mary Whyte

by Mary Whyte & Martha Severens

Dynamic artistry celebrating the diverse lives and labors of hardscrabble Southerners

Sonic Liturgy: Ritual and Music in Hindu Tradition

by Guy L. Beck & Frederick M. Denny

A groundbreaking study into the parallel developments of worship and musical performance in Hindu culture

The Rise to Respectability: Race, Religion, and the Church of God in Christ