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Territorial Implications of High Speed Rail: A Spanish Perspective

by José|| M. de Ureña

This book presents the experience of 20 years of HSR in Spain including some explicit information, arguments and conclusions derived from HSR in other European Countries. It debates the HSR territorial implications...

Rethinking Climate Change Research: Clean Technology, Culture and Communication

by Pernille Almlund & Per Homann Jespersen

The problems and debates surrounding climate change possess closely intertwined social and scientific aspects. This book highlights the importance of researching climate change through a multi-disciplinary approach;...

Solutions: Business Problem Solving

by Eric Bolland & Frank Fletcher

Solutions is a practical guide that will help managers and professionals solve the most common organizational problems they face. It is the result of a major collaborative effort by members of the same business...

Knowing al-Qaeda: The Epistemology of Terrorism

by Christina Hellmich & Andreas Behnke

At a time when many studies are overly policy oriented and focused solely on security implications, this bookshelf essential presents a much needed account on the epistemic structures underlying the social construction...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy

by Emilian Kavalski

This Companion draws a vivid picture of the full spectrum of topics, issues, and relationships that define China's international interactions. The collection therefore provides a relevant point of departure...

Wellbeing and Place

by Sarah Atkinson & Sara Fuller

The last twenty years have witnessed an important movement in the aspirations of public policy beyond meeting merely material goals towards a range of outcomes captured through the use of the term 'wellbeing'....

A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility: Pressures, Conflicts, and Reconciliation

by Adam Lindgreen & Philip Kotler

According to a recent McKinsey & Co. global survey, 95% of surveyed CEOs believe that 'society has greater expectations than it did five years ago that companies will assume public responsibilities.' In turn,...

The Ashgate Research Companion to International Trade Policy

by Kenneth Heydon & Stephen Woolcock

The Ashgate Research Companion to International Trade Policy provides a state of the art review of current thinking on the full range of trade policy issues, addressing the economic and political dimensions...

Complexity and Planning: Systems, Assemblages and Simulations

by  Jean Hillier, Gert De Roo & Joris Van Wezemael

This book provides a readable overview, presenting and relating a range of understandings and characteristics of complexity and complex systems as they are relevant to planning. It recognizes multiple, relational...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism and the Occult

by Tatiana Kontou & Sarah Willburn

Designed both for those new to the field and for experts, this volume is organized into sections covering the relationship between Victorian spiritualism and science, the occult and politics, and the culture...

George Buchanan: Political Thought in Early Modern Britain and Europe

by Caroline Erskine & Roger A. Mason

George Buchanan (1506-82) was the most distinguished Scottish humanist of the sixteenth century with an unparalleled contemporary reputation as a Latin poet, playwright, historian and political theorist. This...

'Regimental Practice' by John Buchanan, M.D.: An Eighteenth-Century Medical Diary and Manual

by Paul Kopperman

In 1746, Dr John Buchanan, a recently retired medical officer in the British Army, produced a manuscript, 'Regimental Practice, or a Short History of Diseases common to His Majesties own Royal Regiment of Horse...

The Bush Leadership, the Power of Ideas, and the War on Terror

by David B. MacDonald & Dirk Nabers

This volume explores the relationship between President George W. Bush's leadership, the administration's stated belief in the power of ideas (and the ideas of power) and its approach to the war on terror. Drawing...

The Principles of Project Finance

by Rod Morrison

The Principles of Project Finance highlights the ideas behind an important concept in the global capital markets: project finance. This technique is used to fund large capital expenditure projects and is positioned...

How to Make a Living in Paradise: Southeast Asia Edition

by Philip Wylie

Are you seeking a richer quality of life? The tips and guidance herein - backed by authoritative case studies and contact directory - are bound to save thousands of dollars and countless hours of research. This...

Paperboy: Confessions of a Future Engineer

by Henry Petroski

Anyone wondering what sort of experience prepares one for a future as an engineer may be surprised to learn that it includes delivering newspapers. But as Henry Petroski recounts his youth in 1950s Queens, New...

Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Max Douglas

Meet or exceed all your goals with this comprehensive guide to performance reviews

3 books in 1 eBook!

Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews covers all the bases when it comes to using the right language during...

Oracle Database Ajax & PHP Web Application Development

by Lee Barney & Michael McLaughlin

Design and Deploy Highly Responsive Data-Driven Web 2.0 Applications

Deliver next-generation user capabilities and client-side services in your Oracle-based Web applications by combining the powerful features...

ESAs Made Easy: A Checklist Approach to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

by Andre R. Cooper

Learn how to conduct and evaluate a successful Phase I ESA to identify existing or potential environmental hazards and 'special resources' for a subject property. Through its easy-to-follow checklist format...

The Decadent Republic of Letters: Taste, Politics, and Cosmopolitan Community from Baudelaire to Beardsley

by Matthew Potolsky

The Decadent Republic of Letters revises the longstanding view of decadence as a movement defined by escapism and sociopolitical withdrawal. The book argues that decadent writers and artists from Charles Baudelaire...