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Band-Aid for a Broken Leg: Being a Doctor with No Borders and Other Ways to Stay Single

by Damien Brown

A powerful, heart-breaking, surprisingly funny, honest and ultimately uplifting account of life on the medical frontline, and a moving testimony of the work done by Medecins Sans Frontieres and the extraordinary...


by Claudia Dey

Set in Timmins, Ontario, Beaver takes place between a mother's suicide and a daughter's wedding.

Paper Series

by David Yee

A series of monologues that imaginatively explore six lives and their curious connections to something as inconsequential as a piece of paper.

The Romeo Initiative

by Trina Davies

Half romantic comedy and half spy-thriller, The Romeo Initiative is a journey into the heart that leaves audiences gasping.

Don't Start Me Talking: Lyrics 1984--2012

by Paul Kelly

Spanning 20 years of song-writing, a fully updated collection of all the lyrics from Australia's greatest singer/songwriter, Paul Kelly.

Zombies, Bananas and Why There Are No Economists in Heaven: The Economics of Real Life

by Jessica Irvine

Jessica Irvine presents Economics 101 and shows you how to use the power of economics to solve your everyday problems with this witty, accessible and entertaining guide.

My Life and Other Catastrophes

by Rowena Mohr

A very funny look at a tumultuous six months in the life of (not so) typical Erin Costello.

Ever get the feeling your life would qualify for National Disaster Relief? Say hello to Erin Costello. Erin's pretty...

The (Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend

by Lili Wilkinson

What happens when your imaginary boyfriend turns out to be real?

'I did meet a Boy,' Midge snaps. 'He has wavy brown hair, and he's English. I met him at the Library. We had romantic picnics by the river and...


by Barry Jonsberg

Holly Holley is so average it hurts ... until her cousin Cassie comes to stay, and Demi Larson takes her under her wing and makes life a whole lot more interesting...

'My name is Holly Holley and I have given...

Always MacKenzie

by Kate Constable

Can a nerd and a golden girl ever be best friends? Always Mackenzie is the bittersweet story of the intense friendship between two girls - the story of what happens when Jem Martinic meets Mackenzie Woodrow...

She's with the Band

by Georgia Clark

For Mia Mannix, life has never been this tough. Or this interesting.'Life never starts when you think it will. When I turned 15, I figured I'd be tossed the keys to the city, make out with a hottie, and have...

The Quicksand Pony

by Alison Lester

The fifteenth-anniversary edition of Alison Lester's gripping horseback adventure, set in the rugged yet romantic Australian coastal bush. With extra commentary by the author.

The Happiest Refugee

by Anh Do

The bestselling, laugh-out-loud, reach for your hanky story of one of Australia's best-loved comedians - now in hard cover gift edition.

Tasmanian Aborigines: A history since 1803

by Lyndall Ryan

The story of the Aboriginal people of Tasmania, from the arrival of the first whites to the present. While it contains much that is tragic, it is also a story of resilience and survival in the face of great...

Eleven Seasons

by Paul D Carter

The Australian/Vogel's Literary Award winner 2012

Green Monkey Dreams

by Isobelle Carmody

A stunning collection of fourteen short stories, full of provocative ideas and haunting images. Originally published in 1996 and back in print in a a beautifully packaged edition in response to popular demand....

A Better Life: How Our Darkest Moments Can Be Our Greatest Gift

by Craig Hamilton & Will Swanton

Packed full of practical tips and amazing stories, A Better Life talks frankly and inspiringly about living a happy, fulfilling life, even with mental health issues.

The Nullarbor Kid: Stories from My Trucking Life

by Ray Gilleland

He was a pioneer trucker in postwar Australia - a time when outback roads were little more than corrugated dirt goat tracks. This is a story of vast distances, ill-equipped machines, heat and dust, humour and...

The Novels of Alex Miller: An Introduction

by Robert Dixon

Alex Miller's novels are increasingly regarded as classics of Australian literature. This collection of critical essays offers a systematic introduction to the work of one of Australia's best known authors.

University Unlimited: The Monash Story

by Graeme Davison & Kate Murphy

From student radicalism to global expansion, this is the story of Australia's largest and most international university.