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The Lilliputians of Environmental Regulation: The Perspective of State Regulators

by Michelle C. Pautz & Sara R. Rinfret

When we think about environmental policy and regulation in the U.S., our attention invariably falls on the federal level and, more specifically, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Although such a focus...

English for International Journalists

by Mike Gandon & Heather Purdey

English for International Journalists is a clear and engaging step-by-step guide for non-native speakers using English in journalism across all forms of media. In-depth language analysis is provided in the specialised...

The Magazines Handbook

by Jenny McKay

The Magazines Handbook has firmly established itself as the essential introduction to the theories and practices of the modern magazine industry. This fully updated third edition comprehensively examines the...

Asian Yearbook of International Law: Volume 15 (2009)

by B.S. Chimni, Miyoshi Masahiro & Javaid Rehman

Launched in 1991, The Asian Yearbook of International Law is a major refereed publication dedicated to international law issues as seen primarily from an Asian perspective, under the auspices of the Foundation...

Investing in Water for a Green Economy: Services, Infrastructure, Policies and Management

by Mike Young & Christine Esau

In the context of the economies of the world becoming greener, this book provides a global and interdisciplinary overview of the condition of the world's water resources and the infrastructure used to manage...

The Canadian Paediatric Society Guide to Caring for Your Child from Birth to Age Five

by The Canadian Paediatric Society

The definitive Canadian resource from the leading association on child health & development

Paediatrician Dr. Diane Sacks and the CPS have compiled the most current information relating to child health and development....

Routledge Handbook of Sports Coaching

by Paul Potrac, Wade Gilbert & Jim Denison

Over the last three decades sports coaching has evolved from a set of customary practices based largely on tradition and routine into a sophisticated, reflective and multi-disciplinary profession. In parallel...

Managing Major Sports Events: Theory and Practice

by Milena M. Parent & Sharon Smith-Swan

The hosting of major sporting events can be a key tool in the development of cities and countries around the world. If carried out effectively these events can not only bring prestige to an area but can leave...

Early Childhood Education: A Practical Guide to Evidence-Based, Multi-Tiered Service Delivery

by Gina Coffee, Corey E. Ray-Subramanian & Jr., G. Thomas Schanding

In the past several years, models of multi-tiered service delivery have emerged as a framework for supporting the needs of school-aged children in schools across the country and have received much attention...

The Nile River Basin: Water, Agriculture, Governance and Livelihoods

by Seleshi Bekele Awulachew, Vladimir Smakhtin & David Molden

The Nile provides freshwater not only for domestic and industrial use, but also for irrigated agriculture, hydropower dams and the vast fisheries resource of the lakes of Central Africa. The Nile River Basin...

Coastal Erosion and Protection in Europe

by Enzo Pranzini & Allan Williams

Europe has a long history of managing coastal erosion through a variety of protection strategies, from the defences of the Venice lagoons to coastal land reclamation in the Netherlands. 

This book provides...

Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Globalization

by Tanner Mirrlees

A critical cultural materialist introduction to the study of global entertainment media.

In Global Entertainment Media, Tanner Mirrlees undertakes an analysis of the ownership, production, distribution, marketing,...

China's Climate Change Policies

by Wang Weiguang, Guoguang Zheng & Jiahua Pan

China is becoming a rising star in global economical and political affairs. Both internationally and within China itself, people have great expectations of its future role. This book aims to clarify many aspects...

The Social Media Industries

by Alan B. Albarran

This volume examines how social media is evolving as an industry-it is an extension of traditional media industries, yet it is distinctly different in its nature and ability to build relationships among users....

Journalism Studies: The Basics

by Martin Conboy

Journalism Studies: The Basics provides an introductory overview of the emerging field of Journalism Studies, discussing key issues and contemporary debates. Drawing on Conboy's extensive experience in the field,...

The History of the Oxford English Dictionary

by Thomas Vetsch

The history of dictionaries certainly goes back to the 8th century, when the custom of making collections of glosses grew up. These collections, called glossarium or glossary, were a great help to students,...

15 minutes of Play -- Improvisational Quilts: Made-Fabric Piecing • Traditional Blocks • Scrap Challenges

by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Scraps never looked so good! This is improvisational piecing reinvented—learn how to create a unique piece of “made-fabric” in just 15 minutes with Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s improvisational scrap-piecing...

Simply Successful Applique: Foolproof Technique • 9 Projects • For Hand & Machine

by Jeanne Sullivan

Award-winning applique quilting artist, Jeanne Sullivan, shows you how to create flawless appliqué in just minutes-by hand or machine. Get pinpoint accuracy more easily with this comprehensive visual guide...

Fresh Perspectives: Reinventing 18 Classic Quilts from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum

by Carol Gilham Jones & Bobbi Finley

You’ll love these contemporary interpretations of antique quilts from the International Quilt Study Center. Bobbi Finley and Carol Gillham Jones pored through the museum’s collection to find inspiration...

Vintage Tablecloth Quilts: Kitchen Kitsch to Bedroom Chic • 12 Projects to Piece or Appliqu

by Rose Sheifer & Liz Aneloski

Transform your favorite vintage tablecloths into beautiful quilts! Learn how to convert the best parts of each cloth into quilt blocks and appliqué elements that can be combined with commercial fabrics for...