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Student Activism and Curricular Change in Higher Education

by Mariel Lemonik Arthur

Based on in-depth case-studies of curricular change processes at six colleges and universities across the United States, the book demonstrates that social movements targeting colleges and universities play a...

Childhood and Migration in Europe: Portraits of Mobility, Identity and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland

by Ní Laoire & Carpena-Méndez

Challenging dominant adult-centric perspectives on contemporary global migration flows and presenting understandings of the lives of migrant children and young people from their own experiences, this book presents...

Violence Expressed: An Anthropological Approach

by Six-Hohenbalken & Weiss

Violence Expressed explores the diverse expressions and manifestations through which the meaning of violent experiences and events are (re)produced. A compelling contribution to ongoing discussions on anthropological...

Experience and Representation: Contemporary Perspectives on Migration in Australia

by Jacobs

Experience and Representation brings together influential theoretical perspectives and recent empirical material in the analysis of migration, race and contemporary Australian culture and politics. As such,...

Managing Ethnic Diversity: Meanings and Practices from an International Perspective

by Hasmath

The management of ethnic diversity has become a topical and often controversial subject in recent times, with much debate surrounding multiculturalism as a systematic and comprehensive response for dealing with...

Media in Motion: Cultural Complexity and Migration in the Nordic Region

by Eide & Nikunen

Owing to increased migration from the 1990s, Nordic countries have gone through substantial cultural and social changes, resulting in increased debate surrounding the politics of multiculturalism. By drawing...


by Chris Humphreys

Book I of the Runestone Saga ends with a terrifying reversal. The grandfather who showed Sky how to use the power of the runes to travel back in time, revealed his secret plans—which turn out to involve murder...

Exposing Lifestyle Television: The Big Reveal

by Palmer

In the last decade lifestyle television has become one of the most dominant television genres. Written by an international team of scholars, this volume presents case studies from across the lifestyle genre,...

Re-Crafting Rationalization: Enchanted Science and Mundane Mysteries

by Locke

Re-Crafting Rationalization contributes to debates relating to the public understanding of science, regarding the conceptualisation of the relationship between 'science' and 'the public'. With profound implications...

Citizenship and the Legitimacy of Governance: Anthropology in the Mediterranean Region

by Pardo & B. Prato

The book brings together a strong field of anthropologists offering in-depth ethnographic studies of urban settings in the Mediterranean region, ranging from Portugal, to Albania and to Israel. Their aim is...

Debates in Transgender, Queer, and Feminist Theory: Contested Sites

by Elliot

Intersecting the domains of women's studies, sexuality, gender and transgender studies, Debates in Transgender, Queer, and Feminist Theory provides a critical analysis of key texts and theories, engaging in...

New Sociologies of Sex Work

by Hardy & Kingston

The expansion of sex work studies over the past decade has seen a tendency for research to focus on the more obvious aspects of the sex industry. This cutting edge volume makes an outstanding contribution to...

Local Lives: Migration and the Politics of Place

by Bönisch-Brednich & Trundle

Local Lives contests dominant trends in migration theory, demonstrating that many migrant identities have not become entirely diasporic or cosmopolitan, but remain equally focused on emplaced belonging and the...

Gender Inequalities, Households and the Production of Well-Being in Modern Europe

by Addabbo & Arrizabalaga

Demographic change and economic liberalization are reshaping European states in a number of profound ways. In particular, an ageing population and shifts in the labour market are bringing new challenges to the...

Medical Proofs, Social Experiments: Clinical Trials in Shifting Contexts

by Will & Moreira

Clinical trials have become key technologies for decision making in the contemporary world. Their results shape medical practice and determine priorities across health care systems, but the work that goes into...

Muslim Diaspora in the West: Negotiating Gender, Home and Belonging

by Moghissi & Ghorashi

In view of the growing influence of religion in public life, Muslim Diaspora in the West offers a timely contribution to scholarly debates and concerns raised in the West about Islam and Muslims within diaspora....

Risk and Public Policy in East Asia

by K.H. Chan & Takahashi

Contemporary Asian society is marked by social processes associated with the loss of stable economic growth and high employment; family structures capable of caring for family members in need; and governmental...

New Technologies and Emerging Spaces of Care

by Schillmeier & Domènech

Exploring and analysing the social and cultural impact of new technologies, this book examines the societal relevance of new technologies of care and the manner in which technological innovations configure and...

Reproductive Health and Gender Equality: Method, Measurement, and Implications

by Wang

Reproductive Health and Gender Equality offers a much needed empirical study of women's reproductive health. The author challenges the prevailing bioscience and public health models by linking women's reproductive...

Social Formation in Dhaka, 1985-2005: A Longitudinal Study of Society in a Third World Megacity

by Siddiqui & Ahmed

Most studies on urbanisation in developing countries concentrate on slums and shanty towns in isolation from the rest of the society. By contrast, Social Formation in Dhaka, 1985-2005 analyses urbanisation and...