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Trout Dreams

by James Merritt

This book is a collection of profiles of many of the big names in the fly fishing world of our day.

Tales of Swordfish and Tuna

by Zane Grey

Zane Grey fished up to 300 days a year. But, with all that time on the water there was nothing more exciting or more compelling than the really BIG fish- the giants of the sea. Blue fin tuna are (even today)...

Knife, Fork and Spoon: Eating Around the World

by Charles H., Jr. Baker

Baker spent years making three voyages around the world.

The Derrydale Game Cookbook

by De L. P. Gouy

This is a no-nonsense, practical guide to cooking virtually every kind of wild game with everything from simple recipes to gourmet level preparation.

de Shootinest Gent'man & Other Tales

by Nash Buckingham

Travel with Nash Buckingham on some of the most heartwarming experiences ever to be put to paper by an outdoor writer,

Bass Pro Shops Hunting and Fishing Directory: Outfitters, Guides, and Lodges

by Marv Fremerman

From hunting whitetails to grouse, from fishing for trout to perch, this book offers a complete directory of lodges, guides, and outfitters for the outdoorsman or woman who doesn't want to spend their vacation...

The American Boy's Handy Book: What to Do and How to Do It

by Daniel Carter Beard

Provides a huge number of ideas for fun and instructional projects for young boys.

An American Angler in Australia

by Zane Grey

Most of the fish caught are sharks (great white, tiger, even a few carpet!) but you can't go big game fishing in Australia and not expect to be teased by marlins.

Willie: An Autobiography

by Willie Nelson & Bud Shrake

Willie Nelson is more than just a singer whose albums have captured the imagination of America for more than thirty years.


by Otis Williams & Patricia Romanowski

Williams, a founding member of the legendary Motown group the Temptations, tells the story of the group's formation and its years of musical success.

Roe V. Wade: The Untold Story of the Landmark Supreme Court Decision That Made Abortion Legal

by Marian Faux

It is difficult to keep in mind that the era of illegal abortions ended only 27 years ago.

Once Upon a Time in New York: Jimmy Walker, Franklin Roosevelt, and the Last Great Battle of the Jazz Age

by Herbert Mitgang

The crackdown- the largest ever in U.S. history dethroned Walker, paved the way for Roosevelt's career as president after almost ruining his chances and brought the roaring Jazz Age to an end.

My Arctic Journal: A Year Among Ice-Fields and Eskimos

by Josephine Peary

Peary, the wife of celebrated arctic explorer Robert E. Peary, joined her husband on his 1891-92 expedition to the Arctic Circle.

Mengele: The Complete Story

by John Ware, Gerald L. Posner & Micheal Berenbaum

Examines the notorious Nazi's life.

The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Wilhelm Keitel: Chief of the German High Command, 1938-1945

by Walter Gorlitz

These extraordinary memoirs-written by German Field-Marshal Wilhelm Keitel in the six weeks before he was hanged in Nuremberg for war crimes-offers readers an unparalleled, insider's view of the Wehrmacht, Hitler,...

How We Lost the Vietnam War

by Nguyen Cao Ky

Ky, the former Prime Minister of South Vietnam, gives an insider's account of the disputes and corruption within the South Vietnamese government, and the diplomatic struggles with the U. S. government during...

The Hitler Youth: Origins and Development 1922-1945

by H. W. Koch

A former member of the HitlerJugend, the author offers a rare look at the emergence, structure and hitory of this totalitarian Nazi organization.

The Gertrude Stein Reader: The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters

by Richard Kostelanetz

This anthology collects 51 of Stein's most experimental poems, stories, portraits, and plays.

General of the Army: George C. Marshall, Soldier and Statesman

by Ed Cray

A captivating and fanatically thorough reevaluation of Marshall's life and times.

Gary Cooper: American Hero

by Jeffrey Mayers

A definitive biography of film legend Gary Cooper