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Patricia St John Series: Star of Light, The Tanglewood's Secret, The Secret  at Pheasant Cottage, Rainbow Garden, Treasures of the Snow, and Where the

by Patricia St St John

This set contains all six books of the Patricia St. John series: Star of Light, The Tanglewood's Secret, The Secret at Pheasant Cottage, Rainbow Garden, Treasures of the Snow, and Where the River Begins....

The 10 Commandments of Parenting: The Do's and Don'ts for Raising Great Kids

by Ed Young

Today's parent needs steadfast principles to overcome their own issues and raise children who will love, honor, and serve the Lord. Readers will be thoroughly enlightened, encouraged, and challenged to begin...

Spiritual Leadership: A Commitment to Excellence for Every Believer

by J Oswald Oswald Sanders & J. Oswald Oswald Sanders

Sanders presents and illustrates several magnifying principles through the lives of prolific men. Spiritual Leadership will encourage you to place your talents and powers at God's disposal so you can become...

The One Year Bible NIV

by Inc., Tyndale House Publishers

The best-selling One Year Bible helps you read the entire Bible in as little as 15 minutes a day. The One Year Bible divides God's Word into daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and...

The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas A. A. A'Kempis & Rosalie A. A. de de Rossett

Thomas a Kempis was not a haphazard follower of Jesus.  The depth of his masterpiece mirrors the life of a man who did whatever was necessary to imitate his own Savior. 

A Kempis lived as intentionally as...

Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival

by Nancy Leigh Leigh Leigh Leigh DeMoss & Tim Grissom

Revival is not just an emotional touch ... but a complete transformation! It can happen ... in your heart ... in your home ... in your church ... in your world.

Seeking Him is a 12-week interactive study on...

Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist

by Manuel Luz

Why are we artists? How does God experience art? What is the artist's calling in relation to God, the church, and the world? 

Drawing from his experiences performing Mozart, playing "dive bars", and leading...

Securing SQL Server: Protecting Your Database from Attackers

by Denny Cherry

SQL server is the most widely used database platform in the world, and a large percentage of these databases are not properly secured, exposing sensitive customer and business data to attack.

In Securing SQL...

The Secrets of Westingdale

by Karen Ayers

Book Synopsis:

When Maria Taylor purchases Westingdale, a huge mansion overlooking the sea, she hopes to turn the beautiful old house into an historic bed and breakfast.

She also hopes that it will bring her...

A Man's Guide to Work: 12 Ways to Honor God on the Job

by Patrick Morley

A Man's Guide to Work helps give men a biblical framework for their job and trains them for the marketplace.  Patrick Morley, author of The Man in the Mirror, has written a book for men in the workforce...

The Origin of Financial Crises

by George Cooper

In a series of disarmingly simple arguments financial market analyst George Cooper challenges the core principles of today's economic orthodoxy and explains how we have created an economy that is inherently...

James MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F. F., Jr. MacArthur

Faith without works is dead.  This truth, which emphasizes the fact that spiritual fruit will accompany genuine belief, lies at the heart of this epistle.  As captivating as it is convicting, the book of James...

Nature Girl

by Carl Hiaasen

Honey Santana—impassioned, willful, possibly bipolar, self-proclaimed “queen of lost causes”—has a scheme to help rid the world of irresponsibility, indifference, and dinnertime sales calls. She’s...

Pentagon's Hammer: Twelve Days To Armageddon

by Valentino, Leon , JR Harris & Leon , SR Harris

"Freedom...this is what being an American is all about. It is the single most important philosophy that has driven America's success since the beginning. Freedom, however, is an expensive luxury to secure, and...

Devlin's Justice

Sword of Change #3

by Patricia Bray

Devlin of Duncaer has done the impossible. Desperate for death in the wake of his family's slaughter, he agreed to become the Chosen One of the neighboring Kingdom of Jorsk—the kingdom which conquered and...

Honeytraps & Sexpionage: Confessions of a Private Investigator

by Richard Martinez

Spy phones, surveillance cameras, how to catch a cheater and how to not get caught—the tricks of the detective trade revealed Honeytraps, spy phones, sexpionage, and integrity testing—Richard Martinez uses...

Dog Heroes: True Stories of Canine Courage

by Ben Holt

Swansea Jack, the Labrador who saved more than 25 people from drowning.

Maya, the pit bull who defended her owner from a brutal attack.

Max, the police German shepherd who chased and caught two convicted criminals....

Oliver Twist: Classic Literature Easy to Read

by Charles Dickens

This classic novel has been abridged and adapted into 10 illustrated chapters.

VCs of the First World War

by Gerald Gliddon

Although covering the period January to July 1917, much of this book concentrates on the events of April - the month of the Battle of Arras, including the capture of Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Expeditionary...

The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes

by June Thomson

Scandal, intrigue and cunning crime. Delve into the world of the immortal Sherlock Holmes.

In Sherlock Holmes’s London, reputations are fragile and scandal can be ruinous. In order to protect the names of the...