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Kijana: The Real Story

by Jesse Martin

Ever since returning home aboard Lionheart, Jesse Martin dreamt of being out on the ocean again. This time he wanted to take a crew of his friends along for the ride. It would be a wild and daring journey of...

Curtin's Gift: Reinterpreting Australia's greatest prime minister

by John K Edwards

A fresh and thoughtful look at one of Australia's greatest prime ministers, John Curtin.

Balanda: My year in Arnhem Land

by Mary Ellen Jordan

Intensely remembered and evocatively told, this is the story of the year Mary Ellen Jordan spent living and working in Maningrida, an Aboriginal community in Australia's Far North.

Borderwork in Multicultural Australia

by Bob Hodge & John O'Carroll

Australia's faith in multiculturalism has been shaken by ferocious attacks in the public arena over the past decade. Borderwork in Multicultural Australia, reviews the hot spots, reasserts the value of multiculturalism...

Successful Qualitative Health Research: A practical introduction

by Emily C Hansen

A practical guide for health students and health professionals embarking on research using qualitative methods.

The Life and Death of Harold Holt

by Tom Frame

The first full length biography of Australia's most enigmatic prime minister.

Saving Billie: Cliff Hardy 29

by Peter Corris

Australia's favourite PI, Cliff Hardy is back in a story set against the backdrop of a Federal election campaign.

Lonesome Howl

by Steven Herrick

Lonesome Howl is a taut and tender thriller: a suspenseful adventure, a drama of two different families, a love story and a journey of self-discovery.

Possums and Bird Dogs: Australian Army Aviation's 161 Reconnaissance Flight in South Vietnam

by Peter Nolan

The story of 161 Reconnaissance Flight, the Australian Army Aviation unit deployed to Vietnam from September 1965 to March 1972, told through unit and personal records, pilot and aircraft log books and personal...

Gifted Young Children: A Guide for Teachers and Parents

by Louise Porter

A practical approach to identifying and nurturing gifted children, for their parents and teachers

In Search of the Holden Piazza

by Chris Warr & Joe Kremzer

Chris and Joe take to the road, touring the highways and byways of Australia on a quest to discover what became of the Holden Piazza - possibly the dodgiest car ever to be imported into Australia. A boys' own...

The Red Shoe

by Ursula Dubosarsky

From one of Australia's finest writers for young people comes this evocative novel juxtaposing the inner life of three girls, the undercurrents of their parents' marriage and the political dramas of the adult...

How to Kill a Country: Australia's Devastating Trade Deal with the United States

by Linda Weiss, Elizabeth Thurbon & John Mathews

The first authoritative account of the fashioning of the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the USA reveals how the Australian government has deliberately and surreptitiously sacrificed Australia's interests...

My Other World

by Margaret Whitlam

One of Australia's best-loved public figures tells the very personal story of her great love for travelling.

Practising the Witch's Craft: Real magic under a southern sky

by Douglas Ezzy

Practitioners with many years of experience describe what real Witches actually do.

Beyond Right and Left: New politics and the culture wars

by David McKnight

Maps the death of politics based on the traditional opposition between Left and Right, and offers a provocative argument for the emergence of a new values-based politics in Australia.

Bob Brown: Gentle revolutionary

by James Norman

The first biography about the politician who took the Greens from the political wilderness into the political mainstream, and redefined political ethics along the way.

The Killer Bean of Calabar and Other Stories: Poisons and Poisoners

by Peter Macinnis

Juicy anecdotal and quirky stories of poisons and poisoners that are informative, interesting, ironic and humorous.

Events Made Simple: Organise your next function on time and within budget

by Stefanie Lewis

A time-saving, step-by-step guide for the busy assistant. Covers planning corporate events, office social functions and conferences.

Jungle Tracks: Australian Armour in Viet Nam

by Gary McKay & Graeme Nicholas

A brutally honest account of Australian armour crewmen in action in Viet Nam.