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Women in Middle Eastern History: Shifting Boundaries in Sex and Gender

by Nikki R. Keddie

This history of Middle Eastern women is the first to survey gender relations in the Middle East from the earliest Islamic period to the present. Outstanding scholars analyze a rich array of sources ranging from...

The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination

by Jacob Bronowski

“A gem of enlightenment. . . . One rejoices in Bronowski’s dedication to the identity of acts of creativity and of imagination, whether in Blake or Yeats or Einstein or Heisenberg.”—Kirkus Reviews


Last Rites

by John Lukacs

Twenty years ago, John Lukacs paused to set down the history of his own thoughts and beliefs in Confessions of an Original Sinner, an adroit blend of autobiography and personal philosophy. Now, in Last Rites...

Polish Memories

by Witold Gombrowicz

Although Witold Gombrowicz’s unique, idiosyncratic writings include a three-volume Diary, this voluminous document offers few facts about his early life in Poland before his books were banned there and he...

Why Terrorism Works: Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge

by Alan M. Dershowitz

The greatest danger facing the world today, says Alan M. Dershowitz, comes from religiously inspired, state sponsored terrorist groups that seek to develop weapons of mass destruction for use against civilian...

The Somme

by Robin Prior

In the long history of the British Army, the Battle of the Somme was its bloodiest encounter. Between July 1 and mid-November 1916, 432,000 of its soldiers became casualties--about 3,600 for every day of battle....

Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson

by Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal, one of the master stylists of American literature and one of the most acute observers of American life and history, turns his immense literary and historiographic talent to a portrait of the formidable...

Sexual Personae

by Camille Paglia

In this brilliantly original book, Camille Paglia identifies some of the major patterns that have endured in western culture from ancient Egypt and Greece to the present. According to Paglia, one source of continuity...

Funding Loyalty: The Economics of the Communist Party

by Eugenia Belova

The flow of money to national, regional, and local Soviet communist party organizations, the manner in which money was collected, and how their financial discipline was enforced all yield deep insights into...

The Cost of Accidents: A Legal and Economic Analysis

by Guido Calabresi

Accident law is currently under review throughout the United States, and indeed the world, as present systems prove increasingly inadequate to handle the mounting costs of automobile accidents. In this pioneering...

Beyond the Valley: Daughters of the Potomac #3

by Rita Gerlach

Will running to a new life in a new world bring happiness-or more trouble?

Way Words: A Daily Itinerary for Lent

by John Indermark

A book of scripturally based devotions to complement any Lenten study

The Gift of Encouragement: Restoring Heart to Those Who Have Lost It

by Marjorie Thompson

Help others move through grief and loss with words of hope and faith.

How Israel Became a People

by Ralph K. Hawkins

How did Israel become a people? Is the biblical story accurate? In what sense, if any, is the biblical story true? Are the origins of these ancient people lost in myth or is there hope to discovering who they...

A Moment with God for Mothers

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

by , Bertrand Russell

Originally published in 1919, this work on the philosophy of mathematics is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains Bertrand Russell's ideas on number definition, cardinal numbers,...

A Short History of Science to the Nineteenth Century

by , Charles Singer

This early work on scientific history is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains details of the developments and pivotal moments in science from the ancient Greeks to the nineteenth...

The Mizan UL Haqq - Or Balance of Truth

by , C. Pfander

This fascinating book was written as a discussion between Christian and Muslim missionaries. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly...

Lamps and Lampshade Making - Including the Pedestal Table Lamp, Pendant Ceiling Light, Bracket Wall Fixture, Portable Floor Lamp, and Fifty Lamps and

by , S. Palestrant

A classic book on the making of lamps and lampshades. With a large variety of designs including a 'Driftwood Lamp', an 'Accordian Pleated Shade' and a 'Wall Lamp Screen', this book provides some beautiful designs...

Phenomenologies of Art and Vision: From Aristotle to Nancy

by Paul Crowther


discussions of the image like to emphasize art's societal functions. Few

studies come close to answering why pictures and sculptures fascinate and

intrigue regardless of any practical functions they...