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Governing Global Health: Challenge, Response, Innovation

by Andrew Cooper & John Kirton

Recently global health issues have leapt to the forefront of the international agenda and are now an everyday concern around the world. Compiled by renowned specialists in the field, this volume studies these...

Choosing the Lesser Evil: Understanding Decision Making in Humanitarian Aid NGOs

by Liesbet Heyse

How do non-governmental humanitarian aid organizations initiate, terminate and extend their project activities? Liesbet Heyse opens up the black box of NGO operations, providing an empirical account of organizational...

The G8 System and the G20: Evolution, Role and Documentation

by Peter I. Hajnal

Following on from Hajnal's acclaimed book The G7/G8 System, this volume discusses the origins, characteristics, evolution, role and agenda of the G7 and G8 system, including a systematic survey of its components....

Corporate, Public and Global Governance: The G8 Contribution

by Michele Fratianni & Paolo Savona

The intensifying pace of globalization has led to a questioning of the traditional approaches to governance at the corporate, national and international levels. To explore this issue, this volume focuses on:...

Security Versus Freedom?: A Challenge for Europe's Future

by Thierry Balzacq & Sergio Carrera

From the viewpoint of migration and asylum policy and the fight against terrorism, justice and home affairs is a key policy area. It is also an area that raises important questions with regard to the preservation...

Security Strategies, Power Disparity and Identity: The Baltic Sea Region

by Olav F. Knudsen

What is power and how is it effective? This volume responds to these questions in terms of regional international relations with a particular focus on the Baltic Sea region, an area still charged with a residue...

Participation for Sustainability in Trade

by Sophie Thoyer & Benoît| Martimort-Asso

Presenting extensive new research, this ground-breaking study addresses the critical dimensions of participatory and democratic processes in the field of trade-sustainability relationships and sustainability...

Sustaining Global Growth and Development: G7 and IMF Governance

by Michele Fratianni & Paolo Savona

Sustaining Global Growth and Development focuses on the new challenges for sustaining growth in the twenty-first century and the role of the G7 and IMF in meeting these challenges amidst the new processes of...

The New Development Politics: The Age of Empire Building and New Social Movements

by James Petras

A critique of current conceptions of international political economy, the role of the state and contemporary social movements, The New Development Politics challenges the dominant paradigms in the field of development...

Islam in Europe: Integration or Marginalization?

by Robert J. Pauly Jr.

In this timely work, Robert J. Pauly, Jr. looks in detail at the impact of Islam's presence in Europe. He examines five areas of particular importance: the effect on the demographics of Western Europe; the consequences...

Old Europe, New Europe and the US: Renegotiating Transatlantic Security in the Post 9/11 Era

by Tom Lansford & Blagovest Tashev

This volume takes a specific look at the core security priorities of European states and whether these interests are best served through closer security collaboration with the US or with emerging European structures....

US Foreign Policy and the Horn of Africa

by Peter Woodward

Examining US involvement in the Horn of Africa, this volume addresses the relationship between the US and the Islamic movement in this region. Peter Woodward brings a unique perspective to the ongoing debate...

Hard Power, Soft Power and the Future of Transatlantic Relations

by Thomas L. Ilgen

Transatlantic relations in the twenty-first century have thus far been shaped by an American preference for 'hard power' capabilities versus the European penchant for 'soft power' resources. This volume debates...

Sustainability, Civil Society and International Governance: Local, North American and Global Contributions

by John J. Kirton & Peter I. Hajnal

This important and wide-ranging volume explores how civil society and global governors have, could and should come together in new ways to improve links among trade, environmental and social values.

New Pathways in International Development: Gender and Civil Society in EU Policy

by Marjorie Lister & Maurizio Carbone

Gender considerations and civil society are both major issues in the current debate about the implementation of EU development policy. This volume provides a new perspective and focus on the increasingly important...

Women, Migration and Citizenship: Making Local, National and Transnational Connections

by Evangelia Tastsoglou & Alexandra Dobrowolsky

This is a timely empirical and theoretical examination of the gendered implications of contemporary migration patterns and citizenship processes. It draws out the multiple connections between migration and citizenship...

'Innocent Women and Children': Gender, Norms and the Protection of Civilians

by R. Charli Carpenter

This ground-breaking study examines the influence of gender constructs on the international regime protecting war-affected civilians. R. Charli Carpenter argues that to understand the way in which laws of war...

Ending Africa's Wars: Progressing to Peace

by Oliver Furley & Roy May

Post-colonial Africa has seemingly been in an intractable state of conflict and war for a considerable period of time. This volume explores the process by which these wars were ended, discusses the lessons learnt,...

Developing Civil Society: Social Order and the Human Factor

by Senyo Adjibolosoo

Addressing an important issue from a new perspective, this provocative and challenging book illustrates how a positive human factor is essential not only to developing, but also industrialized countries. It...

Fostering Fundamentalism: Terrorism, Democracy and American Engagement in Central Asia

by Matthew Crosston

Is the United States, in its fight against terror and pursuit of Osama Bin Laden, recklessly creating conditions in Central Asia to produce the next Bin Laden? This groundbreaking volume examines in unflinching...