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The Dangerous Man: Conversations with Free-Thinkers and Truth-Seekers

by Karen Sawyer

A collection of controversial research and alternative worldviews, presenting new and exciting ways of thinking about life as we know it.

The Pagan Eden: The Assyrian Origins of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

by Ian Freer

The master key to ancient original Kabbalah revealed at last. The Tree of Life is a family tree from ancient Iraq.

Exposing Phallacy: An Exploration of Flashing in a Contemporary Context

by Kate Gould

A sexual climate consumed by display ought to be ideal for flashers, yet their actions are taboo and illegal.

Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Reiki Way of Compassion and Wisdom

by Steve Gooch

Set to fundamentally reshape the way that we think about Reiki as a healing method, this book is a must read for anyone seriously interested in this unique path to self perfection and liberation.

Intuitive Lovers

by Becky Walsh

We are all intuitive lovers. Intuition is instinctive knowing. No one could teach you how to kiss. After all kissing is different for every couple and different from one movement of the lips and mouth to the...

Psychoanalysis and Paediatrics: Key Psychoanalytic Concepts with Sixteen Clinical Observations of Children

by Françoise Dolto, Francoise Hivernel & Fiona Sinclair

This book is Francoise Dolto's 1939 medical thesis and is dedicated to medical practitioners, paediatricians, and parents without prior knowledge of psychoanalysis. Francoise Dolto's aim was to sensitise people...

A Clinical Application of Bion's Concepts: Verbal and Visual Approaches to Reality

by P.C. Sandler

The final book in the three-volume series, A Clinical Application of Bion's Concepts - a practical companion to the dictionary of concepts The Language of Bion - is divided in four main parts. Part I, through...

Living With Honour: A Pagan Ethics

by Emma Restall Orr

A provocative,articulate and uncompromising exploration of how Paganism can provide the philosophical guidance to live honourably in a twenty-first Western society.

Kissing the Hag: The Dark Goddess and the Unacceptable Nature of Women

by Emma Restall Orr

Kissing the Hag by Emma Restall Orr is based upon the old tale of The Marriage of Sir Gawain, and carries us from girlish innocence through to the nauseating horror of the hag - the raw side, the dark side,...

Colours of the Soul: Transform Your Life Through Color Therapy

by June Mcleod

Colors are all around us, but also within us. We not only have our favorite colous, our auras have their own color. Our chakras have their different colors. Tuning in to our colors rebalances our selves with...

Capitalist Realism: Is there no alternative?

by Mark Fisher

After 1989, capitalism has successfully presented itself as the only realistic political-economic system - a situation that the bank crisis of 2008, far from ending, actually compounded. The book analyses the...

Living Shamanism: Unveiling the Mystery

by Julie Dollman

De-mystifying the role of modern shamanism as we embark on an alchemical healing and transformational journey of sacred self-discovery

Failure, A Writer's Life

by Joe Milutis

Failure is a catalogue of literary monstrosities, a philosophy for the unreadable, and a map for new literary worlds.

The Spiritual Mind: A journey into awareness 

by Jim Ryan

We are all susceptible to negative external influences, but hidden within each of us is a spiritual power that is waiting to be rediscovered. In this insightful and practical book, based on the author’s personal...

Your Personal Tuning Fork: The Endocrine System

by Deborah Bates

Grab your Personal Tuning Fork and ‘twang’ your way to sustainable health! Discover your body's health secret, the endocrine system - your personal tuning fork. Are there niggling disturbances, which interfere...

Rise of the Shadow Stealers: The Firebird Chronicles

by Daniel Ingram-Brown

Things are going missing. Can Fletcher and Scoop unearth their own lost history and save the Storyteller's treasure from the shadows?

Druidry and the Ancestors: Finding our place in our own history

by Nimue Brown

Exploring how we use the past to construct ourselves, and how we imagine the future.

A Beard In Nepal

by Fiona Roberts

the story of five months spent in a small, remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal, attempting to teach English to the village children.

The Patient in Room Nine Says He's God

by Louis Profeta

A young Jewish doctor prays to a coma patient's Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve, only to have the woman suddenly awakened; there is the voice that tells a too-busy ER doctor to stop a patient walking out, discovering...

Militant Modernism

by Owen Hatherley

Militant Modernism is a defence against Modernism's many detractors. It looks at design, film and architecture - especially architecture - and pursues the notion of an evolved modernism that simply refuses to...