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Islam and Christianity

by Rose Publishing

Islam & Christianity - Compare the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims

More than one billion people around the world follow the teachings of Muhammad and Islam. Islam & Christianity compares the basic beliefs...

Liturgical Sense: The Logic of Rite

by Louis Weil

Louis Weil looks back on his work shaping the liturgical life of the Episcopal Church through his involvement with the development of The 1979 Book of Common Prayer- and looks forward to the future of the church...

Names of the Holy Spirit

by Rose Publishing

32 Names of the Holy Spirit and Their Meanings

The Holy Spirit has many names in the Bible, and each name helps us understand the power and work of God in our life. In Names of the Holy Spirit, you will see 32...

The White-Footed Mouse

by Willem Lange & Bert Dodson

A boy is sure he has the worlds best father, an outdoorsman who shows him the hiding places of ground-nesting birds and teaches him to paddle a canoe and handle a rifle safely. Never point your gun at anything...

Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference

by Rose Publishing

Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference

Despite what you see on TV, fathers are extremely important in the lives of their children. Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference uses statistical data and biblical...

Kindred Spirit, Kindred Care: Making Health Decisions on Behalf of Our Animal Companions

by Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya

Veterinarian Shannon Nakaya carefully lays out the issues people may face when confronted with a pet's health crisis and considering whether to pursue a particular treatment.

I Sit Listening to the Wind: Woman's Encounter with Herself

by Judith Duerek

Companion book to the beloved Circle of Stones.

Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment

by Robert Mack

Presenting surprisingly practical wisdom in a playful and entertaining format, Rob Mack delivers a simple-to-follow instruction manual, based in both science and personal experience.

Hands That Heal

by Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine explains to readers what energy or spiritual healing is and how a session works, including how it feels to the healer and the person being healed.

If Women Ruled the World

by Sheila Ellison

If Women Ruled the World shines the spotlight on women's opinions and ideas and suggests concrete calls to action, challenging women to be true participants in leading their fields.

Handbook for the Spirit

by Richard Carlson & Benjamin Shield

In Handbook for the Spirit, an extraordinary group of thinkers and teachers, including Mother Teresa, Andrew Harvey, Thich Nhat Hanh, Wayne Dyer, Rev. Michael Beckwith, and many more.

Tales of Canyonlands Cowboys

by Richard Negri

Richard Negri interviews cattlemen and women about ranching in the rugged canyonlands region of southeastern Utah. Personal stories and anecdotes from the colorful characters who ground out a hard living on...

Manual of Grasses for North America

by Mary E. Barkworth, Laurel K. Anderton & Kathleen M. Capels

Grasses are the world’s most important plants. They are the dominant species over large parts of the earth’s land surface, a fact that is reflected in the many different words that exist for grasslands,...

Porn for the Working Woman

by The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooper & Gretchen LeMaistre

It's an equal-pay world in the newest installment of the hot-selling Porn for Women series. Fresh flowers abound, the company masseuse is always on hand to rub those tired feet, and promotions happen with delightful...

The Forty Fathom Bank and Other Stories

by Les Galloway & Jerome Gold

Called "stunning and suspenseful" (Andrea Barrett, Outside), and "exquisitely detailed" (Alan Cheuse, NPR), The Forty Fathom Bank is a gripping novella of adventure and desperation in the tradition of The Treasure...

The Too-Bad-It's-Your-Birthday Book: Tender Thoughts to Put a Smile on Your Wrinkly Little Face

by Jim Dale

The Too-Bad-It's-Your-Birthday Book is like the best outrageous birthday cards rolled into one. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, the book's edgy humor needles everyone who's suffered the slings...

Back Porch Faith: Weekly Meditations

by Paul Prather

The essays included are informal, accessible musings, not sanctimonious sermons. They are intended for anyone who wants to take time to consider spiritual issues, regardless of his or her involvement in organized...

That's Outside My Boat: Letting Go of What You Can't Control

by Charlie Jones & Kim Doren

When veteran television announcer Charlie Jones got assigned to the hinterlands of Olympic broadcasting to cover rowing, canoeing, and kayaking, he serendipitously discovered a powerful philosophy for focused...

How to Tell a Man by His Shoes

by Kathryn Eisman

Never before have men's shoes achieved such importance - yet women have been overlooking this most important personality determinant, says author Kathryn Eisman. Offering this book as a guide to understanding...

The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children: A Newly Updated, Greatly Expanded Version of the Parenting Classic

by John Rosemond

"In a logical, well-articulated manner, Rosemond provides many examples, making this a practical rather than philosophical reference . . . Rosemond's thorough explanations and real-life examples make this a...