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Tennyson and Victorian Periodicals: Commodities in Context

by Kathryn Ledbetter

Despite Tennyson's supposed hostility to periodicals, Ledbetter shows that he made a career-long habit of contributing to them and in the process revealed not only his willingness to promote his career but also...

Ethics and the English Novel from Austen to Forster

by Valerie Wainwright

Focusing on major works by Austen, Gaskell, Dickens, Eliot, Hardy, and Forster, Valerie Wainwright draws upon new research to trace the ways in which the ethical interests and ideas of philosophers and intellectuals,...

Gender and Utopia in the Eighteenth Century: Essays in English and French Utopian Writing

by Nicole Pohl & Brenda Tooley

Focusing on eighteenth-century constructions of symbolic femininity and eighteenth-century women's writing in relation to contemporary utopian discourse, this volume adjusts our understanding of the utopia of...

Women in Europe between the Wars: Politics, Culture and Society

by Angela Kershaw & Angela Kimyongür

This volume's central assertion is that the 'forgetting' of European women's contributions during the period between the two world wars was not accidental but was ideologically motivated. Key concerns are canon...

Grave in Gaza

by Matt Beynon Rees

Praise for the Omar Yussef series:

The Collaborator of Bethlehem is readable and literate, and offers a vivid portrait of Palestinian life today.”—The Washington Post

“Matt Beynon Rees has taken a complex...

Marian Moments in Early Modern British Drama

by Regina Buccola & Lisa Hopkins

Concerning itself with the complex interplay between iconoclasm against images of the Virgin Mary in post-Reformation England and stage representations that evoke various 'Marian moments' from the medieval,...

Food in Shakespeare: Early Modern Dietaries and the Plays

by Joan Fitzpatrick

A study of common and exotic food in Shakespeare's plays, this book is the first to explore early modern English dietary literature to understand better the uses, as well as the social and moral implications,...

Representations of Death in Nineteenth-Century US Writing and Culture

by Lucy Frank

This collection traces the vicissitudes of the cultural preoccupation with death in nineteenth-century US writing and examines how mortality served paradoxically as a site on which identity and subjectivity...

Genre and Women's Life Writing in Early Modern England

by Michelle M. Dowd & Julie A. Eckerle

Examining how early modern women made use of formal and generic structures to constitute themselves in writing, the essays collected here interrogate the discursive contours of gendered identity in sixteenth-...

Mary Astell: Reason, Gender, Faith

by William Kolbrener & Michal Michelson

Mary Astell: Reason, Gender, Faith includes essays from a variety of disciplinary perspectives to consider the full range of Astell's political, theological, philosophical, and poetic writings. The volume's...

Lives of Spirit: English Carmelite Self-Writing of the Early Modern Period

by Nicky Hallett

Yielding a wealth of new material concerning the lives of English nuns in exile in the Low Countries between 1619 and 1794, this volume of religious women's Lives is based on previously unpublished manuscripts....

The Effective Protagonist in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel: Scott, Brontë, Eliot, Wilde

by Terence Dawson

The Effective Protagonist in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel is an experiment in post-Jungian literary criticism and methodology. Its primary aim is to challenge current views about the correlation between...

Hamlet, Protestantism, and the Mourning of Contingency: Not to Be

by John E. Curran Jr

Building on current scholarly interest in the religious dimensions of the play, this study shows how Shakespeare uses Hamlet to comment on the Calvinistic Protestantism predominant around 1600. By considering...

Caribbean Women Writers and Globalization: Fictions of Independence

by Helen C. Scott

Helen Scott approaches contemporary Caribbean women's writing in the context of global and local economic forces. Considering each text within its national historical and cultural origins while acknowledging...

Robert Southey and the Contexts of English Romanticism

by Lynda Pratt

A major and highly controversial personage in his own day, Robert Southey has until recently been the forgotten member of the Lake School. This is the first edited volume devoted to the multiple connections...

A Deadly Paradise

by Grace Brophy

Praise for Grace Brophy:

“It’s not often that an author’s first book wins the coveted Tip of the Ice Pick Award.”—BookPage

“Believable narrative twists combined with excellent characterization, rich...

The Culture of Equity in Early Modern England

by Mark Fortier

Elizabeth and James, Sidney, Spenser, and Shakespeare, Bacon and Ellesmere, Perkins and Laud, Milton and Hobbes: this begins a list of early modern luminaries who write on 'equity'. In this study Mark Fortier...

Romanticism and Religion from William Cowper to Wallace Stevens

by Gavin Hopps & Jane Stabler

Covering the entire field of Romanticism from its eighteenth-century origins in the writing of William Cowper to late-twentieth-century manifestations in the work of Wallace Stevens, this collection is an original...

Literary Circles and Gender in Early Modern Europe: A Cross-Cultural Approach

by Julie Campbell

Exploring interactions of early modern male and female writers, Campbell examines how the querelle des femmes influenced the perception of well-educated women who were part of literary circles in Italy, France,...

Shakespeare on the Edge: Border-crossing in the Tragedies and the Henriad

by Lisa Hopkins

England's land borders with Scotland and Wales, together with the narrow channels separating the British mainland from Ireland and the Continent, were the focus of acute, if intermittent, unease during the early...