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Consensus: Education Reform Is Possible

by William Hayes

The purpose of this book is to help the reader understand our differences and to suggest a way that we can reach a consensus on education reform.

Teachers Know What Works: Experience, Not Statistics, Confirms What Will Work

by Keen J. Babbage

This book explains realistic, practical, genuine ways to improve schools. This book also examines ways not to improve schools including some of the common political, bureaucratic, top-down efforts. The book...

Misguided Education Reform: Debating the Impact on Students

by Nancy E. Bailey

Misguided Education Reform: Debating the Impact on Students argues for reforms that will help, not hurt, America’s public school students. Early childhood education, testing, reading, special education, discipline,...

Faulty Assumptions: Taking Custody of Your Classroom

by William Miller

Based on a decade of hands-on experience and research dealing with thousands of students in both regular, K-12 and alternative school settings, this book exposes the accepted and timeworn theories on classroom...

The Teachers' Lounge (Uncensored): A Funny, Edgy, Poignant Look at Life in the Classroom

by Kelly Flynn

The Teachers’ Lounge (Uncensored) gives you a peek inside that classroom. Kelly Flynn takes readers by the hand and says, “Come inside my school, walk a mile in my halls, and then we’ll talk about education...

Roll Call for Reform: Working Toward Making a Difference in Schools

by Amanda M. Rudolph & Ann Nutter Coffman

This book explores the parallel issues for public school and higher education teachers as well as the different challenges they both face as they work toward systemic school change.

African American Perspectives on Leadership in Schools: Building a Culture of Empowerment

by Lenoar Foster & Linda C. Tillman

This book fills an educational void in the school leadership literature as it relates to historical, theoretical, intellectual and cultural understandings among those who prepare individuals for leadership in...

Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior

by John D. Byrnes

In Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior, John Byrnes gets to the heart of the concept of aggression prevention. Rather than look strictly at violence and all its implications - fatalities, crime,...

Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice

by Kathleen Adams

Expressive writing is life-based writing that focuses on authentic expression of lived experience, with resultant insight, growth and skill-building. For decades, it has been the province of journals, memoirs,...

Create Captivating Classes: Why NCLB Should Mean No Child Left Bored

by J. Christopher Bontjes

The definition of “entertain” is “pleasantly hold attention.” Teachers must accomplish this without training, as the skill is not taught in college. Create Captivating Classes fills this gap in teachers’...

The Pivotal Year: How Freshmen Can Become Sophomores

by Robert L. Marshall

Offers interventions and resources that can make a positive impact upon ninth grade success in high schools around the country.

On Grades and Grading: Supporting Student Learning through a More Transparent and Purposeful Use of Grades

by Timothy Quinn

Educators will find both concrete strategies for improving their grading systems and policies and, perhaps most importantly, a rich resource for improving student learning. Ultimately, Quinn hopes to create...

Creating Partnerships with Parents: An Educator's Guide

by Donald Lueder

Are you wondering how to nurture a better relationship with the parents of your students? This book provides teachers with comprehensive methods to bridge the gap between school and home in order to enhance...

Educating Scientists and Engineers: Grade School to Grad School

by Office of Technology Asse U.S. Congress

American Schools, colleges, and universities educate the scientists and engineers who replenish the technical work force. This report examines how and why students are drawn toward or deterred from pursuing...

Handbook of Comparative Higher Education Law

by Charles J. Russo

This book can serve as valuable resource for educational practitioners in higher education insofar as it provides them with an enhanced awareness of strategies that are being used to manage problems commonly...

Engaging Students through Inquiry-Oriented Learning and Technology

by Teresa Coffman & Juliette C. Mersiowsky

This book guides the reader through the process of identifying objectives, big idea questions, finding resources, and building a web-based inquiry lesson that will include a webquest, web inquiry, and a telecollaborative...

Creative Ways to Teach the Mysteries of History

by Ronald Hans Pahl

This volume makes teaching and learning history a powerful and enjoyable experience for students in the classroom through the study of historical mysteries, a wide variety of active ideas, and how-to-do-it brainstorms....

Content Matters: Social Studies in the Elementary and Middle School

by Leif Fearn & Eric Fearn

This book explains the content of nine areas in social studies. If teachers know what history, biographical studies, and the United States Constitution mean for instruction, they can increase the probability...

No Child Left Behind: Past, Present, and Future

by William Hayes & Adam Urbanski

While few would quarrel with the goal of the No Child Left Behind legislation, the nation is badly divided over whether the law is having a positive effect on our schools. At the same time, it is also true that...

101 Facts about Bullying: What Everyone Should Know

by Meline Kevorkian & Robin D'Antona

Everyone involved with the care and welfare of children and young adults is confronted with the issue of bullying. Bullying behaviors create an uncomfortable, threatening, and hostile environment that make it...