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When Kingdoms Clash: Strategies for Prayer in the Heat of Battle

by Cindy Trimm

Harness the power of prayer

The front lines of the clash between the kingdoms of darkness and light do not usually happen in our churches; they happen in our lives--in our workplaces, neighborhoods, where our...

The Implacable Order of Things: A Novel

by Jose Luis Peixoto & Richard Zenith

Winner of the José Saramago Literary Award

In an unnamed Portuguese village, against a backdrop of severe rural poverty, two generations of men and women struggle with love, violence, death, and—perhaps worst...

Buster's Really Great Big Top Show. a Children's Picture Book

by Robert Stanek

The original Bugville story that inspired Robert Stanek to write Buster's Big Top learning adventures! Join Buster and friends in the Big Top for the BIGGEST little show on Earth.

Mary: A Study in Luke 1 & 2

by Gretchen C Nelson

“We who believe Jesus as the only Begotten of God, God’s chosen sacrificial Lamb, have the same holy mandate as did Mary: ‘birthing’—bearing the testimony of our Lord into a sin-deadened world through...

The Days of His Presence: Experiencing the Fullness of Christ as We Enter the Fullness of Time

by Francis Frangipane

The Days of His Presence heralds not only the return of the Lord at the Rapture but also the return of His glory to the church at the end of the age. Supported by Scripture and the author’s prophetic vision,...

Hell's Spells: How to Indentify, Take Captive, and Dispel the Weapons of Darkness

by Jim Raley

Are we living in a spellbound world?

When we think of spells, the picture conjured up in our minds often has more to do with fables we learned as children. An ugly old woman in a pointed hat reciting incantations...

The Dead Don't Bleed: Those Who Are Alive Do

by Valinda Miracle

A woman's dramatic story of how Jesus Christ took tragedy and transformed it.  No matter how desperate your situation might appear, He can do the same for you.

Food for the Hungry Soul: Daily Devotions and Recipes for God's Hurried People

by Karen Doughty

Do you hunger for more of God but struggle with the hectic pace of everyday life? Do you wish there were more hours in a day?


by Betty Sue Eilers

Will the voices clamor around you,Drowning out the whisper of Mine?Will you hearken to My voice,To listen all the time?Do you feel overwhelmed by the cares of everyday life? Author, mother and grandmother Betty...

Bella Maura

by Dawn Dyson

Sienna Emory is falling for her new friend Jonathan Driscoll. They begin a quest with his daughter, Bella, for answers to the meaning of Bella’s special gifts, leading them to Jonathan’s hometown in Ireland...

Wounded by Leadership

by Daniel Duval

If you have been wounded by a church leaders, there is hope.

Knowing - a series of gifts

by Tammy Hill

Ember Matthews has a gift…

Foundations of the International Legal Rights of the Jewish People and the State of Israel: Implications for a New Palestinian State

Draw My Heart After You in the Song of Love: Journey Into the Depths of God's Love

by Virginia Helweg

Readers will take a journey through the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs), which describes God’s heart and His love.

The Church That Will Miss The Rapture

by Colene Ledford

Many Christians are baffled by the prophetic books of the Bible. They want to understand God’s Word, but are confused by the language and symbols used to convey the message of the End Times. Author Colene...

Seeds Of Hope: Daily Devotions to Inspire and Lift You Up During Difficult Times

by Terese Holloway

Daily inspirational poems will inspire readers to continue to draw closer to the Lord and seek His comfort.

Healing a Broken Marriage: Love Never Fails

by Deborah Ross

Through her own personal struggles author Deborah Ross shares with readers a message of hope and emotionally identifies with the suffering of a broken marriage.

Break Your Family Iniquities: Press Through to the Life Christ Intended for You

by Ali Stabley

An innovative five-step process designed to demolish iniquities within the family.

Operation Jonah: A Novel

by Elisabeth Miller

"Operation Jonah" is a fictionalized account of the true story of one child's abduction and the community that mobilized to find him and bring him home.

Miocene II: The Resurgence of Ancient Alexandria

by James P Usavage

When a letter arrives containing $2,500 in cash and a mysterious request, Thomas Mulberry and his wife, Marjorie, find themselves in a high-stakes race to find the truth behind the secretive Miocene II project....