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Future Practice: Conversations from the Edge of Architecture

by Rory Hyde

Interviews with innovators who define seventeen new architectural practice types including community enabler, management thinker, and civic entrepreneur.

Mid and Late Career Issues: An Integrative Perspective

by Mo Wang, Deborah A. Olson & Kenneth S. Shultz

This new book looks at the unique career issues faced by those workers in their mid and late career stages, particularly with regard to the psychosocial dynamics of mid and late careers. With the growth in aging...

Banking Systems in the Crisis: The Faces of Liberal Capitalism

by Suzanne J. Konzelmann & Marc Fovargue-Davies

The 2008 financial crisis has severely shaken confidence in liberal economic theory and policy. However, the sharply divergent experiences of the six Anglo-Saxon 'liberal market economies' (LMEs) suggest that...

Lady Of The Hare

by Layard

This extraordinary and fundamental work is the first document relating to the practice of analytical Jungian psychology that gives a true case history in the sense that it attempts to record in detail the analyst's...

Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitation for Everyday Adaptive Living, 2nd Edition

by Jennie Ponsford, Sue Sloan & Pamela Snow

Research into the rehabilitation of individuals following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the past 15 years has resulted in greater understanding of the condition. The second edition of this book provides an...

Chinese Houses

by Inn

Although probably the only record of its kind, many of the photographs were taken as recently as 1936. Of those locations very few remain if any. A veteran traveller to his ancestral homeland, Henry In had an...

Libyan Stories

by Fagih

Ahmed Fagih compiles thirteen of the short stories he edited during the seventies and eighties, all published in London in a magazine called Azure. Penned by prominent Libyan writers, these stories shed light...

Japanese Girls

by Bacon

Written during the Meiji Period, the pivotal period in the history of Modern Japan, its unique work offers a fascinating view of Japanese women and girls at the turn of the century. As the author writes in her...

Quality of Life and Public Management: Redefining Development in the Local Environment

by John Whitelegg

Quality of Life and Public Management explores the possibility for a dramatic and significant improvement in quality of life for all population groups and sub-groups in the UK. Strongly evidence-based, the book...

Leadership and Policy Innovations from Clinton to Bush

by Joseph R. Cerami

Throughout the Cold War there were longstanding efforts to control the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) through extensive arms control, deterrence, and defense programs. Since then counterproliferation...

Introduction To The Law Of Treat

by Reuter

When Paul Reuter's "Introduction au Droit des Traites" was first published in 1972, it became regarded as a classic, and was followed by an English language version in 1985. Shortly before his death, Reuter...

Siculo Arabic

by Agius

The development of the Siculo Arabic group of varieties in the early medieval period took place at a time when Sicily was a cross-road of two major cultures, the Latin and the Byzantine. Palermo was a melting...

Citizenship East & West

by Liebich

The outcome of the political transition in Eastern Europe depends not only on the politics pursued but on the understanding of politics in the countries involved. A key aspect of such understanding is the notion...

Modern Korean Literature

by Chung

The sixth book in Kegan Paul International's "Korean Culture Series", this volume contains thirty stories that have been selected on the basis of historical interest and literary worth, each representing a monumental...

Autodesk Combustion 4 Fundamentals Courseware

by Autodesk

First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

After Effects Expressions

by Marcus Geduld

Put the power of Expressions to work in your animations with controls and efficiencies impossible to achieve with traditional keyframing techniques.

No programming skills are required. Foundation concepts and...

End-to-End Game Development: Creating Independent Serious Games and Simulations from Start to Finish

by Nick Iuppa, Terry Borst & Chris Simpson

First Published in 2010. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Cinema 4D 11 Workshop

by Arndt von Koenigsmarck

Create stunning 3D graphics with the tutorials and techniques in this book.

Modernity & Tradition

by Al-Farsy

Al-Farsy offers an assessment of progress in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing an overview of the most ambitious development program in history, setting the Kingdom in a global political and economic context....

Digital Compositing for Film and Video

by Steve Wright

First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.