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Feminist Praxis (Rle Feminist Theory): Research, Theory and Epistemology in Feminist Sociology

by Liz Stanley

Feminist social scientists often find that carrying feminism into practice in their research is neither easy nor straightforward. Designed precisely with feminist researchers in mind, Feminist Praxis gives detailed...

Feminists Read Habermas (RLE Feminist Theory): Gendering the Subject of Discourse

by Johanna Meehan

This important new collection considers Jurgen Habermas's discourse theory from a variety of feminist vantage points. Habermas's theory represents one of the most persuasive current formulations of moral and...

Gendered Subjects (Rle Feminist Theory): The Dynamics of Feminist Teaching

by Catherine Portugues

The phrase 'feminist pedagogy' couples the contemporary and the traditional, joining current political movements with a concern for the transmission of knowledge more ancient than the Greek word for teaching....

Men in Feminism (Rle Feminist Theory)

by Alice Jardine & Paul Smith

What are men doing in feminist discourse? Although many feminists have commented on the relation, actual or possible, of men to feminist thinking and practice, and although some male academics have written about...

Nostalgia and Sexual Difference (RLE Feminist Theory): The Resistance to Contemporary Feminism

by Janice Doane & DEVON HODGES

Dissatisfaction with the present can cause people to gaze nostalgically back to an idealized past; that nostalgia pervades contemporary rhetoric. In lamenting the 'degeneracy' of present-day America, social...

The Horned God (Rle Feminist Theory): Feminism and Men as Wounding and Healing

by John Rowan

This original and pioneering study of how men relate to feminism will appeal to all men who are concerned about their response to the women's movement and to the women in their lives. It will also be helpful...

The Oppositional Imagination (Rle Feminist Theory): Feminism, Critique and Political Theory

by Joan Cocks

The Oppositional Imagination draws together elements from Marxism, analytical philosophy, post-structuralism, and post-colonial criticism to analyse the elusive interplay of culture and power. It focuses its...

Coming to Terms (Rle Feminist Theory): Feminism, Theory, Politics

by Elizabeth Weed

For over a decade, feminist studies have occupied an extraordinary position in the United States. On the one hand, they have contributed to the development of a strong 'identity' politics; on the other, they...

History in the Digital Age

by Toni Weller

The digital age is affecting all aspects of historical study, but much of the existing literature about history in the digital age can be alienating to the traditional historian who does not necessarily value...

Materialist Feminism and the Politics of Discourse (Rle Feminist Theory)

by Rosemary Hennessy

Materialist Feminism and the Politics of Discourse confronts the impasses in materialist feminist work on rethinking 'woman' as a discursively constructed subject. The book looks at the problem of examining...

Dimensions of Pain: Humanities and Social Science Perspectives

by Lisa Folkmarson Käll

Pain research is still dominated by biomedical perspectives and the need to articulate pain in ways other than those offered by evidence based medical models is pressing. Examining closely subjective experiences...

The Rock History Reader

by Theo Cateforis

The Rock History Reader is an eclectic compilation of readings that tells the history of rock as it has been received and explained as a social and musical practice throughout its six decade history. The readings...

Gendering and Diversifying Trade Union Leadership

by Sue Ledwith & Lise Lotte Hansen

Examining the experiences of leadership among trade unionists in a range of unions and labor movements around the world, this volume addresses perspectives of women and men from a range of identities such as...

Management Frameworks: Aligning Strategic Thinking and Execution

by Jacques Kemp, Andreas Schotter & Morgen Witzel

Today's business organizations, especially large ones, are complex places; difficult to manage and to control. Much of this complexity is self-induced and too much of the management of these organizations is...

Sports Publicity: A Practical Approach

by Joe Favorito

Effective communications skills are essential for any organization. In this fully revised and updated edition of his groundbreaking guide to communications in sports, Joe Favorito introduces the skills, knowledge...

The Evolution of Eu Counter-Terrorism: European Security Policy After 9/11

by Raphael Bossong

This book traces the evolution of the EU's fight against terrorism from the late 1970s until the end of the first decade after 9/11.

This historical analysis covers both EU-internal and international counterterrorism...

Feminism in France (Rle Feminist Theory): From May '68 to Mitterand

by Claire Duchen

Feminism in France charts the evolution of the women's liberation in France (MLF) from its emergence in 1968 to the present. Claire Duchen provides a lucid and compelling account of different feminist practices...

Modern Gnosis and Zionism: The Crisis of Culture, Life Philosophy and Jewish National Thought

by Yotam Hotam

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the German intellectual world was challenged by a growing distrust in the rational ideals of the enlightenment, and consequently by a belief in the existence...

Bioethics: Methods, Theories, Domains

by Marcus Düwell

This book is a philosophically-oriented introduction to bioethics. It offers the reader an overview of key debates in bioethics relevant to various areas including; organ retrieval, stem cell research, justice...

The Right to Self-Determination Under International Law: Selfistans, Secession, and the Rule of the Great Powers

by Milena Sterio

This book proposes a novel theory of self-determination; the Rule of the Great Powers. This book argues that traditional legal norms on self-determination have failed to explain and account for recent results...