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Drinking Occasions: Comparative Perspectives on Alcohol and Culture

by Dwight B. Heath

The main purpose of this book is to describe the variety of drinking occasions that exist around the world, primarily in modern, industrialized countries. As such, it celebrates the diversity of normal drinking...

Chemical Dependency: Theoretical Approaches and Strategies Working with Individuals and Families

by Eileen B Isaacson

This helpful book underscores the importance of working with both the individual and family as part of a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach in assessment, intervention, and treatment of chemical addiction....

Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: Have You Heard My Message?

by J. Louis Campbell III

One of the founders of the gay and lesbian liberation movement, Jack Nichols was a warrior for gay equality. Recounting his life and work, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: "Have You Heard My Message?" skillfully weaves...

Lesbian Academic Couples

by Michelle Gibson

Learn how lesbian couples deal with political, social, and legal issues related to their relationships—and their professions

Lesbian Academic Couples is a collection of writings by scholars who examine—in...

Rangers in World War II

by Robert W. Black

From the deadly shores of North Africa to the invasion of Sicily to the fierce jungle hell of the Pacific, the contribution of the World War II Ranger Battalions far outweighed their numbers. They were ordinary...

Gendered Outcasts and Sexual Outlaws: Sexual Oppression and Gender Hierarchies in Queer Men's Lives

by Chris Kendall & Wayne Martino

A candid re-examination of what it means to be a gay man

Gendered Outcasts and Sexual Outlaws: Sexual Oppression and Gender Hierarchies in Queer Men’s Lives explores the impact and effects of sexual oppression...

Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Among Sexual Minority Women: Rising Like the Phoenix

by Kimberly Balsam

Prevent victimization of sexual minority women by raising your awareness level!

Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Among Sexual Minority Women: Rising Like the Phoenix is the first resource to examine trauma, violence,...

Bisexuality and Transgenderism: Intersexions of the Others

by Fritz Klein, Karen Yescavage & Jonathan Alexander

Explore the common ground—and the important differences—between bisexuality and transgenderism!

This book, guaranteed to provoke debate and discussion of sexuality and gender, is the first devoted exclusively...

Sports, Games, and Play: Social and Psychological Viewpoints

by Jeffrey H. Goldstein

This updated study of sports and recreation utilizes the most current research, introducing the latest innovations and analyses in new chapters while revising and expanding chapters from the previous edition....

Attitudes Toward Handicapped Students: Professional, Peer, and Parent Reactions

by Marcia D. Horne

Many handicapped children are now being treated and educated in the mainstream of society. Therefore it is important for professionals to be knowledgeable about the attitudes of societal members toward these...

Finnish Architecture and the Modernist Tradition

by Malcolm Quantrill

This is a unique and comprehensive study of the entire span of Finnish architecture in the 20th century. Using comparative critical analysis, the author weaves Aalto's contribution into his overview of the evolution...

Pathways to Prominence in Neuropsychology: Reflections of Twentieth-Century Pioneers

by Anthony Y. Stringer, Eileen L. Cooley & Anne-Lise Christensen

Captures the stories behind the work of the clinicians and scholars who have contributed significantly to neuropsychology's development.

Assessing Reference and User Services in a Digital Age

by Eric Novotny

Effectively assess whether any library is making good use of the reference/user service resources available today

Libraries need to develop standards by which they can assess their individual performances in...

International Social Health Care Policy, Program, and Studies

by Gary Rosenburg & Andrew Weissman

Noted experts provide practical, effective strategies to meet global health challenges

International Social Health Care Policy, Program, and Studies presents a collection of papers drawn from the Ninth Doris...

Group Care Practice with Children and Young People Revisited

by Leon C. Fulcher & Frank Ainsworth

Find out how group care for children has changed in the last 20 years

Group Care Practice with Children and Young People Revisited focuses on the core issues that shape the quality of care that’s provided in...

Essays that Worked for College Applications: 50 Essays that Helped Students Get into the Nation's Top Colleges

by Boykin Curry & Brian Kasbar

Essays that Worked for College Applications offers advice on writing a successful college admissions essay and presents fifty examples.

Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts

by Mary M. McKay & Roberta L. Paikoff

Find out how best to develop HIV prevention programs that work

Community Collaborative Partnerships: The Foundation for HIV Prevention Research Efforts is a must read for anyone interested in developing prevention...

Women, Work, and Poverty: Women Centered Research for Policy Change

by Heidi I. Hartmann

Find out how welfare reform has affected women living at the poverty level

Women, Work, and Poverty presents the latest information on women living at or below the poverty level and the changes that need to be...

Cutting-Edge Social Policy Research

by Richard Hoefer

Apply knowledge from the latest research to urgent social problems and programs

Cutting-Edge Social Policy Research is a careful selection of the finest papers from the 2004 Social Policy Conference held in Charleston,...

The Psychiatry of Stroke

by D. Peter Birkett

Treating stroke requires attention not only to patients' physical needs, but to their psychiatric needs as well. Unfortunately, there has been a considerable lack of literature that tackles this important facet...