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Uncovering the Unconscious Dimensions of Planning: Using Culture as a Tool to Analyse Spatial Planning Practices

by Othengrafen

By adopting theoretical approaches from the fields of management studies, cultural studies and anthropology, and by using culture as an organising principle, this book develops an innovative framework which...

Where Land Meets Sea: Coastal Explorations of Landscape, Representation and Spatial Experience

by Ryan

Combining philosophical thinking with an empirical project which encouraged 62 participants to explore their own spatial relations with the Irish coast through a process of drawing and photography, Anna Ryan...

Framing Intersectionality: Debates on a Multi-Faceted Concept in Gender Studies

by Lutz & Teresa Herrera Vivar

Originally conceived by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989 as a tool for the analysis of the ways in which different forms of social inequality, oppression and discrimination interact and overlap in multidimensional...

Globalization, Migration and Social Transformation: Ireland in Europe and the World

by Munck & Fanning

Globalization, Migration and Social Transformation takes Ireland as a paradigmatic case of social transformation, exploring the reasons for which emigration was so quickly replaced by immigration, along with...

Industrial Transition: New Global-Local Patterns of Production, Work, and Innovation

by Fromhold-Eisebith & Fuchs

Contributions by an international set of renowned economic geographers highlight the major features of 'industrial transition' and address various questions that matter for the future of our global economy:...

Hegemony and Heteronormativity: Revisiting 'The Political' in Queer Politics

by do Mar Castro Varela & Dhawan

This book reflects on 'the political' in queer theory and politics by revisiting two of its key categories: hegemony and heteronormativity. It explores the specific insights offered by these categories and the...

Probation Practice and the New Penology: Practitioner Reflections

by Deering

The probation service is increasingly seen by many as a law enforcement agency, charged by government with the assessment and management of risk, the protection of the public and the management and punishment...

Securing and Sustaining the Olympic City: Reconfiguring London for 2012 and Beyond

by Fussey & Coaffee

Often seen as host nation's largest ever logistical undertaking, accommodating the Olympics and its attendant security infrastructure brings seismic changes to both the physical and social geography of its destination....

Queer in Europe: Contemporary Case Studies

by Downing & Gillett

Queer in Europe takes stock of the intellectual and social status and treatment of queer in the New Europe of the twenty-first century, addressing the ways in which the Anglo-American term and concept 'queer'...

Sexual Identities and Sexuality in Social Work: Research and Reflections from Women in the Field

by Dunk-West & Hafford-Letchfield

This collection aims to address the marginalization and under-theorization of sexuality and sexual identity in social work research and practice. Its starting point is that sexuality is a key aspect of individual...

The View from Castle Rock

by Alice Munro


Alice Munro mines her rich family background, melding it with her own experiences and the transforming power of her brilliant imagination, to create perhaps her...

Ethnomethodology at Work

by Rouncefield & Tolmie

Key academics in ethnomethodology bring together one of the most important bodies of research into people's working practices to develop in the social sciences over the past fifty years. Graham Button, John...

Security, Insecurity and Migration in Europe

by Lazaridis

An interdisciplinary examination of the issues of security and insecurity raised by migration for states, their citizens and migrants themselves, this book will be of interest to scholars of politics, sociology...

Recognizing Transsexuals: Personal, Political and Medicolegal Embodiment

by Davy

Recognizing Transsexuals is the first sociological examination of how the bodies of transpeople are figured and reconfigured in socio, politico and medico-legal contexts while considering the impact of these...

de-Centring Western Sexualities: Central and Eastern European Perspectives

by Kulpa & Mizielinska

Providing rich case studies drawn from a range of 'post-communist' countries, this interdisciplinary volume brings together the latest research on the formation of sexualities in Central and Eastern Europe,...

Student Activism and Curricular Change in Higher Education

by Mariel Lemonik Arthur

Based on in-depth case-studies of curricular change processes at six colleges and universities across the United States, the book demonstrates that social movements targeting colleges and universities play a...

Childhood and Migration in Europe: Portraits of Mobility, Identity and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland

by Ní Laoire & Carpena-Méndez

Challenging dominant adult-centric perspectives on contemporary global migration flows and presenting understandings of the lives of migrant children and young people from their own experiences, this book presents...

Violence Expressed: An Anthropological Approach

by Six-Hohenbalken & Weiss

Violence Expressed explores the diverse expressions and manifestations through which the meaning of violent experiences and events are (re)produced. A compelling contribution to ongoing discussions on anthropological...

Experience and Representation: Contemporary Perspectives on Migration in Australia

by Jacobs

Experience and Representation brings together influential theoretical perspectives and recent empirical material in the analysis of migration, race and contemporary Australian culture and politics. As such,...

Managing Ethnic Diversity: Meanings and Practices from an International Perspective

by Hasmath

The management of ethnic diversity has become a topical and often controversial subject in recent times, with much debate surrounding multiculturalism as a systematic and comprehensive response for dealing with...