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The Multisensory Driver: Implications for Ergonomic Car Interface Design

by Cristy Ho & Charles Spence

This book is dedicated to furthering the design of ergonomic multisensory interfaces by highlighting recent evidence in this area emerging from the fast-growing field of cognitive neuroscience. It focuses primarily...

Teaching and Learning at Business Schools: Transforming Business Education

by Pär|Bild, Magnus Mårtensson

For everyone concerned with the development of business schools, the faculty and the students within them, Teaching and Learning at Business Schools provides direction, ideas and techniques for transforming...

Aviation and Tourism: Implications for Leisure Travel

by Anne Graham & Andreas Papatheodorou

This book deals exclusively with issues related to the relationship between aviation and leisure travel. It does this with an analysis of the theoretical concepts relevant to the subject area combined with a...

Vagueness, Logic and Ontology

by Dominic Hyde

Vagueness, Logic and Ontology explores various responses to the philosophical problems generated by vagueness and its associated paradox - the sorites paradox. Hyde argues that the theoretical space in which...

In the Company of Cars: Driving as a Social and Cultural Practice

by Sarah Redshaw

Road safety research has traditionally involved a focus on individuals in which social norms are considered but rarely discussed in detail. Outlining the existing body of research on young drivers in particular,...

Leadership and Organization in the Aviation Industry

by Marc-Philippe Lumpé

This book presents a research project that was carried out to develop leadership and organisational structures in accordance with the requirements created by different professional backgrounds within the aviation...

Modelling Command and Control: Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork

by Neville A. Stanton & Chris Baber

Command and control environments continue to represent a challenging domain for human factors research. Modelling Command and Control takes a broad view of command and control research, to include C2 (command...

Naturalistic Decision Making and Macrocognition

by Jan Maarten Schraagen & Laura Militello

This book presents the latest work in the area of naturalistic decision making (NDM) and its extension into the area of macrocognition. It contains 18 chapters relating research centred on the study of expertise...

Anarchism/Minarchism: Is a Government Part of a Free Country?

by Roderick T. Long & Tibor R. Machan

Robert Nozick sharply distinguished his vision of the free society from egalitarian liberals such as John Rawls. Less remarked upon is the distinction he drew between the free society governed by a strictly...

Word and Meaning in Ancient Alexandria: Theories of Language from Philo to Plotinus

by David Robertson

During the late Hellenistic and early Imperial periods (B.C. 50 - A.D. 300), important developments may be traced in the philosophy of language and its relationship to mind. Focusing on two basic issues, why...

Contemporary Perspectives on Natural Law: Natural Law as a Limiting Concept

by Ana Marta González

This book is a major contribution to the renewed interest in natural law. It provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of natural law, both from a historical and a systematic point of view. It ranges...

Ordered Anarchy: Jasay and his Surroundings

by Hardy Bouillon & Hartmut Kliemt

Anthony de Jasay's work has been enormously influential, describing both a theoretical philosophical model for a stateless, liberal, free market order and offering analysis of and solutions to many of the technical...

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: A Natural Law Ethics Approach

by Craig Paterson

As medical technology advances and severely injured or ill people can be kept alive and functioning long beyond what was previously medically possible, the debate surrounding the ethics of end-of-life care and...

Angels in Medieval Philosophical Inquiry: Their Function and Significance

by Isabel Iribarren & Martin Lenz

This collection of essays is a significant scholarly contribution to angelology. The unifying theme is that of the role of angels in philosophical inquiry, where each contribution represents a case study in...

In Defense of an Evolutionary Concept of Health: Nature, Norms, and Human Biology

by Mahesh Ananth

One of the most controversial contemporary debates on the concept of health is the clash between the views of naturalists and normativists. This debate has fueled many of the, often very acrimonious, disputations...

Improving Healthcare Team Communication: Building on Lessons from Aviation and Aerospace

by Christopher P. Nemeth

Communications research in aviation is widely regarded by many in the healthcare community as the "gold standard" that should be emulated. Yet healthcare and aviation differ in many ways, as do the vital communications...

Multimodal Safety Management and Human Factors: Crossing the Borders of Medical, Aviation, Road and Rail Industries

by José|| M. Anca Jr

Multimodal Safety Management and Human Factors is a wide-ranging compendium of contemporary SMS and HF approaches from the aviation, road, rail and medical domains. It brings together 27 chapters from both the...

Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation?

by Adam M. Pilarski

Seemingly since the beginning of aviation history there has been discussion and speculation on the remarkable inability of the industry to generate profits. The question as to how this is the case and how the...

Digital Health Information for the Consumer: Evidence and Policy Implications

by David Nicholas & Paul Huntington

This unique book draws on research that constituted the first major nationwide evaluation of the use and impact of key digital health information platforms which were provided to thousands of health consumers...

Public Libraries in the 21st Century: Defining Services and Debating the Future

by Anne Goulding

Public Libraries in the 21st Century presents a comprehensive analysis of the impact of recent policy initiatives directly targeted at public libraries along with broader developments in the public sector environment...