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Organizations: A Systems Approach

by Odena

This volume offers new research on musical creativity by experts from the fields of music education, music psychology and music therapy. Contributions focus on the composition/improvisation process, considering...

Serendipity in Anthropological Research: The Nomadic Turn

by Hazan & Hertzog

Serendipity in Anthropological Research explores the role of fortune and happenstance in anthropology. It conceives of anthropological research as a lifelong nomadic journey of discovery in which the world yields...

Mediating Mental Health: Contexts, Debates and Analysis

by Birch

This book offers a detailed critical analysis of the representation of mental health conditions across a range of fictional and factual genres in film, television and radio, thus presenting an understanding...

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Welfare State: The Historical and Contemporary Role of Csr in the Mixed Economy of Welfare

by Brejning

Based on interviews with a wide spectrum of people who work with CSR in England, Denmark and in the EU Commission, the book argues that when CSR is linked to social exclusion it is a way of renegotiating responsibilities...

Rethinking Class in Russia

by Salmenniemi

By engaging with discussions in new class analysis and by highlighting how the logic of global neoliberal capitalism is appropriated and negotiated vis-à-vis the Soviet hierarchies of value and worth, this...

The Collective Imagination: The Creative Spirit of Free Societies

by Murphy

The Collective Imagination explores the social foundations of the human imagination. A comprehensive audit of the creativity claims of the post-modern age - that finds them badly wanting and looks to the future...

Tracing Technologies: Prisoners' Views in the Era of Csi

by Machado & Prainsack

Through critically engaging with STS, sociological and criminological perspectives on the use of DNA technologies within the criminal justice system, this work provides the reader with valuable insights into...

The Journals and Letters of Susan Burney: Music and Society in Late Eighteenth-Century England

by Olleson

Susan Burney (1755-1800), daughter of the music historian Charles Burney and sister of the novelist Frances (Fanny) Burney, was a knowledgeable enthusiast for music, particularly for opera, with the ability...

Popular Music and the Myths of Madness

by Spelman

Very little research has been conducted on how madness is represented in popular music. In an effort to redress this imbalance, Nicola Spelman identifies links between the anti-psychiatry movement and representations...

Lutyens, Maconchy, Williams and Twentieth-Century British Music: A Blest Trio of Sirens

by Mathias

Contemporaries at the Royal College of Music, Elisabeth Lutyens (1906-1983), Elizabeth Maconchy (1907-1994) and Grace Williams (1906-1977) were important figures in twentieth-century British music. Combining...

Music, Sexuality and the Enlightenment in Mozart's Figaro, Don Giovanni and Cos Fan Tutte

by Ford

This analytical study explains how Mozart's music for Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte 'sounds' the intentions of Da Ponte's characters and their relationships with one another. Mozart did...

Prostitution, Harm and Gender Inequality: Theory, Research and Policy

by Coy

Through exploring gendered inequality and re-engaging with an understanding of prostitution as harmful with impacts on the self and body that are experienced as abusive but do not always constitute violence,...

American Mythologies: Semiological Sketches

by | Peña

Grounded in a semiological approach, which explores the displacement of information and the transformation of signs that characterise mythic communication, this book sheds light on the socio-economic, gendered,...

Opportunities and Deprivation in the Urban South: Poverty, Segregation and Social Networks in S O Paulo

by Cesar Leão Marques

A rigorous examination of poverty in São Paulo, a contemporary megacity, Opportunities and Deprivation in the Urban South explores the different types of network that exist amongst the metropolitan poor, the...

European Identity and Culture: Narratives of Transnational Belonging

by Friedman & Thiel

Exploring attempts by various actors - institutions, groups, individuals - to create transnational European identities, European Identity and Culture scrutinizes the cultural formations that have either reignited...

Max Weber's Comparative-Historical Sociology Today: Major Themes, Mode of Causal Analysis, and Applications

by Kalberg

Bringing together the author's major scholarly work on Weber over the last thirty years , offering a rich examination of the major themes in his sociology, alongside a reconstruction of his mode of analysis...

Global Islamophobia: Muslims and Moral Panic in the West

by Morgan & Poynting

This book presents a series of case studies from Western Europe, Australia and North America demonstrating the transnational character of Islamophobia. Exploring various sites of conflict, Global Islamophobia...

The Life and Music of Eric Coates

by Payne

Eric Coates (1886-1957) is perhaps the most familiar name associated with British light music, with his memorable tunes including the openings to the BBC's In Town Tonight, Desert Island Discs and The Forsyte...

Repudiating Feminism: Young Women in a Neoliberal World

by Scharff

Grounded in rich empirical research and providing a timely contribution to debates on engagements with feminism, Repudiating Feminism explores how young German and British women think, talk and feel about feminism....

Style and Performance for Bowed String Instruments in French Baroque Music

by Cyr

Mary Cyr addresses the needs of researchers, performers, and informed listeners who wish to apply knowledge about historically informed performance to specific pieces. Special emphasis is placed upon the period...