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The Bluffer's Guide to Bond

by Mark Mason

Be an instant expert on Bond and bluff your way with 007 aficionados. There is no risk required, just a sense of humour. From 'Bond's lifestyle' to his 'one-liners', and from 'the line to take' to 'the link...

Cutting Hill: A Chronicle of a Family Farm

by Alan Pistorius

This is the true story of how you get your milk. And because this is the story of a family dairy farm in Vermont it is also the true story of how you get delicious, Grade A maple syrup. Author Alan Pistorius...

Scientific Freedom

by Simona Giordano & John Coggon

This book represents the first comprehensive anthology of papers designed to explore both the state of scientific progress and the ethics, law and history of scientific research. It will appeal to a very wide...

The Godfathers: Lives and Crimes of the Mafia Mobsters

by Roberto Olla

Much blood has been spilled by the Sicilian and American Mafias—and almost as much ink has been expended upon the details of their culture and crimes. Little has been revealed, however, about the brutal,...

Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen

by Jane Hawking

Complete with exclusive photographs of the couple, this moving and engaging memoir written by Stephen Hawking’s first wife covers the turbulent years of her marriage with the astrophysics genius, her traumatic...

Atomic Sushi

by Simon May

As the first British professor of philosophy since 1882 to be invited to teach at the prestigious and enigmatic University of Tokyo, Simon May enjoyed a degree of access denied to other commentators. Each chapter...

Moonshine in the Morning

by Andrea McNicoll

How can Mother Nong and Mother Pensri save their menfolk from terrifying visions of widow ghosts when Uncle Lai's moonshine stall does such brisk business? What possessed Mother Suree to cut off her husband’s...

Thinking Aloud: A Collection of Aphorisms

by Simon May

With these provocative thoughts on the central questions of living, Dr Simon May catches our minds off guard in areas as diverse as love, pride, self-esteem, gratitude, timing, lying, talking, knowing, suffering,...

The Book of Oriental Medicine: A Complete Self-Treatment Guide

by Clive Witham

Addressing the issues of how and why illness occurs, this informative guide provides fresh Eastern perspectives on well-being, allowing readers to take control of their health. With easy-to-understand explanations,...

Thunk!: How to Think Less for Serenity and Success

by Sandy C. Newbigging & Barefoot Doctor

Ever wish you could stop your mind from working overtime?

Thinking too much is very stressful, potentially causes physical

conditions and has a massive impact upon your peace of mind

and productivity.

Your mind...

Ultimate Hard Bastards: The Truth about the Toughest Men in the World

by Kate Kray

Meet the hardest men in Britain—minders, villains, gangsters, bodyguards, SAS hitmen, murderers, and terrorists. In this awesome follow-up to the hugely successful Hard Bastards and Hard Bastards 2, Kate Kray,...

The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The Chilling Confessions of James Maybrick

by Shirley Harrison

The pages of The Diary of Jack the Ripper reveal the unimaginable—that more than a century ago, the legendary serial killer at work in London’s Whitechapel kept a record of his bestial mutilations of women....

The Guv'nor

by Lenny McLean

Lenny McLean - fighter, actor, hard man, legend. One of the most notorious figures ever to emerge from the East End of London, he had a reputation that was held dear by his friends and associates and feared...


by Tinnean

Sequel to Houseboat on the Nile

Spy vs. Spook: Book Three

Lately, life is both sweet and sour for intelligence operatives Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann. The sweet is they're settling into a relationship; Mark...

Day of the Dead-A Romance

by Erik Orrantia

a"I'll see you in a few days. I won't say good-bye, then, but hasta luego." Until later. A later that never came. After visiting his sick mother in Mexico, Arturo didn't return to San Francisco. With an expired...

King of Storms

by Sulayman X

A Five Kingdoms Novel

Longing to find others like himself, Zurkin sets out from his family's small farm and journeys to Mountain Home, a school for Contrary youth and the seat of the powerful Brotherhood of...

Tigers Confidential: The Untold Inside Story of the 2008 Season

by Andy Van Slyke & Jim Hawkins

Former MLB All-Star and Gold Glove winner Andy Van Slyke, now the first-base coach of the Detroit Tigers, takes you into the dugout, the clubhouse, and onto the field throughout the 2008 season to give you a...

The Longest Race: A Lifelong Runner, an Iconic Ultramarathon, and the Case for Human Endurance

by Ed Ayres

Among endurance runners, there are those who have run very long distances, and then there are those who have run very long distances for a very long time. Ed Ayres exemplifies the latter; having run in over...

Lost Ohio: More Travels into the Haunted Landscapes, Ghost Towns, and Forgotten Lives

by Randy McNutt

A fascinating look at Ohio's forgotten history Take a leisurely tour across the Buckeye State with author Randy McNutt to a massive swamp that swallowed pioneers' wagons, a haunted prison, a faded German utopia,...

Polynesian Seafaring and Navigation: Ocean Travel in Anutan Culture and Society

by Richard Feinberg

Without seafaring canoes, deep-sea sailing skills, and the ability to navigate by naked-eye observations of the stars and sea and bird life, there would have been no Polynesian people as we know them today....