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Prayers That Break Curses: Prayers for Breaking Demonic Influences so You Can Walk in God's Promises

by John Eckhardt

Is your life characterized by continual setbacks and misfortune? Does it appear as though no matter what you do, you cannot seem to obtain the blessings of the Lord? You could be living under a curse.

The Supernatural You: Living from the Well of God's Spirit Within You

by Brenda Kunneman

In desperate moments people often grasp for remedies, not realizing that God has already placed inside everyone a source of spiritual well-being and power.

Blood in the Sand: Understanding the Middle East Conflict--the Stakes, the Dangers, and What the Bible Says About the Future

by Benny Hinn

Having been born in the Middle East and raised among Arabs, Christians, and Jews, Pastor Benny Hinn has a truly unique perspective on the Middle East. For this reason Christians with a sincere desire to understand...

Starting From Scratch When You're Single Again: 23 Women Share Stories, Encouragement, Recipes, and Lessons Learned When Starting Over Was All They Co

by Sharon M Knudson & Mary Fran Heitzman

You're suddenly single again. What do you do now? Where do you turn? Starting From Scratch When You're Single Again serves up poignant stories from twenty-three widowed or divorced women who survived a horrific...

Rx For Worry: A Thankful Heart

by James P. Gills

A Thankful Heart

A lifestyle of thankfulness is revealed as the cure for worry.

Change Your Food, Change Your Mood: A Nutrition-Based Approach to Reducing Stress, Banishing the Blues, and Feeling Great

by Janet Maccaro

Could how you feel be linked to your last meal? You bet! Nutritionist Maccaro empowers you to fight back against stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and addiction by replenishing your body with foods and supplements...

Shaken, Not Shattered: Finding the Purpose, Passion, and Power to Stand Firm When Your World Falls Apart

by Matthew Hagee

Many struggle with feelings of inadequacies within or lack of resources and opportunities to succeed without. Others focus all their attention on developing their strengths, and yet they are plagued with hidden...

Placed In His Glory: God Invites You to Experience Him in Untold Intimacy and Splendor

by Fuchsia Pickett

Explore Dr. Fuchsia Pickett's fresh biblical insights built upon a deep intimacy and a lifelong journey of faith as she unlocks doors that will usher you into the very presence of God.

The Unfailing Love Of Jesus: When Things Get Tough and You Feel Alone, Discover How He Reaches Out in Answer to Your Need

by R.T. Kendall

Does Jesus care if we are afraid? Ill? Grieving? Sometimes it's hard to believe he does when life's challenges overwhelm us. But Kendall shows you that God is much closer than you think!

Overcoming Spiritual Blindness

by James P. Gills

All too often our modern society lacks both sight and insight resulting

from a refusal to see the reality of creation. Such lack of recognition

and appreciation for the Creator is spiritual blindness. Yet, the...

Imaginations: More Than You Think

by James P. Gills

When a relinquished life becomes faithful to the promises of God, the result is His joy, His peace, and His charity. Dr. James Gills recounts his own period of rest and complacency-brought on by a time of incapacitation....

Taking On Goliath: How to Stand Against the Spiritual Enemies in Your Life and Win

by Barbara J Yoder

We live in a spiritual war zone, and we need to become a godly warrior generation that can confront the forces attempting tot thwart the purposes of God for His people today.

Most Likely To Succeed: The Graduate's Guide to True Success in Work and in Life

by Mark Rutland

Just in time for the graduation season, Mark Rutland provides graduates with nine timeless keys to prosperity and success in life.

Ready, Set, Grow: How to Rediscover Your Passion, Overcome Your Fears, and Create the Life You've Always Wanted

by Dondi Scumaci

Is there a dream in you somewhere, buried deep perhaps, that just won’t die? A goal that you’ve pushed aside to deal with the duties, responsibilities, and distractions of your everyday life?

When Your Life Has Been Tampered With: Moving Beyond your Broken Dreams and Lost Purpose to Victory

When God Shows Up: How to Recognize the Unexpected Appearances of God in Your Life

by R.T. Kendall

A bestselling author teaches life-transforming principles he has learned after he encounters God through an unexpected spiritual experience.

God Gives Second Chances: How to Get Up, Dust Off and be Used Again by God when You Fall

by R.T. Kendall

Kendall looks at wrongdoing and the judgment of ministry leaders and laypeople, assuring those who've fallen that they can be used again--and warning those who condemn them.

Controlling The Tongue: Mastering The What, When & Why of The Words You Speak

by R.T. Kendall

Those who learn to master their unruly tongues will reap eternal rewards. Everyone at one time or another has said something they later regretted.

Laugh Yourself Healthy: Keep the Doctor Away¿With a Giggle a Day!

by Charles Hunter

Everyone needs to laugh-laugh more often, laugh at ourselves, and laugh at the nonsensical circumstances and situations we face every day. Humor strengthens the immune system, enabling the body to fight sickness...

Life's Challenges.. Your Opportunities: God Has Given You A Promise...You've Come Into A Problem...How You Respond Will Determine How Quickly The Prov