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Managing Development: Globalization, Economic Restructuring and Social Policy

by Junji Nakagawa

Globalization in the 1990s provided both opportunities and challenges for developing and transition economies. Though for some, it offered the chance to achieve economic growth through active involvement in...

New Practices - New Pedagogies: A Reader

by Malcolm Miles

Opening up areas of thought previously unexplored in arts and education, this book introduces students of visual culture, performance studies and art and design to broad contextual frameworks, new directions...

Japan's Changing Role in Humanitarian Crises

by Yukiko Nishikawa

Extensive news coverage of humanitarian crises, especially on television, has led to a strong public awareness of the importance of humanitarian activities. This innovative book examines the evolution of...

Health Governance in Europe: Issues, Challenges, and Theories

by Monika Steffen

Health constitutes a core element of welfare states and a vital nerve in the trust relation between citizen and their governments. Focusing on the health sector, this book analyzes the closely interwoven relationship...

Learning in Groups: A Handbook for Face-To-Face and Online Environments

by David Jaques & Gilly Salmon

Learning in groups, rather than in formal lectures or presentations, allows students to have greater scope to negotiate meaning and express themselves and their own ideas. It also helps them to establish far...

Managing It Outsourcing: Governance in Global Partnerships

by Erik Beulen, Pieter Ribbers & Jan Roos

The business landscape is changing. Outsourcing is now a growing phenomenon in which specific functions are subcontracted to specialist companies, often elsewhere in the world. IT represents a particular case...

Turkey's Kurds: A Theoretical Analysis of the Pkk and Abdullah Ocalan

by Ali Kemal Özcan

The Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK) is examined here in this text on Kurdish nationalism. Incorporating recent field-based research results and newly translated material on Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK's long-time...

Human Rights and European Security: Project, Principles, Practicalities

by Marlies Glasius & Mary Kaldor

A Human Security Doctrine for Europe explores the actual needs of individual people in conflict areas, rather than using a conventional institutional or geo-political perspectives.

This new volume proposes...

Globalisation and Citizenship: The Transnational Challenge

by Wayne Hudson & Steven Slaughter

This wide-ranging volume explores the impact of globalization upon citizenship, with a special focus on the transnational challenges that globalization poses.

While there is much debate over the concept, globalization...

The Digital Revolution and the Coming of the Postmodern University

by Carl A. Raschke

In recent years, the powerful social, cultural and economic changes wrought by digital technology have led many to forecast the end of the university as we know it. This book employs extensive research and case...

Nasser and the Missile Age in the Middle East

by Owen L. Sirrs

Egyptian efforts to acquire long-range surface-to-surface missiles in the early 1960s carry important lessons for our time, when weapons of mass destruction and charges of politicizing intelligence are key...

Teaching History in the Secondary School

by Martin Hunt

This practical workbook contains all the advice, guidance and resources new and student history teachers need to reflect on and develop their teaching practice, helping them to plan lessons across the subject...

Rethinking Public Relations: PR Propaganda and Democracy

by Kevin Moloney

All PR, whether for charities or arms manufacturers, is weak propaganda. Though it has its undeniable benefits (it grabs attention and helps circulate more information), it also has costs (such as selective...

Taiwan's Defense Reform

by Martin Edmonds & Michael M. Tsai

The stand-off across the Straits of Taiwan continues to be one of the most dangerous confrontations in Asia. The technical superiority of the Taiwanese forces has been a major factor in maintaining balance,...

Small Firms and Innovation Policy in Japan

by Cornelia Storz

This new book discusses the extent to which the Japanese economy encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

Although Japan has a strong reputation as an innovator, some people argue that this reputation is...

Your Child's Special Needs: A Survival Handbook for Parents and Teachers

by Ph.D., Lawrence J. Greene

This book is a survival handbook for parents of children with learning disabilities. Learn how to recognize symptoms and develop strategies to ensure your child's optimal educational success. Give your children...

Scissor Sorcery: Cutting Activities for Early Childhood

by Sharon Bryant Carpenter

Learning to use scissors is an important part of a child's education. Over 100 reproducible, fun activities teach children to cut safely. Developmental sequencing allows children to gradually improve their scissor...

Inspiring Leaders

by Ronald J. Burke & Cary L. Cooper

We exist in an era of great change and widespread uncertainty in which course-determining decisions lie with organizational leaders; in this continually shifting climate we require their courage to take action....

Russian Constitutionalism: Historical and Contemporary Development

by Andrei Medushevsky

Medushevsky examines constitutionalism in Russia from Tsarist times to the present. He traces the different attitudes to constitutionalism in political thought, and in practice, at different periods, showing...

Feminist Critique of Education: Fifteen Years of Gender Development

by Christine Skelton & Becky Francis

This book provides a valuable route map to the development of thinking in gender and education over the last fifteen years. It includes over thirty-five seminal articles from the journal Gender and Education...