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Services and Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific

by P.W. Daniels & J.W. Harrington

Until the 1990s, industrialization was the dominant development paradigm for the Asia-Pacific region. Since then, advanced services (finance, business or 'producer services', information and creative services)...

Poverty Reduction - An Effective Means of Population Control: Theory, Evidence and Policy

by Mohammed Sharif

This book contends that high fertility is rational in that it achieves short term economic benefit and long term old age-support for families. Wider macroeconomic effects are not the concern of the individual...

Microcredit and Poverty Alleviation

by Tazul Islam

The attempt of the Grameen Bank to alleviate poverty and enhance the skills and productivity of its rural women clients provides the fascinating backdrop to this important study of micro-credit institutions....

Overcoming Fragmentation in Southeast Europe: Spatial Development Trends and Integration Potential

by Panayiotis Getimis & Grigoris Kafkalas

With the expansion of the European Union, the countries of Southeast Europe have finally been brought together within one socio-political entity. The restructuring of these economies following globalization...

Fuzzy Planning: The Role of Actors in a Fuzzy Governance Environment

by Gert de Roo & Geoff Porter

Many of the key notions associated with spatial planning are essentially ‘fuzzy’ in their nature. For example, while almost everyone accepts ‘sustainability’ as an important goal of planning, the actions...

Regulating the Night: Race, Culture and Exclusion in the Making of the Night-time Economy

by Deborah Talbot

The promotion of night-time economies in town centres across Britain has sparked new fears about disorder, violence and binge-drinking. However, there has been little consideration of the social and cultural...

The Genius in All of Us: New Insights into Genetics, Talent, and IQ

by David Shenk

With irresistibly persuasive vigor, David Shenk debunks the long-standing notion of genetic “giftedness,” and presents dazzling new scientific research showing how greatness is in the reach of every individual....

Cycling and Society

by Dave Horton & Paul Rosen

How can the social sciences help us to understand the past, present and potential futures of cycling? This timely international and interdisciplinary collection addresses this question, discussing shifts in...

Geographies of Australian Heritages: Loving a Sunburnt Country?

by Roy Jones & Brian J. Shaw

In any settler and/or postcolonial society, heritage is a complex and contested topic that involves indigenous, imperial and other migrant components. In Australia, this situation is compounded by the unique...

Growth Management in Florida: Planning for Paradise

by Timothy S.Chapin & Charles E. Connerly

Despite its historical significance and its state-mandated comprehensive planning approach, the Florida growth management experiment has received only piecemeal attention from researchers. Drawing together contributions...

Marginalisation in China: Perspectives on Transition and Globalisation

by Heather Xiaoquan Zhang & Bin Wu

Economic transition in China has witnessed (re)centralization of resources from the margin to the core in economic, social and political senses. This book employs a marginalization lens to reveal, delineate...

Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Integrated Water Management

by Jeroen Warner

As they provide a negotiating space for a diversity of interests, Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) are an increasingly popular mode of involving civil society in resource management decisions. This book focuses...

Geographies of Sexualities: Theory, Practices and Politics

by Kath Browne & Jason Lim

Recent years have seen a dramatic upsurge of interest in the connections between sexualities, space and place. Drawing established and 'founding' figures of the field together with emerging authors, this innovative...

Tourism, Development and Terrorism in Bali

by Michael Hitchcock & I Nyoman Darma Putra

This book investigates tourism as a form of globalization within the context of the island of Bali, which has been voted the world's top island destination for the third time running by American travellers....

Atlantic Reverberations: French Representations of an American Presidential Election

by Paul C. Adams

The 2004 US election provided French citizens and their media with a springboard for re-conceiving 'self' and 'other'. Given its prominent opposition to recent US foreign policy such as the invasion of Iraq,...

Parallel Play: Growing Up with Undiagnosed Asperger's

by Tim Page

An affecting memoir of life as a boy who didn’t know he had Asperger’s syndrome until he became a man.

In 1997, Tim Page won the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism for his work as the chief classical music critic...

Growth Management in the US: Between Theory and Practice

by Karina Pallagst

Urban sprawl is one of the key planning issues facing many US cities, leading to the creation and adoption of a variety of approaches to control growth. However, many growth management ideas do not align well...

National Policy Responses to Urban Challenges in Europe

by Leo van den Berg & Erik Braun

This book presents a unique overview of urban policy conducted by national authorities in the fifteen 'old' member states of the EU. It focuses on recent changes in the development of the larger cities and changes...

Protected Areas and Regional Development in Europe: Towards a New Model for the 21st Century

by Ingo Mose

While originally created as reserves for beautiful landscapes and endangered species, protected areas in Europe were subsequently used as a means to preserve whole ecosystems, with restrictions on human activities...

Collective Action and Urban Poverty Alleviation: Community Organizations and the Struggle for Shelter in Manila

by Gavin Shatkin

An estimated 600 million people now live in informal or 'squatter' settlements in the rapidly growing cities of the developing world. With such settlements often lacking basic necessities, there is an urgent...