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Postmark: Christmas

by Paige Winship Dooly, Darlene Franklin & Kathleen E. Kovach

The holidays are stamped for love in Christmas, Florida. Will an event planner, a war widow, a retreating beauty, and a postmistress each find romances of their own?

A Patchwork Christmas: Three Christmas Romances with Bonus Handcraft Patterns and Cookie Recipes

by Judith Mccoy Miller, Nancy Moser & Stephanie Grace Whitson

Join three of today’s bestselling inspirational fiction authors in a collection of Christmas stories from Victorian-era America that are full of romance and bonus reader gifts.

I Believe: The Meaning of Christmas and the Baby Who Started It All

by JoAnne Simmons

I Believe: The Meaning of Christmas and the Baby Who Started it All is a simple devotional of faith-building topics that surround the Christmas season.

Faith and Freedom: The Founding Fathers in Their Own Words

by Robert D. Gingrich

So, what did America’s founders really believe about God, the Bible, and Christianity? Find out in Faith and Freedom—The Founding Fathers in Their Own Words.

The Christmas Bride

by Grace Livingston Hill

Search alongside Greg Sterling when his dream girl slips through his fingers and vanishes without a trace. Can true love lost be found again?


The 13: Fall

by Robbie Cheuvront, Erik Reed & Shawn Allen

Join CIA operative Jonathan Keene as he teams with FBI agent Megan Taylor to fight an unforeseen enemy. . .but this time, survival may not be possible.

Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, Sixth Edition Ebook: Sixth Edition

by Klaus Wolff & Richard Allen Johnson

Turn to the world's most popular dermatology atlas for the quick, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of skin problems

Covering the full range of conditions, from rashes, to skin lesions and disorders of the...

Find the Perfect College for You: 82 Exceptional Schools that Fit Your Personality and Learning Style

by C. Claire Law & Rosalind P. Marie

A comprehensive approach to selecting a college that is in tune with a student's learning style, this fully revised and updated guide offers a personalized, psychology-based approach to selecting the perfect...

America's Best Colleges for B Students: A College Guide for Students Without Straight A's

by Tamra B. Orr, Kelly Tanabe & Gen Tanabe

High school students who get average grades and don't ace the SAT or ACT discover that an exceptional college education is by no means beyond their reach with this guide. Along with information on what to look...

Loving from the Outside In, Mourning from the Inside Out

by Alan D. Wolfelt

Recognizing how the need to grieve is anchored in one’s capacity to care for someone, this calming guide contends that the act of mourning is healthy—and necessary—following a life-changing loss. The very...

The Sword & Sorcery Anthology

by David G. Hartwell & Jacob Weisman

Blood will flow, heads will roll, dragons will soar, and the dead shall rise. Journey to ancient cities ruled by sinister mages, storm-tossed seas where monsters dwell, mysterious towers full of ancient secrets...

UFO: End-Time Delusion

by David Allen Lewis

Psychics are channeling such exciting insights from alleged cosmic beings, detailing the "true" nature of God and alternate roads to salvation. Supermarket tabloids proclaim oddball messages from space. New...

Church in Crisis, The: An Urgent Appeal for Spiritual Awakening

by Ron Auch

The Church of Jesus Christ in America is in great need of a revival. Currently revival is sweeping many parts of the world with the exception of America, Japan, and Western Europe, the three materialistic societies....

Faith is Stranger than Fiction: Serving a God Who Loves Surprises

by Steve Halliday

You think God must work in a certain way, but out of left field He springs an eye-popping surprise. You pray for guidance in a ticklish situation, and God responds with a plan that takes your breath away. You're...

Aliens in the Backyard: Plant and Animal Imports Into America

by John Leland

A fresh look at the origins of our iconic immigrant flora and fauna, revealed with wit and reverence for nature

Managing Vulnerability: South Africa's Struggle for a Democratic Rhetoric

by Richard C. Marback

A detailed account of the struggle to cultivate connectedness out of the divisiveness of apartheid

Face to Face: Amazing New Looks and Inspiration from the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist

by Scott Barnes

Face to Face, the follow-up to Scott Barnes’s bestselling beauty primer, About Face, is the everyday style guide for every woman. Scott helps change up the usual go-to makeup routine with techniques for getting...

So Far from Home: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World

by Margaret J. Wheatley

Bestselling author Margaret Wheatley is a highly-respected though leader about how life, organizations, leadership, and our world work in a time of growing complexity, uncertainty, and confusion. This new book...

The Housing Monster

by prole.

This scathing illustrated essay takes one seemingly simple, everyday thing—a house—and looks at the social relations that surround it. Starting with the construction site and the physical building of houses,...

Prudence Couldn't Swim

by James Kilgore

Set in Oakland, California, white ex-convict Cal Winter returns home one day to find his gorgeous, young, black wife, Prudence, drowned in the swimming pool. Prudence couldn’t swim, and Cal concludes she didn’t...