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In the Shadows of the Tropics: Climate, Race and Biopower in Nineteenth Century Ceylon

by James S. Duncan

In this original work James Duncan explores the transformation of Ceylon during the mid-nineteenth century into one of the most important coffee growing regions of the world. This fascinating case study reveals...

Global Efforts to Combat Smoking: An Economic Evaluation of Smoking Control Policies

by Rajeev K. Goel & Michael A. Nelson

This book brings together the findings of economists on the effectiveness of price and non-price policy initiatives to combat smoking and draws conclusions regarding the efficacy of the various policy measures....

Reframing Dutch Culture: Between Otherness and Authenticity

by Peter Jan Margry & Herman Roodenburg

Dutch society has undergone radical changes in recent years, due to complex political, social and ethnic developments. Reframing Dutch Culture examines issues of nationality, ethnicity, culture and identity...

Mobilizing Hospitality: The Ethics of Social Relations in a Mobile World

by Jennie Germann Molz & Sarah Gibson

Drawing on interdisciplinary research, this volume examines the intersection between mobility and hospitality, highlighting the issues that emerge as we encounter strangers in a mobile world. Through diverse...

The Revival of Private Enterprise in China

by Shuanglin Lin & Shunfeng Song

This book examines the impact on China's private enterprises by obstacles to growth (such as borrowing restrictions, high taxes, ineffective legal protection and lack of technical and information support) and...

Higher Education and Civic Engagement: International Perspectives

by Lorraine McIlrath & Iain Mac Labhrainn

Bringing together an international team of contributors, this volume provides an original and powerful contribution to debates about the civic purpose of higher education. It suggests that universities can best...

Food and the City in Europe since 1800

by Peter J. Atkins & Peter Lummel

This fascinating volume examines the impact that rapid urbanization has had upon diets and food systems throughout Western Europe over the past two centuries. Bringing together studies from across the continent,...

Geographies of Muslim Identities: Diaspora, Gender and Belonging

by Cara Aitchison & Peter Hopkins

Identities can be transformed across time and space by both global and local events. This timely book collects a range of cutting-edge contributions to illustrate the ways in which Muslim identities are constructed,...

Mixed Towns, Trapped Communities: Historical Narratives, Spatial Dynamics, Gender Relations and Cultural Encounters in Palestinian-Israeli Towns

by Daniel Monterescu & Dan Rabinowitz

Modern urban spaces are, by definition, mixed socio-spatial configurations. This mixture, however, has often led to violent conflict over land and identity. Focusing on mixed towns in Israel/Palestine, this...

Empowering Metropolitan Regions Through New Forms of Cooperation

by Alexander Otgaar & Leo van den Berg

This insightful book analyzes the development of cross-border and cross-sector partnerships in a number of European cities and regions. Including, amongst others, Copenhagen, Budapest, Helsinki, Munich and Catalonia,...

Tourism and the Branded City: Film and Identity on the Pacific Rim

by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald & John G. Gammack

Comparing the major Pacific Rim cities of Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai, this book examines world city branding. Using an interdisciplinary approach, it draws in cultural studies and psychology approaches to...

Services and Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific

by P.W. Daniels & J.W. Harrington

This book explores various aspects of the relationship between service industries and economic development in Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand. It provides new sector-oriented...

Poverty Reduction - An Effective Means of Population Control: Theory, Evidence and Policy

by Mohammed Sharif

The objective of this book is to drive home the fact that it is poverty that is responsible for high fertility and that until the problem of poverty is effectively dealt with the problem of high fertility will...

Microcredit and Poverty Alleviation

by Tazul Islam

With a view to increased poverty alleviation, Tazul Islam examines the real extent to which the Grameen Bank's credit-alone policy has been successful in securing the Bank's financial sustainability; its practical...

Overcoming Fragmentation in Southeast Europe: Spatial Development Trends and Integration Potential

by Panayiotis Getimis & Grigoris Kafkalas

With the need to handle persisting problems and conflicts from the past while coping with new economic and political structures, Southeast Europe proves to be a challenging yet fruitful testing ground for establishing...

Fuzzy Planning: The Role of Actors in a Fuzzy Governance Environment

by Gert de Roo & Geoff Porter

Putting forward an innovative way of looking at planning problems and policies, this volume suggests actor-consulting is important in addressing the fuzzy nature of planning. Including contributions from Patsy...

Urban Growth and Land Degradation in Developing Cities: Change and Challenges in Kano Nigeria

by Roy Maconachie

Peri-urban livelihood strategies have become an increasingly important survival mechanism in the context of rapid urban growth. This book uses an innovative combination of methodologies from both the natural...

Regulating the Night: Race, Culture and Exclusion in the Making of the Night-time Economy

by Deborah Talbot

Although fears about disorder, violence and binge-drinking have been well-publicized, less attention has been paid to the social and cultural benefits of a diverse urban nightlife. This timely work examines...

The Genius in All of Us: New Insights into Genetics, Talent, and IQ

by David Shenk

With irresistibly persuasive vigor, David Shenk debunks the long-standing notion of genetic “giftedness,” and presents dazzling new scientific research showing how greatness is in the reach of every individual....

Cycling and Society

by Dave Horton & Paul Rosen

How can the social sciences help us to understand the past, present and potential futures of cycling? This timely international and interdisciplinary collection addresses this question, discussing shifts in...