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The Mystery Thief

by Paul Hutchens

Someone knocks Bill Collins into a snowdrift and steals his suitcase when he goes to spend the night with Poetry.  When the boys track the footprints in the snow they make an amazing discovery.  A penmanship...

One Stormy Day

by Paul Hutchens

The Sugar Creek Gang's school gets a new teacher--a man.  And that spells trouble.  When their old teacher shows up to surprise them with a midday sleigh ride, things start looking up for the boys.  Until...

Palm Tree Manhunt

by Paul Hutchens

Old Man Paddler sends the Sugar Creek Gang to a beautiful Caribbean island to find his missing twin brother.  Circus and Bill find an old man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Old Man Paddler, but then they...

The Mystery Cave

by Paul Hutchens

A late night hunting trip for the Sugar Creek Gang leads to a surprising discovery.  Later, Old man Paddler invites them to his cabin for a sassafras tea pary.  An urgent knock on the door interrupts the party. ...

The Secret Hideout

by Paul Hutchens

"Poetry" brings his muddy lamb into Miss Lilly's classroom, and chaos breaks out.  The gang later discovers a mysterious cave with a hidden passage near the cemetery.  When they spend the night in the cave,...

The Chicago Adventure

by Paul Hutchens

The Sugar Creek Gang's adventure in Chicago is full of ups and downs, starting with an airplane ride over a storm.  Their whirlwind city visit includes escalator rides, museum visits, rescue mission ministry,...

The Lost Campers

by Paul Hutchens

Bill Collins and Little Jim survive a wild ride on the flooded Sugar Creek thanks to the acrobatic efforts of their friend "Circus."  When summer arrives, the gang heads to Pass Lake, Minnesota, for a camping...

The Winter Rescue

by Paul Hutchens

The last swim of the summer ends miserably for the Sugar Creek Gang when someone steals Little Jim's pet baby bear.  The search for the missing bear takes the gang through the woods to Old Man Paddler's cabin. ...

The Killer Bear

by Paul Hutchens

"Circus" Brown's father makes a life-changing decision at a revival meeting.  Will he be able to stay on the narrow path?  Back in the woods, the mean Till boys and the Sugar Creek Gang wrestle over a patch...

Romans- Teach Yourself the Bible Series: Gospel for All

by Keith L. Brooks

Designed to help you discover important basic Bible truths for yourself, this series takes you carefully through each book of the New Testament and six other subjects crucial to the understanding of all growing...

Tony Evans Speaks Out on Sexual Purity

by Tony Evans

God created men and women for sexual intimacy that uniquely binds them together as one flesh in marriage.  But today unrestricted sex is being sold as a shortcut to personal fulfillment and satisfaction. ...

When You Hurt and When He Heals: Experiencing the Surprising Power of Prayer

by Jennifer Dean & Jennifer K Dean

Jennifer Kennedy Dean is an intercessor who has experienced the healing power of prayer. In When You Hurt and When He Heals, Jennifer guides you through a series of meditations designed to encourage and challenge...

The Weight of Your Words: Measuring the Impact of What You Say

by Joseph M. M. Stowell & Joseph M. Stowell

Joseph Stowell shares the truth about the tongue straight from the Bible. He challenges us to not allow our mouths to be controlled by our anger or our circumstances, but rather, to be controlled by the Holy...

The Vanishing Power of Death: Conquering Your Greatest Fear

by Erwin W. W.. W. W. . Lutzer & Erwin W. Lutzer

When the tomb was found empty, death lost its power. Consider the evidence for the resurrection and its impact on the disciples. Sure to invigorate your faith and make a life-changing difference.

Storm Clouds On The Horizon: Bible Prophesy and the Current Middle East Crisis

by Charles H. Dyer, Charles H. H. Dyer & Joseph Stowell III

Why is Israel constantly in the news? What does the Bible say about Israel's past and future? Discover the answers in these writings from professors at the Moody Bible Institute.

Soul Mission: Establishing Your Life's Strategic Priorities

by Ramesh P. Richard

Second in the Intentional Life Trilogy. Readers are challenged to evaluate why they exist and find assistance with developing their own soul mission.

A Savior Worth Having

by E. V. Hill, E V V. Hill & Joseph Stowell III

What do you have when you have Jesus?  In this profound yet simply stated book, Pastor E.V. Hill pulls back the veil of religious dogma to reveal the fundamental criteria that sets Jesus Christ above all...

Saved Race

by Stephanie Perry Moore

On the verge of graduation, Payton Skky encounters ethnic diversity in several ways she never imagined. She struggles to figure out where these prejudices come from and find effective ways to overcome them,...

Return to Appleton

by Sylvia Bambola

Gloria Bickford was happily settled in Appleton when a phone call from her friend and former employer, Harry Griswald, calls her back to Eckerd City. Someone claims to have information about the land development...

Release Your Potential: Using Your Gifts in a Thriving Womens Ministry

by Elizabeth Inrig

Elizabeth Inrig believes women are indispensable to the ministry of any church. Using real-life stories, symbols, and scriptural principles, she instructs church leaders on ways to recognize and release the...