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Slocum #408: Slocum and the Grizzly Flats Killers

by Jake Logan


It was too dark to see, but the sounds of gunfire and agony were unmistakable. When day came, and Mirabelle Comstock saw what the three men had done to her husband for the sake of information about...

Drinking with Men: A Memoir

by Rosie Schaap


NPR “Best Books of 2013”

BookPage Best Books of 2013

Library Journal Best Books of 2013: Memoir

Flavorwire 10 Best Nonfiction Books of 2013

A vivid, funny, and poignant memoir that celebrates the distinct...

Ultimate Warrior Workouts (Training for Warriors)

by Martin Rooney

Are You Ready to Take The Warrior Challenge?

World-renowned fitness coach Martin Rooney will take you where no warrior has gone before. On an epic international quest, Rooney traveled to top-fight destinations...

The Rescuer

by Joyce Carol Oates

Lydia is a graduate student in cultural anthropology—a fellow at a prestigious university, with a bright future ahead of her. Harvey, her brother, is a seminary student driven by his god-besotted studies....

Made In Sicily

by Giorgio Locatelli

From Giorgio Locatelli, bestselling author of Made in Italy, comes an exquisite cookbook on the cuisine of Sicily, which combines recipes with the stories and history of one of Italy’s most romantic, dramatic...

After You Believe

by N. T. Wright

From the author of the acclaimed Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope comes a book that addresses the question that has plagued humans for centuries—what is our purpose? As Christians, what are we to do...

The Hanging Hill: A Haunted Mystery

Agatha Award for Best Children's/Young Adult Mystery 2009

by Chris Grabenstein

From the New York Times bestselling author of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library comes a series of spine-tingling mysteries to keep you up long after the lights go out.

How serious is stage fright? At the Hanging...

A Hummingbird in My House: The Story of Squeak

by Arnette Heidcamp

Anyone who has fallen under the spell of the hummingbird will treasure this lovable true story of a young ruby-throated hummingbird who becomes part of someone's household and life. 57 full-color photographs;...

The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth

by Benjamin M. Friedman

From the author of Day of Reckoning, the acclaimed critique of Ronald Reagan’s economic policy (“Every citizen should read it,” said The New York Times): a persuasive, wide-ranging argument that economic...


by Giovanni Boccaccio & J.G. Nichols

In the summer of 1348, with the plague ravaging Florence, ten young men and women take refuge in the countryside, where they entertain themselves with tales of love, death, and corruption, featuring a host of...

Theories of the Avant-Garde Theatre: A Casebook from Kleist to Camus

by Bert Cardullo

In this collection of essays by avant-garde theatre’s most creative practitioners—directors, playwrights, performers, and designers—these writings provide direct access to the thinking behind much of the...

Dutiful Correspondent: Philosophical Essays on Thomas Jefferson

by M. Andrew Holowchak

In a series of essays that examine Thomas Jefferson’s own writings, Holowchak investigates the always profound and often provocative ideas of this founding father. Dutiful Correspondent explores Thomas Jefferson...

Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities

by David M. Ortmann & Richard, Sprott

Sexual Outsiders looks at the challenges and experiences of those in the BDSM community and explores the erotic and psychological landscape of this often misunderstood culture, concepts of power, personal growth,...

The Perilous West: Seven Amazing Explorers and the Founding of the Oregon Trail

by Larry E. Morris

The Perilous West tells the story of seven adventurers who traveled west in 1806 and forged the Oregon Trail. Their monumental journeys, lionhearted spirit, and unique legacies are captured in this riveting...

First in the World: Community Colleges and America's Future

by J. Noah Brown

From his unique vantage point as President and CEO of the Association of Community College Trustees, J. Noah Brown writes about the intersection between community colleges and America’s need to regain economic...


by Beth Williamson

Handing over the reins is hard. Handing over his heart...damn near impossible.

Devils on Horseback, Book 5

Gideon Blackwood is on the run-from Tanger's meddling matchmakers. With no intention of following the...

Make Me Believe

by Crystal Jordan

She has two words for love. "Make me." Then love changes the rules...

Unbelievable, Book 3

As far as hairstylist Celia Occam is concerned, she's struck out at marriage twice, and there will be no "third time's...

Sam's Promise

by Anne Rainey

This Thanksgiving comes with all the fixings...and something extra hot.

Blackwater, Book 1

Sam Jennings promised his father he'd always take care of the woman who yanked him and his four brothers out of foster...

Southern Comfort

by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon

Caught between desire and a promise...

Compass Brothers, Book 2

Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss's daughter was all wrong for him. She was too feisty, too damned independent and, at seven years his...

Come Unto These Yellow Sands

by Josh Lanyon

Sometimes the adventure chooses you.

Lover of fine poetry and lousy choose-your-own-adventure novels, Professor Sebastian Swift was once the bad-boy darling of the literati. The only lines he does these days...