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Learning Disability: A Social Approach

by David Race

This book looks at how people's lives are affected by human services, covering specific policy and service issues, different aspects of working with people and the key debates. Unique insights gained from the...

Clinical and Neuropsychological Foundations of Schizophrenia

by Bernice A. Marcopulos & Matthew M. Kurtz

Clinical Neuropsychological Foundations of Schizophrenia is the first practitioner-oriented source of information on the neuropsychology of schizophrenia. This volume demonstrates the growth in what is known...

Century of Genocide

by Samuel Totten & William S. Parsons

The fourth edition of Centuries of Genocide: Essays and Eyewitness Accounts addresses examples of genocides perpetrated in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. Each chapter of the book is written...

Constructing Masculinity

by Maurice Berger, Brian Wallis & Simon Watson

First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Beyond Reflective Practice: New Approaches to Professional Lifelong Learning

by Helen Bradbury, Nick Frost & Sue Kilminster

Reflective practice has moved from the margins to the mainstream of professional education. However, in this process, its radical potential has been subsumed by individualistic, rather than situated, understandings...

Media, Home and Family

by Stewart M. Hoover, Lynn Schofield Clark & Diane F. Alters

Based on extensive fieldwork, this book examines how parents make decisions regulating media use, and how media practices define contemporary family life.

Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion

by Jack Zipes

The fairy tale may be one of the most important cultural and social influences on children's lives. But until Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion, little attention had been paid to the ways in which the writers...

Looking for the Other: Feminism, Film and the Imperial Gaze

by E. Ann Kaplan

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Pediatric School Psychology: Conceptualization, Applications, and Strategies for Leadership Development

by Thomas J. Power & Kathy L. Bradley-Klug

In today's schools, it is imperative that school-based mental health professionals be adequately trained in the knowledge and impact of pediatric health disorders on children's academic, social, and emotional...

Future Transport in Cities

by Brian Richards

Cities around the world are being wrecked by the ever-increasing burden of traffic. A significant part of the problem is the enduring popularity of the private car - still an attractive and convenient option...

Planning for a Sustainable Future

by Sue Batty, Simin Davoudi & Antonia Layard

Planning for a Sustainable Future provides a multi-disciplinary overview of sustainability issues in the land use context, focusing on principles and their application, the legal, political and policy context....

Urban Planning and the Development Process

by David Adams

Deals with the interaction of local planning systems and the process of land development. These issues are explored with particular reference to statutory plan-making locally. Adams draws on some broad research...

Complexity and Public Policy: A New Approach to 21st Century Politics, Policy and Society

by Robert Geyer & Samir Rihani

This book provides a clear, concise and readable introduction to complexity thinking, its application to the social sciences and public policy, and the relevance of its tools to politics, health, the international...

Digital Collections

by Suzanne Keene

Suzanne Keene's pioneering book shows how museums and other cultural organizations fit into the new world of information and electronic communications and, most importantly, how they can take advantage of what...

Upholstery Conservation: Principles and Practice

by Dinah Eastop & Kathryn Gill

This well referenced book provides an amply illustrated publication on upholstery conservation which discusses and reviews the issues related to the care, interpretation and treatment of upholstered furniture....

Architecture of Schools: The New Learning Environments

by Mark Dudek

This is the standard design guide on schools architecture, providing vital information on school architecture.

Mark Dudek views school building design as a particularly specialised field encompassing ever changing...

Getting There by Design

by Kenneth Allinson

There was military project management. There was construction project management. Then there was business project management, a tool described as 'the wave of the future'. Where are architects in all this, professionals...

Masted Structures in Architecture

by James Harris & Kevin Li

This is the first fully comprehensive survey and analysis of masted structures and covers examples that have evolved during the past three decades.

Masted Structures are one of the most interesting developments...

Designing for the Disabled: The New Paradigm

by Selwyn Goldsmith

Selwyn Goldsmith's Designing for the Disabled has, since it was first published in 1963, been a bible for practising architects around the world. Now, as a new book with a radical new vision, comes his Designing...

Metric Handbook

by David Littlefield

    • Fully updated in reference to the latest construction standards and new building types

    • Sustainable design fully integrated into each chapter

    • Over 100,000 copies sold to successive generations of architects...