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The Rules Book: Complete 2013-2016 Rules

by Eric Twiname

This bestselling pocket-sized racing rules book is unique in covering the rules by race situation. It explains the rules affecting each part of the race course, from the start line, round the marks and on to...

Reeds Vol 12 Motor Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

by Leslie Jackson

An authoritative guide to modern equipment found in merchant ships focusing on 'motor' propulsion for marine engineers.

Reeds Vol 14: Stealth Warship Technology

by Christopher Lavers

Reveals the 'secret' area of stealth warship design and the broader aspects of stealth technology.

Skipper vs Crew / Crew vs Skipper

by Tim Davison

This brilliantly original humorous giftbook lets battle commence between skippers and crew. Opened from one direction it shows what skippers really think of useless crew. Opened from the other it shows what...

Don't Shoot the Albatross!: Nautical Myths and Superstitions

by Jonathan Eyers

Sailors are notoriously superstitious, and many of their

superstitions have entered the general public consciousness. Some are

amusing in their own right, others have fascinating origins, whilst for

many there...

Newton and the Origin of Civilization

by Jed Z. Buchwald & Mordechai Feingold

Isaac Newton's Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, published in 1728, one year after the great man's death, unleashed a storm of controversy. And for good reason. The book presents a drastically revised...

Global Poverty: How Global Governance Is Failing the Poor

by David Hulme

This book charts the rise of global poverty as a priority global issue, over the period 1990 to 2002, and its subsequent marginalisation as old themes edged it aside.

Routledge International Handbook of Crime and Gender Studies

by Claire M. Renzetti, Susan L. Miller & Angela R. Gover

Criminological research has historically been based on the study of men, boys and crime. As a result, the criminal justice system's development of policies, programs, and treatment regimes was based on the male...

The Middle East Today: Political, Geographical and Cultural Perspectives

by Dona J. Stewart

This revised and updated volume highlights the major issues and challenges that define the Middle East today and places them within their historical and geographical context.

A Theory of Literary Production

by Pierre Macherey

The reissue of this work as a Routledge Classic brings some radical ideas to a new audience, and argues persuasively for a totally new way of reading. As such, it is an essential work for anyone interested in...

Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression

by Sandra Bartky Lee

First Published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Giants of Asia: Conversation with Ban Ki-moon: What The United Nations Is Really Like: The View from the Top

by Tom Plate

Only eight people have been privileged to hold the job of Secretary General since the United Nations' founding in 1945. And only one of them has ever told the inside story of the UN while still holding that...

Real Leaders: Why Heartware in Your Organisation Matters

by Peter Cheng & Lily Cheng

A leader leads, but a true leader will be able to champion shared values to achieve extraordinary results. Learn how to turn a leader into a real leader. This book delves into the three critical pillars of a...

The Starbucks Story

by John Simmons

Coffee is a commodity. You can get a cup at any café, sandwich bar or restaurant anywhere. So how did Starbucks manage to reinvent coffee as a whole new experience, and create a hugely successful brand in the...

BSS The New Rules of EQ

by Rob Yeung Yeung

If you have not heard of emotional intelligence - or EQ - what planet have you landed from? You may be sick of people bleating on and on about EQ. But it is undoubtedly true that being intelligent is not enough...

BSS Managing in the Discomfort Zone

by Patrick Forsyth Forsyth

Why is it that effective action is so often difficult to take? How do you make it work when you do take it? Human nature tends to make action difficult - or make it more likely to be delayed or be done half-heartedly...

BSS New Job Survival Kit

by Frances Kay Kay

So you've just started an exciting new job. Now what? Its only natural to feel a little unsure of yourseld, but you can't afford to make a bad impression Your first three months can make or break your future...

BSS The New Rules of Networking

by Rob Yeung Yeung

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Never has this been truer. Networking has become one of the key skills for virtually anyone who wants to get on in their jobs and careers. In fact, in just about any...

BSS My Boss Is a Bastard

by Richard Maun Maun

If the average tenure in a job varies from two to five years, then most people will have between 9 and 21 jobs during their career, between the ages of 21 and 65. Therefore, the chances of meeting a few bastards...

BSS Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas

by Simon Tupman Tupman

Why should anyone eat bananas? Because they are good for you! Experts agree that, as a quick source of carbohydrate fuel, bananas are better for you than any other fruit. They are great for an energy boost....