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Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training

by Jason Corey

Making decisions about how and when to apply sound processing effects and recording techniques can make or break your song mix. The decisions you make come down to your listening skills - what you hear and how...

Final Cut Pro X for iMovie and Final Cut Express Users: Making the Creative Leap

by Tom Wolsky

Updates and addendum for the new version of FCPX (10.0.3) are available on the companion website,

Are you an iMovie or Final Cut Express user ready to make the jump to Final Cut Pro? If so, look...

Moving Media Storage Technologies: Applications & Workflows for Video and Media Server Platforms

by Karl Paulsen

Complex media storage computer systems are employed by broadcasters, digital cinemas, digital signage, and other business and entertainment venues to capture, store and retrieve moving media content on systems...

Family Law 2012-2013

by Phil Bates

'Focused content, layout and price - Routledge competes and wins in relation to all of these factors' - Craig Lind, University of Sussex, UK 

'The best value and best format books on the market.' - Ed Bates,...

Good Food: 101 Fruity Puds

by Jane Hornby

We all know that fresh fruit is good for us. It's full of vitamins, high in fibre and low in calories, but it's not always the first thing we turn to for an after-dinner dessert or sweet treat! In 101 Fruity...

World of Our Making: Rules and Rule in Social Theory and International Relations

by Nicholas Onuf

World of our Making is a major contribution to contemporary social science. Now reissued in this volume, Onuf's seminal text is key reading for anyone who wishes to study modern international relations.


Jung on Art: The Autonomy of the Creative Drive

by Tjeu van den Berk

In this book, Tjeu van den Berk examines C. G. Jung's personal perspective on art and how his work intensely engages with this theme. It analyses Jung's profound reflections on artistic considerations such as...

Young People and Everyday Multiculturalism

by Anita Harris

Unlike as with previous generations, diversity and multiculturalism are engrained in the lives of today's urban youth. Within their culturally diverse urban environments, young people from different backgrounds...

Global Governance and Ngo Participation: Shaping the Information Society in the United Nations

by Charlotte Dany

This book explores the limits of NGO influence and the conditions that constrain NGOs when they participate in international negotiations

Through an empirically rich study of the UN World Summits on the Information...

Reinterpreting The Keynesian Revolution

by Robert Cord

Various explanations have been put forward as to why the Keynesian Revolution in economics in the 1930s and 1940s took place. Some of these point to the temporal relevance of John Maynard Keynes's The General...

Death Of The Body

by C. K. Stead

"Will appeal to lovers of the wayward novel game as it is played by Lawrence Sterne or Italo Calvino" - Jackie Wullschläger, Financial Times

Professor Harry Butler is obsessed with the Mind/Body problem. Unfortunately,...

Criminal Law and Policy in the European Union

by Samuli Miettinen

This book takes stock of the development of EU criminal law from the establishment of the ECSC to the first European Union criminal law directives passed after the Lisbon Treaty. The work considers criminal...

The Experience of Tragic Judgment

by Julen Etxabe

Adjudication between conflicting normative universes that do not share the same vocabulary, standards of rationality, and moral commitments cannot be resolved by recourse to traditional principles. Such cases...

International Social Work Practice: Case Studies from a Global Context

by Joanna E. Bettmann, Gloria Jacques & Caren J. Frost

International Social Work Practice compares and contrasts divergent social work approaches in countries around the world, providing students with a unique perspective on social work as it is actually practised....

North Korea, 2009-2012: A Guide to Economic and Political Developments

by Ian Jeffries

North Korea continues to be a country of great concern internationally, where future developments are uncertain, especially as a result of the succession to the leadership of Kim Jong-un following the death...

The Iran-Iraq War: New International Perspectives

by Nigel Ashton & Bryan Gibson

This volume offers a wide-ranging examination of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88), featuring fresh regional and international perspectives derived from recently available new archival material.

Three decades ago...

Critical Terrorism Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods

by Jacob L. Stump & Priya Dixit

This book is an introduction to critical approaches to terrorism studies.

While there is a growing body of Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) literature devoted to empirical examples and conceptual development,...

Adobe Premiere Pro Power Tips: Secrets, Shortcuts, and Techniques

by Larry Jordan

Stop wasting time! Let Larry Jordan's Adobe Premiere Pro Power Tips power your editing. Whether you are migrating to Premiere Pro from other editing software, or you are a long-time Premiere editor, this must-have...


by Thom Brooks

Punishment is a topic of increasing importance for citizens and policymakers. Why should we punish criminals? Which theory of punishment is most compelling? Is the death penalty ever justified? These questions...

Yet Being Someone Other

by Laurens Van Der Post

Yet Being Someone Other is the most revealing book that Laurens van der Post wrote about his extraordinary and eventful life, and the most far-reaching; it is a distillation of the experiences that have moved...