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Good Food: Tempting Desserts

by Angela Nilsen

There's nothing like a little indulgence now and then, and whether it's something sweet to have with a cup of tea, or a celebratory cake for a special occasion, you'll find 101 mouth-watering recipes in this...

An Archaeology of the Cosmos: Rethinking Agency and Religion in Ancient America

by Timothy R. Pauketat

An Archaeology of the Cosmos seeks answers to two fundamental questions of humanity and human history. The first question concerns that which some use as a defining element of humanity: religious beliefs....

American Exceptionalism in the Age of Obama

by Stephen Brooks

The election of President Obama in 2008 and the apparent decline of American power in the world has rekindled an old and important debate. Is the United States exceptional in its values and institutions, as...

Resistance in Contemporary Middle Eastern Cultures: Literature, Cinema and Music

by Karima Laachir & Saeed Talajooy

This study highlights the connections between power, cultural products, resistance, and the artistic strategies through which that resistance is voiced in the Middle East. Exploring cultural displays of dissent...

Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds

by Heidi A. Campbell

Digital Religion offers a critical and systematic survey of the study of religion and new media. It covers religious engagement with a wide range of new media forms and highlights examples of new media engagement...

Sinologism: An Alternative to Orientalism and Postcolonialism

by Ming Dong Gu

Why, for centuries, have the West and the world continuously produced China knowledge that deviates from Chinese realities? Why, since the mid-nineteenth century, have Chinese intellectuals oscillated between...

Understanding the World Economy

by Tony Cleaver

This fourth edition of Understanding the World Economy will continue to provide the reader with the clearest guide available to the global economic scene.

Since the last edition was published in 2006, enormous...

Good Food: 101 Store-cupboard Suppers

by Barney Desmazery

When the fridge is looking a little bare, it's useful to have some reserve ingredients in stock that can easily be transformed into a satisfying meal. 101 Storecupboard Suppers is a collection of quick-fix and...

Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding on the Ground: Victims and Ex-Combatants

by Chandra Lekha Sriram, Jemima García-Godos & Johanna Herman

This book seeks to refine our understanding of transitional justice and peacebuilding, and long-term security and reintegration challenges after violent conflicts.

As recent events following political change...

The Consequences of the International Crisis on European Smes

by Bruno Dallago & Chiara Guglielmetti

The book explores how, to what extent and with what consequences the international crisis of 2007-2008 and the recession which followed have affected European SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in both the...

The Organisational Dynamics of University Reform in Japan: International Inside Out

by Jeremy Breaden

For several decades internationalisation has been a cornerstone of both Japanese government higher education policy and approaches to reform at an institutional level, but Japan has still not managed to lose...

The No-Growth Imperative: Creating Sustainable Communities Under Ecological Limits to Growth

by Gabor Zovanyi

More than two decades of mounting evidence confirms that the existing scale of the human enterprise has surpassed global ecological limits to growth. Based on such limits, The No-Growth Imperative discounts...

Knowledge and Power in Collaborative Research: A Reflexive Approach

by Louise Phillips, Marianne Kristiansen & Marja Vehviläinen

Collaborative research embraces a multiplicity of practices in which social actors are invited to participate in the research process as co-producers of knowledge.  But what is actually meant by "co-production"...

Essentials of Elementary Social Studies

by Thomas Turner, William Russell & Stewart Waters

Essentials of Elementary Social Studies is a teacher friendly text that provides the most comprehensive treatment of classroom planning, instruction and strategies. Praised for its dynamic approaches and a writing...

Two Degrees: The Built Environment and Our Changing Climate

by Alisdair McGregor, Cole Roberts & Fiona Cousins

The Earth's temperature has been rising. To limit catastrophic outcomes, the international scientific community has set a challenging goal of no more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) average...

Good Food: Simple Suppers

by Orlando Murrin

Divided into Starters and Salads; Snacks and Light Meals; Pasta and Rice and Noodles; Poultry and Meat; Fish and Seafood, and Desserts, you're guaranteed to find a delicious, easy recipe for every occasion in...

Video Surveillance and Social Control in a Comparative Perspective

by Fredrika Björklund & Ola Svenonius

This edited collection reports the results of a comparative study of video surveillance/CCTV in Germany, Poland, and Sweden. It investigates how video surveillance as technologically mediated social control...

Caring and Well-being: A Lifeworld Approach

by Kathleen Galvin & Les Todres

Something is missing in contemporary health and social care. Health and illness is often measured in policy documents in economic terms, and clinical outcomes are enmeshed in statistical data, with the patient's...

Democratic Transition in the Middle East: Unmaking Power

by Larbi Sadiki

Popular uprisings and revolts across the Arab Middle East have often resulted in a democratic faragh or void in power. How society seeks to fill that void, regardless of whether the regime falls or survives,...

Freedom to Serve: Truman, Civil Rights, and Executive Order 9981

by Jon E. Taylor

On the eve of America's entry into World War II, African American leaders pushed for inclusion in the war effort and, after the war, they mounted a concerted effort to integrate the armed services. Harry S....