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Dark Angel: After the Dark

by Max Allan Collins

Secrets and betrayals, as the saga of Dark Angel continues!

In a chaotic world where the lines between good and evil often blur, and violent anarchy and brutal repression become commonplace, secrets can be deadly....

Getting Old is Criminal

Gladdy Gold #3

by Rita Lakin

Gladdy Gold had reached a golden moment. There she was, soaking in a hot tub with a man she adored, far from Fort Lauderdale and her nosy neighbors…until an urgent message sent her running home. Now her exotic...

Casanova in Bolzano

by Sandor Marai

Another rediscovered masterpiece from the Hungarian novelist whose Embers became an international bestseller—a sensuous, suspenseful, aphoristic novel about the world’s most notorious seducer and the encounter...

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Shopaholic #3

by Sophie Kinsella

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic to the Stars.

Life has been good to Becky Bloomwood: She’s become the top personal shopper at Barneys and she’s living happily with...

Weird Planet #1: Dude, Where's My Spaceship

by Dan Greenburg & Macky Pamintuan

Klatu is such a varna! He crashed the spaceship into planet Earth with his brother Lek and sister Ploo onboard. Stuck in the middle of the Nevada desert with nowhere to run, Ploo is captured by army Earthlings...

Murder, She Meowed

Mrs. Murphy #5

by Rita Mae Brown

The annual steeplechase races at Montpelier, once the home of James and Dolley Madison, are the high point in the social calendar of the horse-mad Virginians of cozy Crozet. The race meet offers a cracking good...

Howards End is on the Landing: A year of reading from home

by Susan Hill

Early one autumn afternoon in pursuit of an elusive book on her shelves, Susan Hill encountered dozens of others that she had never read, or forgotten she owned, or wanted to read for a second time. The discovery...

How to Make a Tornado: The Strange and Wonderful Things That Happen When Scientists Break Free

by New Scientist

Science tells us grand things about the universe: how fast light travels, and why stones fall to earth. But scientific endeavour goes far beyond these obvious foundations. There are some fields we don't often...

Japan Through the Looking Glass

by Alan Macfarlane

This entertaining and endlessly surprising book takes us on an exploration into every aspect of Japanese society from the most public to the most intimate. A series of meticulous investigations gradually uncovers...

How to Fossilise Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments for the Armchair Scientist

by New Scientist

How can you measure the speed of light with chocolate and a microwave? Why do yo-yos yo-yo? Why does urine smell so peculiar after eating asparagus (includes helpful recipe)? How long does it take to digest...

Ghost Horse

by George Edward Stanley & Ann Barrow

Emily Clark has just moved. She doesn’t like her new house, and she

doesn’t like her new town. But one night she wakes up to find a horse in her

backyard—a ghost horse! Where did he come from? And why is...

The Lives of Hans Luther, 1879 - 1962: German Chancellor, Reichsbank President, and Hitler's Ambassador

by Edmund C. Clingan

For the first time in any language, a book examines the life of Hans Luther, the German statesman whose career began at the tail end of the Weimar Republic, and ended in the immediate post-war years. Luther...

Education for Citizenship: Ideas and Innovations in Political Learning

by Joseph Cammarano, Grant Reeher & Benjamin R. Barber

This book addresses the challenge of education for citizenship at a specific, concrete level. It offers examples of efforts to create among our students a new set of what Tocqueville called mores or culturally...

Coming in from the Cold War: Changes in U.S.-European Interactions since 1980

by Sabrina P. Ramet & Christine Ingebritsen

Since the end of the Cold War, U.S. relations with Europe have charted a new course, influenced especially by the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the expansion of NATO, and the growing strength of the European...

Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy, Revised and Expanded Edition: Gennett Records and the Rise of America's Musical Grassroots

by Rick Lee Kennedy

In a piano factory tucked away in Richmond, Indiana, Gennett Records produced thousands of records featuring obscure musicians from hotel orchestras and backwoods fiddlers to the future icons of jazz, blues,...

Keystone Korner: Portrait of a Jazz Club

by Kathy Sloane

During the 1970s, when jazz clubs all over America were folding under the onslaught of rock and roll and disco, San Francisco's Keystone Korner was an oasis for jazz musicians and patrons. Tucked next to a police...

Toronto Sketches 11: "The Way We Were"

by Mike Filey

The 11th volume in Mike Filey's series of collected columns on the rich history of the city he loves - Toronto. Featured in this volume are Hurricane Hazel, the Great Lakes passenger ships of yore, the St. Clair...

Soup to Nutz: The First Course

by Rick Stromoski

The Nutz family will never be confused with the Waltons, the Partridges, or the Bradys. But you might confuse them with another family: your own. Soup To Nutz: The First Course is the first collection of comic...

In the Words of Nelson Mandela

by Jennifer Crwys-Williams

Through his words and actions, Nelson Mandela has been embraced worldwide as our leading symbol of courage, hope and reconciliation. In the Words of Nelson Mandela is a unique collection of quotations from one...

The Two of Us: A Book About Dogs and Their Owners

by Ellen Small & Jim Dale

Written with warmth and humor, The Two Of Us: A Book About Dogs And Their Owners is a tribute to true dog lovers. This gift book combines contemporary black-and-white photographs with funny, honest sentiments,...