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The Taming Of Trudi

by Yolanda Celbridge

Coming to sexual submission is not to be rushed. You start at the beginning, and develop at your own pace, often understanding what appears on your canvas only after it's there. Sometimes Trudi Fahr, a twenty-two...

The Seven Year List

by Zoe Le Verdier

Newspaper photographer Julia Sargent should be happy and fulfilled. But flattering minor celebrities is not her idea of a challenge, and she's also having doubts about her impending marriage to stunning-looking...

The Schooling Of Stella

by Yolanda Celbridge

When English rose Stella Shawn wins a coveted scholarship to Castle Kernece, Scotland's sternest training teacher, she plans to fulfil her ambition of becoming a school mistress.

More than just a college, Kernace...

The Reluctant Princess

by Patty Glenn

In order to win back her inheritance, bad girl Martha will agree to anything to help her stay on the straight and narrow - including accepting a dangerous job and a marriage proposal from a dark strapping stranger...

The Hottest Place

by Tabitha Flyte

Abigail is having a great time relaxing on a hot and steamy tropical island in Thailand. She tries to stay faithful to her boyfriend back in England, but it isn't easy when a variety of attractive, fun-loving...

Something About Workmen

by Alison Tyler

Cat Harrington leads a double life. A Los Angeles script editor with successful engineer boyfriend, she engages in a risky and risqué relationship with Brock, the rough-and-ready head of a movie road crew,...

Slave-Mines Of Tormunil

by Aran Ashe

Leah, a pretty young slave from the citadel, has been claimed as body-slave by Josef, the handsome outlander who must now assume the responsibility of training her in the Tormunite ways of lust. Together they...

A Regimental Affair

by Allan Mallinson

Canada 1817

Captain Matthew Hervey is suffering the effects of unrest within his beloved regiment, the 6th Light Dragoons.

Their new commanding officer - wealthy, arrogant and cruel - has taken an immediate dislike...

A Close Run Thing

by Allan Mallinson

Waterloo, 1815

As the war against Bonaparte rages to its bloody end upon the field of Waterloo, a young officer goes about his duty in the ranks of Wellington's army. He is Cornet Matthew Hervey of the 6th Light...

On The Edge

by Laura Hamilton

A steamy tale of love, lust and lies on both sides of the law...

Julie Gibson's landed a job as a crime reporter for a provincial newspaper. The seaside town she's working in has seen better days; crime and boredom...

Julia C

by Laura Bowen

When Julia Dixon marries her boyfriend Andrew she knows nothing of his association with The Syndicate, a secretive organisation devoted to the exploration of sex. Unwittingly becoming an apprentice to this clandestine...

Hard Corps

by Claire Thompson

Remy Harris is a bright young woman starting out as an army cadet at a prestigious military college. Hoping to become an officer, she understands that she will have to endure all the usual trials of military...

Evil's Niece

by Melissa MacNeal

1890s New Orleans keeps its secrets like a sultry courtesan, but when the prim and proper Miss Eve spied Chapin, her husband, with a little blonde secret of his own, her anger turns to longing. How can she learn...

Doctor's Orders

by Deanna Ashford

Helen Dawson is a dedicated doctor who has taken a short-term assignment at an exclusive private hospital that caters for every need of its rich and famous clients. The matron, Sandra Pope, ensures this includes...

Disciplined Skin

by Wendy Swanscombe

Three sisters. Anna, Beth, Gwen. Blonde, red, raven. They are hired as secretaries by a wealthy European artist and collector who seems obsessed with their hair - and the whiteness of their skin. They travel...

Discipline Of The Private House

by Esme Ombreux

Jem Darke, A Mistress of the Private House, is bored. So bored that she rashly accepts a challenge to submit to the harsh discipliary regime at the Chateau, where the Chatelaine and her depraved minions will...

The Institute

by Maria Del Rey

When Lucy is sentenced to be rehabiliated in a bizarre institute for the treatment of delinquent girls, she finds that the discplinary methods used are not what she has been led to expect. They are, in fact,...

The Domino Tattoo

by Cyrian Amberlake

Estwych. A place only the initiated can enter. A place where one must face one's deepest fears and most secret desires. A place where those without the domino tattoo find they are everyone's slave and nobody's...

The Domino Queen

by Cyrian Amberlake

Wherever dark pleasure reigns, there the Domino Queen keeps her court.

Whether she's initiating a lonely peasant girl or training a trio of eager slaves, Josephine deals out tenderness and cruelty with an even,...

The Domino Enigma

by Cyrian Amberlake

At Estwych, Josephine has learned the value of obedience. She has tasted iron and leather; she has been abased and degraded and exalted to eternity. Her training has hardly begun. Summoned by the double blank...