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by Helen Hughes Vick

The exciting second novel in the Courage of the Stone series takes place in 1868 as Charlotte and her family leave Massachusetts for the Arizona Territory. Ages 9-12.

Thinking for a Living: Creating Ideas That Revitalize Your Business, Career, and Life

by Joey Reiman

Can one idea be worth a million dollars? Advertising mogul Reiman discusses his formula for creating million-dollar ideas. A guidebook for every entrepreneur.

Joni Mitchell

by Mark Bego

Joni has sold over 15 million records in her lifetime, and her music continues to appeal to fans of folk, jazz, rock, and pop-despite relatively little airlplay. Her self-described "last tour" is scheduled to...

21: Every Day Was New Year's Eve

by Peter H. Kriendler & Paul Jeffers

The story of New York's 21 Club is the story of American glamour in the twentieth century.

With Rifle & Petticoat: Women as Big Game Hunters, 1880-1940

by Kenneth Czech

Detailing specific time periods, regions hunted (Africa, Alaska, The Plains) and individual women, Kenneth Czech explores the interesting women who hunted a variety of big game animals around the world.

The Voice of Bugle Ann

by MacKinlay Kantor

A tale of murder and the finest hunting dog ever bred in rural Missouri.

The Speckled Brook Trout

by Louis Rhead

Covering everything from the evolutin of the brook trout species to recipes for cooking them, The Speckled Book Trout is a loving compendium of literature about one of the most beautiful and beloved of all fish....

Ivan the Terrible

by Robert Payne & Nikita Romanoff

Based heavily on original Russian sources, this biography of Czar Ivan IV examines the plots, massacres, and poisonings that earned Ivan his famous epithet.

Knowledge and Knowing in Library and Information Science: A Philosophical Framework

by John M. Budd

This landmark work traces the heritage of thought, from the beginnings of modern science in the seventeenth century, until today, that has influenced the profession of library and information science.

Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville

by Mark R. Millikin

The story of one of baseball's most ferocious hitters, Jimmie Foxx. The most inclusive biography of Foxx to date, Millikin's book provides a complete picture of his subject.

Historical Dictionary of Baroque Art and Architecture

by Lilian H. Zirpolo

The Historical Dictionary of Baroque Art and Architecture relates the history of the Baroque Era through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries...

Documenting Localities

by Richard J. Cox

Drawing on a wide range of writings from archivists, historians, librarians, and preservationists, Cox summarizes the past decade of discussion concerning practical methodologies of documenting localities.

The Entrepreneurial Educator

by Jeffrey R. Cornwall & Robert J. Brown

Demands for vouchers, charter schools, the growth of home schooling and the rebirth of private education are creating increased competition for public schools. This primer and toolkit for the educators of tomorrow...

Statistics Made Simple for School Leaders: Data-Driven Decision Making

by Susan Rovezzi Carroll & David J. Carroll

Most statistical books are focused on statistical theory versus application, but Statistics Made Simple for School Leaders presents statistics in a simple, practical, conceptual, and immediately applicable manner....

The Alamo: An Illustrated History

by Edwin P. Hoyt

Read of the triumph, passion, and tragedy of the valiant yet doomed defenders of the Old Spanish mission.

The Geographical Imagination of Annie Proulx: Rethinking Regionalism

by Alex Hunt, Wes Berry & Elizabeth Abele

This edited collection focuses on Annie Proulx's striking attention to geography, place, landscape, and local environments. Contributors consider Proulx's particular landscapes_particularly those of Wyoming,...

Suicide and Self-Harm in Prisons and Jails

by Christine Tartaro & David Lester

This book explores several topics pertaining to suicide and deliberate self-harm in the corrections setting, including who tends to commit these acts; where, when, and how these incidents occur; screening mechanisms;...

State Criminality: The Crime of All Crimes

by Dawn L. Rothe

Referencing a broad range of cases of state crime and international institutions of control, State Criminality provides a general framework and survey-style discussion of the field for teaching undergraduate...

Punishment and Shame: A Philosophical Study

by Wendy C. Hamblet

Punishment and Shame: A Philosophical Study reveals the economic and religious underpinnings to modern notions of crime and punishment. Contra Michel Foucault's claim that modern penal practices witness a revolution...

Morals and Manners among Negro Americans

by W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, Augustus Dill & Robert A. Wortham

This conference volume represents an early attempt by W.E.B. Du Bois and Augustus Dill to empirically gauge evaluators' perceptions of the state of morals and manners within the African American community at...