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Ideas and Realities of Emotion

by Brian Parkinson

A clear and concise overview of state-of-the-art reasearch into emotion focusing on cognitive appraisal, bodily changes, action tendencies and expressive displays.

Wisdom, Information and Wonder: What Is Knowledge For?

by Mary Midgley

In this book one of Britain's leading popular philosophers tackles a question that is at the root of our civilization: What is knowledge for?

Civil Liberties & Human Rights

by Helen Fenwick

More than merely describing developments in the field of civil liberties and human rights, this comprehensive and challenging textbook provides students with detailed and thought-provoking coverage and analysis...

Women in Early Modern England, 1500-1700

by Jacqueline Eales

This concise introduction provides an overview of the state of research on women's history in the early modern period. It emcompasses a guide to the historiography, an assessment of the major debates, and information...

Agricultural and Mineral Commodities Year Book

by Europa Publications

An in-depth survey of the major commodities of the world.

Playing Video Games: Motives, Responses, and Consequences

by Peter Vorderer & Jennings Bryant

From security training simulations to war games to role-playing games, to sports games to gambling, playing video games has become a social phenomena, and the increasing number of players that cross gender,...

Regional Minorities and Development in Asia

by Huhua Cao & Elizabeth Morrell

Asia has undergone strong economic growth since the Second World War. However, it also experiences growing economic and regional disparities brought about by this unprecedented development. This economic growth...

Femininity Played Straight: The Significance of Being Lesbian

by Biddy Martin

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Textile Conservator's Manual

by Sheila Landi

This second edition of 'Textile Conservator's Manual', now revised and available in paperback, provides an in-depth review of the current practice, ethics and materials used in textile conservation. Concentrating...

Barrier-Free Design

by James Holmes-Seidle

This book for architects, interior designers, building managers, students, conference organisers looks at first principles to provide the user with the 'tools' to make their own decisions rather than a 'cookbook'...

The Death of the Irish Language

by Reg Hindley

Using a blend of statistical analysis with field survery among native Irish speakers, Reg Hindley explores the reasons for the decline of the Irish language and investigates the relationships between geographical...

The Film Factory: Russian and Soviet Cinema in Documents 1896-1939

by Ian Christie, Professor Richard Taylor & Richard Taylor

`This superbly illustrated, readable and authoritative work is a major step in the revision of Soviet film history and will be an indispensible staring point for anyone seeking to understand that history.' -...

Trace Fossils: Biology, Taxonomy and Applications

by Richard G. (Geological Institut Bromley

The new edition of this work includes an appendix listing criteria for the identification of ichnotaxa. It covers all aspects of tiering trace fossil diversity and ichnoguilds, and is aimed at advanced undergraduates...

Regional Policy in Europe

by S.S Artobolevskiy

Based on the author's extensive research in the field, this book analyzes regional policy for the whole of Europe. Comparing East and West.

Managing Change in Schools: A Practical Handbook

by Colin Newton & Tony Tarrant

Written by two educational psychologists, this essential aid shows how change can be managed to increase job satisfaction and avoid unnecessary stress and conflict.

* offers practical advice for schools with...

Place, Policy and Politics: Do Localities Matter?

by Michael Harloe, C.G. Pickvance & JOHN Urry

The past ten years have seen local government in the UK facing two major challenges: to survive in the face of Thatcher government hostility, and to adapt to enormously powerful forces of economic restructuring...

Industrial Relations in Japan: The Peripheral Sector

by Norma Chalmers

The conventional picture of industry and industrial relations in Japan is of a number of very large firms providing extremely attractive working conditions for their happy and contented workforce. Norma Chalmers...

Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

by G.H.R. Parkinson

* Presents a broad survey of philosophical thought

* Each chapter explores, and places in context, a major area of philosophical enquiry - including the theory of meaning and of truth, the theory of knowledge,...

Learning Opportunities for Adults

by Trevor Corner

Argues for the financial backing from governments and industry for adult education and will help adult and community educators draw comparisons between their own work and that of their colleagues in other developed...

Textual Practice: Issue 8 Volume 3 No. 2

by Terence Hawkes

This book should be of interest to students and teachers of literature and literary theory.