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Security Officers and Policing: Powers, Culture and Control in the Governance of Private Space

by Button

This book examines the legal tools available to private security officers, how they utilize them and how they fit into the broader security systems. The book provides insights for researchers and policy-makers...

Law's Practical Wisdom: The Theory and Practice of Law Making in New Governance Structures in the European Union

by Sideri

This book presents a theory of law making in the European Union, focusing on new governance structures which promote deliberation, proceduralization, and dialogue. The empirical substantiation of the argument...

Property in Work: The Employment Relationship in the Anglo-American Firm

by Njoya

This book investigates the links between property rights and job security from a historical and comparative standpoint. The author's analysis of English, American and European law offers a refreshing new perspective...

Civil Justice in the Age of Human Rights

by M. Jacob

The end of the last century witnessed two major events in the field of civil justice: the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) came into force and the Human Rights Act (HRA) gave effect to the European Convention on...

A Natural Law Approach to Normativity

by Donnelly

Exploring the relationship between natural law theory and the philosophy of law, Bebhinn Donnelly proposes a new approach to natural law theory - one which addresses some of the tradition's shortcomings, and...

A Foucauldian Approach to International Law: Descriptive Thoughts for Normative Issues

by M. Hammer

The objective of the book is to offer Foucault's understanding of power and knowledge as the basis for interpreting the international system. Foucault begins to account for a current understanding of power and...

The Policing of Transnational Protest

by della Porta & Peterson

Bringing together researchers from a variety of disciplines, this volume examines developments in the policing of transnational protest since the late 1990s. Using case studies from a number of countries in...

Images in Law

by Wagner & Pencak

Presenting perspectives on legal theory and practice, this volume examines how visual images of the law influence interpretation and execution of the law in ways not discernible from written texts.

Grounding Security: Family, Insurance and the State

by Weisbrod

In examining mechanisms currently conceived as affording security, Weisbrod considers both emotional and financial components - such as the role of the family and insurance. The book also explores the use of...

The EU-NATO Relationship: A Legal and Political Perspective

by Reichard

Combining political and legal methods, a comprehensive analysis of the current relationship between the EU and NATO is embarked upon in this significant book.

Migration, Culture Conflict, Crime and Terrorism

by D. Freilich & T. Guerette

Immigration and its consequences is a substantially contested subject with hugely differing viewpoints. This highly topical area of contestation is examined here with experts from Europe, the USA, Turkey and...

Protecting Rights Without a Bill of Rights: Institutional Performance and Reform in Australia

by Campbell & Goldsworthy

Focusing on the protection of human rights in Australia, this volume includes international perspectives for the purpose of comparison and provides an examination of how well Australian institutions, governments,...

Insolvency Law in East Asia

by Tomasic

This volume provides an overview of insolvency laws and related rules and procedures in the countries of East Asia. So far as possible, given the varying states of legal development, each chapter addresses key...

Environmental Taxation Law: Policy, Contexts and Practice

by Snape & de Souza

This excellent volume examines the legal implications of introducing environmental taxes and other economic instruments into the regulatory framework of UK law. In doing so, it analyzes and explains the difficulties...

Comparative Legal Linguistics

by Mattila

This book examines legal language as a language for special purposes, evaluating the functions and characteristics of legal language and the terminology of law. Using examples drawn from major and lesser legal...

Enforcing International Law: From Self-help to Self-contained Regimes

by Noortmann

This study determines which rules and principles govern the relationship between the two basic concepts of the right to self-help and the obligation to settle disputes by peaceful means. Drawing insights from...

The Protection of Diplomatic Personnel

by Craig Barker

In light of the considerable growth in persons having diplomatic status and the subsequent increase in attacks on diplomatic personnel, this book provides an in-depth examination of the legal and non-legal regimes...

Battling Terrorism: Legal Perspectives on the use of Force and the War on Terror

by Nyamuya Maogoto

This exceptional and timely volume examines the use of force in the war against terror. The work is based on the central theme that the use of force is visibly enrolled in a process of change and it evaluates...

The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories

by Ben Marcus

“In twenty-nine separate but ingenious ways, these stories seek permanent residence within a reader. They strive to become an emotional or intellectual cargo that might accompany us wherever, or however, we...

Death on Demand

by Carolyn G. Hart

The prime suspect in the murder of author Elliot Morgan, Annie Laurance Darling, owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore, embarks on an investigation in an attempt to clear her name.