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Atlas of Colonoscopy: Examination Techniques and Diagnosis

by H. Messmann

A complete guide to colonoscopy featuring more than 1,000 superb illustrations!In recent decades, colonoscopy has developed into one of the most essential techniques for early screening, detection, and diagnosis...

Revision Surgery in Otolaryngology

by David Edelstein

This book is a comprehensive reference for revision surgery in all areas of otolaryngologyhead and neck surgery. The book presents practical guidelines for the procedures to manage recidivistic disease, the...

Case-Based Nuclear Medicine

by Kevin Donohoe & Annick Van den Abbeele

Comprehensive coverage of everything from single photon emission computed tomography to PET/CT imagingCases presented as unknowns enable readers to develop their own differential diagnoses just like on the examOver...

Rally Point

Demontech #2

by David Sherman

Ruthless and seemingly indestructible,

the dark army didn’t count on the few, the proud, the Marines.

The Dark Prince’s vast armies have destroyed nation after nation with the aid of powerful demon magic....

Shoulder and Elbow Trauma

by Raffy Mirzayan & John Itamura

Orthopedists have long needed a text on the challenging field of shoulder and elbow trauma. This techniques-oriented book offers clear and easy-to-follow guidelines on the latest surgical advances, including...

Otolaryngology: Basic Science and Clinical Review

by Thomas Van De Water & Hinrich Staecker

Here is a complete resource for all the basic science and clinical knowledge related to otolaryngology, from relevant molecular biology to physiology to clinical practice. Organized into six organ-specific sections,...

Askiwina: A Cree World

by Doug Cuthand

In his trademark direct prose style, Cree journalist and filmmaker Doug Cuthand articulates the past, present, and future of Saskatchewan s Aboriginal people.

Shadow Boxing

by Sheri Posesorski

Sixteen year old Alice is living in the shadows: the shadow of her mother's death, continued rejection by her father and her aunt's coldness. Will she ever know happiness again?

The Knife Sharpener's Bell

by Rhea Tregebov

This testament to the tenacity of the human spirit is the seldom-told story of people who travelled from depression-era Winnipeg to a hoped-for better life in the "stable" Soviet Union.

Fact of Life #31

by Denise Vega

FACT OF LIFE #48: Kat’s mom is No-Last-Name Abra, the best home-birth midwife in Colorado. But with her own daughter, Abra can’t stop teaching and lecturing long enough to be a mom.

Fact of Life #21: Kat’s...

The Archaeological Evidence of Noah's Flood

by Philip Ernest Williams

This book chronicles the author's 20-year search of the archaeological remains from ancient times to determine whether Noah's Flood was historical and, if so, why archaeologists have not seen it. He documents...

Camping With the Corps of Engineers: The Complete Guide to Campgrounds Built and Operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

by Don Wright

The complete guide to campgrounds built and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. All campsites are located on or near lakes or streams managed or impounded by the Corps of Engineers. Individual listings...

Stories That Have Shaped My Life and Ministry

by John Killinger

Stories draw us in, illuminating our lives and the world around us. Sometimes, stories change us forever. In Stories That Have Shaped My Life and Ministry, John Killinger begins with twenty-one unique stories-some...

Representative Men: Seven Lectures

by Ralph Waldo Emerson & Brenda Wineapple

Introduction by Brenda Wineapple

In 1845 Ralph Waldo Emerson began a series of lectures and writings in which he limned six figures who embodied the principles and aspirations of a still-young American republic....

Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples

by Christina Tinglof

Real-world advice for when your twins' and multiples' concerns go beyond "Should they dress alike?"

Should your twins be placed in the same homeroom at school? Does one of your kids have a harder time making...

York's Sacrifice: Militia Casualties of the War of 1812

by Janice Nickerson

York's Sacrifice profiles 39 men who lost their lives during the War of 1812. The militia's contribution to the War of 1812 is not well understood. Even now, 200 years later, we don't know how many Upper Canadian...

Window Dressing

by Nikki Rivers

Sometimes Reality Bites…

Lauren Campbell thought she knew where she was going. After dropping her son off at college, she'd have four years to live out her dreams and plan the future. But she'd been so living...

The Birdman's Daughter

by Cindi Myers

As a wife and mother, Karen McBride wonders if she'll ever discover what her own spirit requires to feel whole. When her father, the formidable champion bird-watcher, Martin Engel, suffers a stroke, Karen rushes...

Spring Break

by Charlotte Douglas


It's springtime again, and all P.I. Maggie Skerritt and her charmingly levelheaded business partner and fiancé, Bill Malcolm, can do is hope that rite of passage infamously known as spring break...

The Sunshine Coast News

by Kate Austin

Since when did life ever tell you where you were going?

Josie Harris always drew comfort from the thought that she lived a charmed life. Unexciting, perhaps, but stable and predictable. In a rut? Josie counted...