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Summary : Rules for Renegades - Christine Comaford-Lynch

by BusinessNews Publishing

Complete summary of Christine Comaford-Lynch's book: "Rules for Renegades: How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career and Revel in Your Individuality".

This summary of the ideas from Christina Comaford-Lynch's...

Summary : Ruthless Execution - Amir Hartman

by BusinessNews Publishing

Complete summary of Amir Hartman's book: "Ruthless Execution: What Business Leaders Do When Their Companies Hit the Wall".

This summary of the ideas from Amir Hartman's book "Ruthless Execution" shows that every...

Summary : Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom - Van Tharp, D. Barton & Steve Sjuggerud

by BusinessNews Publishing

Complete summary of Van Tharp, D. Barton and Steve Sjuggerud's book: "Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom".

This summary of the ideas from Van Tharp, D. Barton and Steve Sjuggerud's book "Safe Strategies for...

Summary : Sales Growth - Thomas Baumgartner Homayoun Hatami Jon Vander Ark

by BusinessNews Publishing

Complete summary of Thomas Baumgartner, Homayoun Hatami and Jon Vandre Ark's book: "Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders".

This summary of the ideas from Thomas Baumgartner, Homayoun...

Summary : Seizing The White Space - Mark W. Johnson

by BusinessNews Publishing

Complete summary of Mark W. Johnson's book: "Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal".

This summary of the ideas from Mark W. Johnson's book "Seizing the White Space" shows that...

Pixies Eng

by Marina Zaoli

----- Updated to version 1.3 ----- - New great cover - New layout of the book - New ePub format - Fixed some bugs in the text "Do not be afraid! Learn to feel with your heart, as well as see with your eyes....

The Anabasis of Alexander

by Arrian Of Nicomedia

WHEN I began this Translation, more than two years ago, I had no intention of publishing it; but as the work progressed, it occurred to me that Arrian is an Author deserving of more attention from the English-speaking...

John Enneking: 62 Masterpieces

by Maria Tsaneva

John Joseph Enneking (1841 – 1916) was an American Impressionist painter. Enneking is a plein air painter, and his favorite subject is the November twilight of New England, and more generally the half lights...

Bolzano - Bozen

by Enrico Massetti

This is an e-guide to Bolzano - Bozen and its neighboring villages: San Genesio, Renon, Colle, Sarentino, Eggental and Carezza with its lake. There are extensive descriptions and photos of the attractions, and...

OECD Economic Surveys: United States 2014

by Collective

OECD's 2014 Economic Survey of the United States examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects. Special chapters cover improving well-being and making the best of new energy resources.

OECD Economic Surveys: Euro Area 2014

by Collective

This 2014 edition of OECD's Economic Survey of the Euro Area examines recent economic developments, prospects and policies. A special chapter covers making the Euro Area function better: the banking union and...

Jacob Jordaens: 110 Masterpieces

by Maria Tsaneva

Jacob Jordaens was one of three Flemish Baroque painters, along with Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck, to bring prestige to the Antwerp school of painting. Like Rubens, Jordaens painted altarpieces, mythological,...

The Monk: A romance

by M. G. Lewis

Scarcely had the Abbey Bell tolled for five minutes, and already was the Church of the Capuchins thronged with Auditors. Do not encourage the idea that the Crowd was assembled either from motives of piety or...

Pukaki - a comet returns

by Paul Tapsell

Exploring the legacy of Pukaki, the ancestral father of Ngati Whakaue, a hapu (sub-tribe) of Te Arawa of Rotorua, this text also relates the history of the carving of Pukaki that featured in the Te Maori exhibition,...


by Laurann Dohner

Book 13 in the New Species series. It is advisable to read the books in order to get the most enjoyment from the series. Vanni is furious when her fiancé tricks her into attending a conference where his father's...

Up From Slavery: An Autobiography

by Booker T. Washington

This volume is the outgrowth of a series of articles, dealing with incidents in my life, which were published consecutively in the Outlook. While they were appearing in that magazine I was constantly surprised...

Mansfield Park

by Jane Austen

About thirty years ago Miss Maria Ward, of Huntingdon, with only seven thousand pounds, had the good luck to captivate Sir Thomas Bertram, of Mansfield Park, in the county of Northampton, and to be thereby raised...

The House of Mirth

by Edith Wharton

Selden paused in surprise. In the afternoon rush of the Grand Central Station his eyes had been refreshed by the sight of Miss Lily Bart.

Jules Lefebvre: 67 Masterpieces

by Maria Tsaneva

Jules Joseph Lefebvre (1836–1911) was a French figure painter, educator and theorist. Like a typical academic artist, Lefèbvre started his career with the traditional subject matter of histories and other...

A History of the Mahrattas: In Three Volumes

by James Grant Duff

A History of the Mahrattas: In Three Volumes by James Grant Duff. The want of a complete history of the rise, progress, and decline of our immediate predecessors in conquest, the Mahrattas, has been long felt...