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The Little Book of Nits

by Richard Jones & Justine Crow

It's not something easily owned up to, but every family in the country will have come into contact with head lice, either through embarrassing personal experience or by grizzly tales told by friends and relations....


by Evelyn Wagner

Imagine your husband telling you that he wants to start a television station to broadcast Christian programs throughout your community. Your immediate questions might be "How can we afford this?" and "Who is...

Women in the Middle East: Past and Present

by Nikki R. R. Keddie

Written by a pioneer in the field of Middle Eastern women's history, Women in the Middle East is a concise, comprehensive, and authoritative history of the lives of the region's women since the rise of Islam....

The Best Stews in the World: 300 Satisfying One-Dish Dinners, from Chilis and Gumbos to Curries and Cassoulet

by Clifford A. Wright

300 Satisfying One-Dish Dinners, from Chilis and Gumbos to Curries and Cassoulet

Not Your Mother's Fondue

by Hallie Harron

Did your mother have a fondue pot? Did she pull it out of the closet, oh, maybe once a year, to celebrate some special occasion? Well, that was then, and this is Not Your Mother’s Fondue. Author Hallie Harron...

Not Your Mother's Casseroles

by Faith Durand

Simple, fresh, wholesome, and delicious, these one-dish meals fit the way we eat and live today. Author Faith Durand opens up a whole new world of casserole cookery, with more than 200 recipes to suit every...

Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds

by Cynthia Gabriel

These days, many mothers-to-be find themselves torn between the desire for a natural childbirth with minimal medical intervention and the peace of mind offered by instant access to life-saving technology that...

Gourmet Gifts: 100 Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion to Make Yourself and Wrap with Style

by Dinah Corley

100 Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion to Make Yourself and Wrap with Style - in full color

25 Essentials: Techniques for Planking

by Karen Adler & Judith Fertig

Got wood? You should. Cooking on a plank is the simplest way to infuse your food with the subtle taste and aroma of smoke.   Best part is, you don’t need a fancy rig, special equipment, or complicated directions...

25 Essentials: Techniques for Grilling Fish

by Karen Adler & Judith Fertig

There’s something fishy going on – on the grill, that is. That’s a good thing, when we’re talking grilled seafood.   It’s easy to cook up great fish and shellfish on the grill, once you’ve mastered...

The VBAC Companion: The Expectant Mother's Guide to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

by Diana Korte

The Cesarean Rate is finally dropping in the United States, primarily because women who have had this operation are saying no to a repeat cesarean. They are doing so because vaginal birth after cesarean, or...

Tomatoes & Mozzarella: 100 Ways to Enjoy This Tantalizing Twosome All Year Long

by Hallie Harron & Shelley Sikora

100 Ways to Enjoy This Tantalizing Twosome All Year Long; full color

The Hudson River Valley Cookbook: A Leading American Chef Savors the Region's Bounty

by Waldy Malouf & Molly Finn

Whether you're a master chef or a home cook, you know that great cooking starts with outstanding raw ingredients. Waldy Malouf is famous for the ways he transforms the rich harvest of his beloved Hudson River...

A Baker's Field Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Dede Wilson

America's favorite cookie gets the star treatment with 75 recipes that range from kid-friendly to all grown up.

The Ginseng Hunter: A Novel

by Jeff Talarigo

A Chinese ginseng hunter lives alone in the valley, where he spends his days preparing for winter. He is scarcely aware of the larger world until shadowy figures, floating bodies, and rumors of murder begin...

Democracy and Rhetoric: John Dewey on the Arts of Becoming

by Nathan Crick

An innovative approach to Dewey's view of rhetoric as art, revealing an "ontology of becoming"

Tory Insurgents: The Loyalist Perception and Other Essays

by Robert M. Calhoon & Timothy M. Barnes

A new edition of the germinal study of Loyalism in the American Revolution

Understanding Colum McCann

by John Cusatis

The first critical approach to the literary career of the 2009 National Book Award winner

25 Essentials: Techniques for Grilling

by Ardie A. Davis

Grilling: It’s not rocket science. But some cookbooks sure make it look that way. Not this one.   In this short and sweet volume you’ll learn 25 essential techniques for cooking food on the grill, summed...

All-American Desserts: 400 Star-Spangled, Razzle-Dazzle Recipes for America's Best Loved Desserts

by Judith M. Fertig

400 star-spangled, razzle-dazzle recipes for America's best loved desserts.