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Measuring Performance: A Toolkit of Traditional and Alternative Methods

by David Jenkins

David Jenkins' book examines many of the more traditional measures of performance and highlights their shortcomings as well as assessing the merits of the alternative approaches that are currently available....

Global HR: Challenges Facing the Function

by Peter Reilly & Tony Williams

Global HR explores the key issues in delivering a fair, consistent and effective service across the organizational, cultural and economic boundaries that exist in modern global organizations. In doing so, it...

Advising Upwards: A Framework for Understanding and Engaging Senior Management Stakeholders

by Lynda Bourne

Building, and managing, relationships with senior (upwards) stakeholders is essential for success. Advising Upwards makes a detailed examination of stakeholder relationship management, starting with a discussion...

Successful OSS Project Design and Implementation: Requirements, Tools, Social Designs and Reward Structures

by Hind Benbya & Nassim Belbaly

Today, it has become clear that Open Source Software represents a significant portion of the software industry. Thus the purpose of this book is to provide an overall understanding of the OSS approach by explaining...

An Introduction to Internet-Based Financial Investigations: Structuring and Resourcing the Search for Hidden Assets and Information

by Kimberly Goetz

How would an engineer who oversees the clean-up of a toxic waste site track down the former owners of the site to find the polluter? Or maybe an attorney needs help finding the assets with which a client's former...

A Short Guide to Procurement Risk

by Richard Russill

Typically, much less regard is paid to external suppliers and the risk present when dealing with them. As a minimum, suppliers are the sources of materials, services and expert attention which enables the company...

A Short Guide to Ethical Risk

by Carlo Patetta Rotta

Written by a professional with diverse international experience in auditing and fraud, this guide provides an overview of the most significant theories of ethics that have impacted today's business world. It...

Communicating Strategy

by Phil Jones

Phil Jones' Communicating Strategy is designed to help you communicate your organization's strategy in a compelling and effective way, and dramatically improve implementation and the resulting outcomes. It provides...

59 Checklists for Project and Programme Managers

by Rudy Kor & Gert Wijnen

The practical approach taken by Rudy Kor and Gert Wijnen makes this an easy book to dip into to improve your project and programme management competences. The book covers a range of topics, including: choosing...

Risky Business: Psychological, Physical and Financial Costs of High Risk Behavior in Organizations

by Ronald J. Burke & Cary L. Cooper

Risky Business provides a perspective on addictive behaviors such as gambling, drug taking and even addiction to work; criminal behaviors such as theft and corruption; and behaviors such as aggression and violence....

Labour and Management Co-Operation: Workplace Partnership in UK Financial Services

by Stewart Johnstone

Labour and Management Co-operation provides a level of understanding that transcends the stalemate of recent times in which the advocates and critics of different approaches seem to have been locked. Using detailed...

Managing Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: Talking, Doing and Measuring

by Frank den Hond, Frank de Bakker & Peter Neergaard

In this volume, the authors focus on different aspects of managing CSR in action to capture differences between discourse and practice. By examining the question from three angles - talking about CSR, doing...

Finance at the Threshold: Rethinking the Real and Financial Economies

by Christopher Houghton Budd

Why did the banks stop lending to one another, and why at this moment in history? Is the problem merely a matter of over-loose credit due to the relaxation of traditional prudence, or did global finance find...

Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business

by Günter Umbach

Successfully Marketing Clinical Trials Results is a comprehensive guide for every marketing professional faced with the challenge of using marketing to convert scientific data into sales. The book offers you...

Senior Executive Reward: Key Models and Practices

by Sandy Pepper

Executive pay remains a contentious topic for many organizations. Unfortunately for company executives, much of the writing about it is either sensationalist or highly academic; none of it much help to the reader...

Tools for Complex Projects

by Kaye Remington & Julien Pollack

Tools for Complex Projects draws on the latest research in the areas of project management, complexity theory and systems thinking to provide a ready reference for understanding and managing the increasing complexity...

The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer: Turning Hierarchy Upside Down to Drive Performance

by John Smythe

The Chief Engagement Officer explores a management philosophy which recognises the value of opening up decision making to the right groups to improve the quality of decisions and change, accelerate execution...

Customer Relationship Management: A Global Perspective

by Gerhard Raab, Riad A. Ajami & Vidyaranya B. Gargeya

Customer Relationship Management combines marketing and relationship theory with practical advice to enable students and practitioners to understand the philosophy and significance of CRM. The book illustrates...

The Applecross Spell

The Employment Contract and the Changed World of Work

by Stella Vettori

The world of work has undergone major changes in the last two decades. This book examines these changes in their international context. It is argued that collective bargaining should no longer be viewed as the...