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by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Doce Días de Navidad es la interpretación de renombre mundial de los niños autor Suzy-Jane Tanner del villancico conocido. Bellamente ilustrado con 12 dibujos en color, y "regalos" nuevas adecuado para niños...


by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Dodici giorni di Natale è l'interpretazione autore di fama mondiale bambini Suzy-Jane Tanner del noto canto. Splendidamente illustrato con 12 disegni a colori, e nuova 'regali' adatto per bambini piccoli, questo...


by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Die zwoelf weihnachtstage ist weltbekannt für Kinder Autor Suzy-Jane Tanner Interpretation des bekannten Liedes. Schön mit 12 farbigen Zeichnungen und neue "Geschenke" für kleine Kinder geeignet dargestellt,...


by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Douze jours de Noël est l'interprétation de renommée mondiale, auteure jeunesse Suzy-Jane Tanner de la chanson bien connue. Magnifiquement illustré avec 12 dessins en couleur, et de nouveaux "cadeaux" adapté...

12 Days of Christmas

by Suzy-Jane Tanner

Twelve Days of Christmas is world-renowned children's author Suzy-Jane Tanner's interpretation of the well-known carol. Beautifully illustrated with 12 colour drawings, and new 'gifts' suitable for young children,...

A Man Called Darius

by Paul Kelly

FRANCESCA BARRINGTON-SMYTH ... Frannie as she is known in the story is a young debutante of the Second World War generation and she is tired of the seemingly useless and pretentious life that she is leading...

Martin Little, Resurrected: A Gang of Misfits' Impossible Adventure

by Ella Medler

Martin Little, Resurrected is a quirky and original novel which seamlessly blends the daily irritations of contemporary life in Britain with an unusual and unexpected setting. The storyline is action-packed,...

The Eight-Language Tourism Dictionary: An Essential Guide for Every Tourist of the World

by Christopher Bajger

Get your hands on the brand-new "Eight-language tourism dictionary". The topics in the book are treated in eight languages-English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovak. This book includes...

The Typewriter: Stories of the Surreal, the Supernatural and the Downright Strange

by Alex Woolf

A collection of time-twisting, brain-warping tales to tease, inspire and amuse. Characters are wrenched out of their everyday lives and thrown into new and bizarre situations, forcing them - and us - to confront...

The Finder

by Alex Woolf

Introducing Waldo Mars - former model, failed inventor, and the best finder east of Alpha Centauri, or at least Uxbridge. Waldo is impeded, rebuked and generally resented at every turn by his put-upon assistant,...

From Fancy Pants to Getting There

by Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth Wright had it all. A comfortable life, successful business, house, handsome partner and beautiful baby. Then things screwed up. She discovered that the man in her life was being unfaithful, and her...

Swords for a Dead Lady

by Jim Webster

Swords for a Dead Lady is perhaps best thought of as a fantasy adventure. There is the discovery of the naked body of a woman hastily buried in a marsh, the quest to discover her identity and hunt down her killer...

Read My Lips

by Bernard Veale

Frederick Huntsman had a tough childhood. He was deaf for five years before his hearing was restored. His schoolmates shunned him and he never had a girlfriend in high school but this painful past left him with...

A Very Bad Virgin

by Bernard Veale

Rhett James Harding wakes up in a small clinic, without his memory. As he struggles to recover some recall, he discovers that the small town he is in holds many secrets. The first thing he has to discover is...

Demon Dance

by Sam Stone

Deep in the bowels of Rhuddlan Castle the ancient vampire Lilly waits, reflecting on the bizarre twists of fate that brought her here. Leaving behind her lover and maker Gabriele, Lilly treads a path between...

Voices from the Other World: Ancient Egyptian Tales

by Naguib Mahfouz

Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz reaches back millennia to his homeland’s majestic past in this enchanting collection of early tales that brings the world of ancient Egypt face to face with our own times.


Apolysis: Apocalypse Is Just The Beginning

by Marios Koutsoukos

Armageddon breaks out. Then an Apocalypse of nuclear fire rains down from the sky. The Second Coming of the Lord is at hand& but Angels, Demons and Men have different plans and murder in their hearts. God is...

The Narrow Road of Twisted Tales

by Gloria Michelle Aaron

This book is for seven to twelve year old boys and girls. They would love to read stories that are based on adventure, fantasy and mystery. Each story has a twist and an unexpected ending. The story of Peter...

Through the Apple Store: Time and Time Again

by Wentworth M. Johnson

It seem that someone has murdered an actress. Who would believe the actual truth? Howard thinks a wandering Viking is the guilty party and Donavon Merryville gets the blame. In order to appease mad Albert and...

More Porn - Faster!: 50 Tips & Tools for Faster and More Efficient Porn Browsing

by Sue Denim

This book is about finding porn on the Internet. It teaches you to find more porn. And how to find it quicker. Giving you more time to, er, well... you know!