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Critical Issues in Ecotourism

by James Higham

Critical Issues in Ecotourism seeks to shake the current stagnant literature on the subject of ecotourism out of a state of complacency. Drawing upon emerging insights provided by pre-eminent scholars in the...

Critical Marketing

by Pauline Maclaran & Michael Saren

Marketing is still widely perceived as simply the creator of wants and needs through selling and advertising and marketing theory has been criticized for not taking a more critical approach to the subject. This...

Creative Arts Marketing

by Elizabeth Hill, Terry O'Sullivan & Catherine O'Sullivan

As a comprehensive overview of all aspects of marketing in the sector, Creative Arts Marketing remains unrivalled, and in addition this edition gives new coverage of-

* Current knowledge and best practice about...

Developing Supervisors and Team Leaders

by Donald L. L. Kirkpatrick

Leaders and supervisors do not grow on trees; they must be developed. 'Developing Supervisors and Team Leaders' is a practical, how-to guide for creating leaders and supervisors.

Spanning topics from determining...

Hack: How I Stopped Worrying About What to Do with My Life and Started Driving a Yellow Cab

by Melissa Plaut

“I had always thought about driving a cab, just thought it’d be interesting and different, a good way to make money. But it always seemed like a fleeting whim, a funny idea, something I would never actually...

Dictionary of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

by S. Medlik

This new edition combines within two covers:

* A dictionary of 2500 terms

* Descriptions of 300 organizations

* A biographical dictionary of 100 personalities

* Explanations of 1200 acronyms and abbreviations

* Key...

Digital Heritage

by Lindsay MacDonald

In the fields of documentation and conservation of cultural heritage assets, there is a constant need for higher quality records and better analytical tools for extracting information about the condition of...

E-Commerce and V-Business

by Stuart Barnes

E-commerce and V-business examines the impact of the Internet and associated technologies on two related aspects of business: electronic commerce and virtual organization. Using a combination of recent theory...

Economics and Property

by Danny Myers

This text focuses on the introduction of economic principles to provide an understanding of the commercial and residential property sectors and the markets for development, construction and occupation of property....

Economics of Property Management: The Building as a Means of Production

by Herman Tempelmans Tempelmans Plat & Frank Heynick

The economic analysis of a building is a complex subject and traditionally it has focused on a single aspect of the structure or a single part of the construction process. Dr Tempelmans Plat is a leading proponent...

Effective Meetings at Work

by Institut Institute of Leadership & Mana

With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether...

Delivering Training Super Series

by Institut Institute of Leadership & Mana

With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether...

Engineering Gcse

by Michael H H Tooley & Mike Tooley

Mike Tooley's accessible, activity-based approach introduces students to engineering and the pivotal role it plays in the modern world, as well as providing opportunities to develop engineering skills and acquire...

Engineering, Business & Professional Ethics

by Simon Robinson, Ross Dixon & Christopher Preece

Engineering, as a profession and business, is at the sharp end of the ethical practice. Far from being a bolt on extra to the 'real work' of the engineer it is at the heart of how he or she relates to the many...

A Woman in Charge

by Carl Bernstein

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with colleagues, friends and with unique access to campaign records, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Carl Bernstein offers a complex and nuanced portrait of one...

Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management

by Joseph M. M. Firestone

Is the Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) knowledge management's killer app? Leading expert Joseph M. Firestone, the first author to formulate the idea of the Enterprise Knowledge Portal, breaks new ground...

Enterprise Planning and Development

by David Butler

Enterprise Planning and Development outlines the options and risks involved in setting up a business. It shows how to avoid this failure by focusing on the planning stage and building on this framework as the...

Enterprise: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

by Robin Lowe & Sue Marriott

Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts, Contexts and Commercialisation provides readers with an accessible and readable introduction to the various dimensions of entrepreneurship and market innovation....


by John Thompson & Bill Bolton

This new edition completely up-dates the text and takes account of recent work. New material replaces existing information so that individuals such as Michelle Mone (taking on giants) and Ken Morrison, and the...

Environment and Children

by Christopher Day

How does the built environment affect children - their health, their behaviour, education and development? To support them, what do we need to consider and what do we need to do? Can our surroundings foster...