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Topographies of Japanese Modernism

by Seiji Lippit

What happens when a critique of modernity -- a "revolt against the traditions of the Western world" -- is situated within a non-European context, where the concept of the modern has been inevitably tied to the...

Empire of Magic: Medieval Romance and the Politics of Cultural Fantasy

by Geraldine Heng

Empire of Magic offers a genesis and genealogy for medieval romance and the King Arthur legend through the history of Europe's encounters with the East in crusades, travel, missionizing, and empire formation....

The Tutor

by Peter Abrahams

Master of psychological suspense Peter Abrahams returns with an ingenious tale of an ordinary family that unknowingly invites the agent of their destruction into their own home.

When Scott and Linda Gardner hire...

Ms. Typed: Discover Your True Dating Personality and Rewrite Your Romantic Future

by Michelle R. Phd Callahan

Figure out how your dating personality is sabotaging your relationships–and become the type of woman you were meant to be!

Are you one of the many confident, attractive, and successful women who often end up...

Democracy Past and Future: Selected Essays

by Pierre Rosanvallon & Samuel Moyn

Democracy Past and Future is the first English-language collection of Pierre Rosanvallon's most important essays on the historical origins, contemporary difficulties, and future prospects of democratic life....

Robozonic: Into the Goal!

by Caline Tan

Watch out! Tons of cockroaches have invaded school! Mabel knows Robozonic may have an idea or two about driving the pests away, but where is it? Unfortunately, Robozonic in the hands of her classmate, Ming Cai,...

Ellie Belly: Turtle Trouble

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Everyone is MAD at me. The turtles at The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum are going to lose their home! How do I know? Because a little turtle told me. REALLY! I need to help the turtles! But...

Tracking Discourses: Politics, Identity and Social Change

by Annika Egan Egan Sjolander & Jenny Gunnarsson Gunnarsson Payne

Written by researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, this report explores the two most influential theoretical discourse traditions, namely Discourse Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis. Based on numerous...

War and Peace in Transition: Changing Roles of External Actors

by Karin Aggestam & Annika Bjorkdahl

A systematic approach to analyzing some of the transient aspects of war and peace with empirical cases that include Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Sri Lanka, and the Armenian genocide, this book discusses some of the...

Out of the Blue: A History of Lightning: Science, Superstition, and Amazing Stories of Survival

by John Friedman

The odds of being hit by lightning each year are only about 1 in 750,000 in the U.S. And yet this rare phenomenon has inspired both fear and fascination for thousands of years. In this groundbreaking, brilliantly...

Pattern of Murder: A Classic Crime Novel

by John Russell Fearn

For cinema projectionist Sid Elbridge, it seems that things can't get much worse. First, circumstantial evidence has made him the prime suspect in the police investigation of a robbery at the cinema where he...

Weird Tales #354 (Special Edgar Allan Poe Issue)

by Joe Schreiber, Simon King & Ann VanderMeer

Weird Tales #359 is a special celebration of all things Poe, with a special features dedicated to Poe's influence on modern writers, fiction and poetry inspired by Poe, plus an interview with Joe Schreiber,...

Rule of the Brains: Classic Science Fiction Stories

by John Russell Fearn

This volume collects four classic SF tales from the pulp era!


After many years spent in wars and struggle, mankind had achieved a perfect civilization. But this Utopia was going directly...

Fire in the Blood

by Robyn Bachar

It's good to be bad...

A Bad Witch Story

Patience Roberts is the last summoner standing between magiciankind and certain demon invasion. After banishing two or three demons a day for too long, gods know she'd...

Westward Hearts

by Melody A. Carlson

Bestselling author Melody Carlson begins an inspiring new series of adventure and romance on the Oregon Trail.

Kentucky, 1854-Elizabeth Martin has mourned her husband's death for three years, but now she feels...

Unfailing Love: A Woman's Walk Through First John

by Karol Ladd

Few women are better at communicating contagious enthusiasm for the truths of Scripture than bestselling author Karol Ladd. Exploring 1 John with her readers, Karol puts her finger on the longing for faithful...

Becoming a Brave New Woman: Step into God's Adventure for You

by Pam Farrel

Popular speaker and relationship specialist Pam Farrel helps women discover how to develop the courage they need to walk into their hopes and dreams. With plenty of biblical examples and practical insights,...

God's Unlikely Path to Success: How He Uses Less-Than-Perfect People

by Tony Evans

When many Christian readers think of the heroes of the Bible, they think about how "good" they were. They forget that....

Rahab was a harlot.

Jonah was a rebel.

Moses was a murderer.

Sarah was a doubter.


Aircraft Carriers: A History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events, Volume II: 1946-2006

Magic Terror: 7 Tales

by Peter Straub

No one tells a story like Peter Straub. He dazzles with the complexity of his plots. He delights with the sophistication and eloquence of his prose. He startles you into laughter in the face of events so dark...