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Team Fortress 2 Game Guide

by HiddenStuff Entertainment

With My Game Guide you will learn exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and beat your opponents! This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about the game. - Overview...

The Great Divide

by T. Davis Bunn

When attorney Marcus Glenwood resigns from a prestigious corporate law firm to retreat to a small town in North Carolina and rebuild his life after a devastating personal tragedy, he suddenly finds himself in...

In the Arms of Mother

by Jillian Vriend

There is an urgent need in this current phase of human evolution for the Divine Feminine aspect of God or Mother God. Without a conscious connection with the Divine Mother, we have overly expressed and identified...

The Procyon Strain: Book One

by Anthony Barnhart

A young man's summer vacation on the resort island of Hilton Head, South Carolina is cut short when inexplicable events bring in the Coast Guard and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Strange happenings...

Consequences - Electoral

by Ken Kohler

This is a fiction book, however it describes what could happen if we do not abolish the Electoral College and have direct election of our President and Vice President. It occurred three times in the 19th century,...

Under the Bloated Banyan

by Jillian Vriend

Jillian Vriend explores questions of abuse and cultism after being given a harsh ultimatum about either choosing to stay in the spiritual group she was part of or giving up her budding relationship with her...

My Pocket Book of Christian Poems

by Melania Chenoweth

An anthology by Melania Chenoweth celebrating the Christian faith. Edited & compiled by AK Chenoweth

The Adversaries' Testament

by Ano Numecz

Have you noticed the cracks in the Bible's smooth marble surfaces? The gaps in the stories: parts that don't make sense, arbitrary punishments, bizarre prophets, doomed innocents? Then you're ready to hear the...

The Kris

by Dezi Golden

Detective Marney Jade is a potty­mouth, genious cop with a knack for solving almost every case that comes through the town of Olman...that is until more than one body is discovered. Could there really be a...


by Samuel Eddy

There is a future that is timeless, violently separated from the present by a great cataclysm. A long forgotten experiment escapes, released as though from a time capsule into this new era. A badly deformed...

Dwellers of the Night: The City of Seven Hills

by Anthony Barnhart

The disease came suddenly and without warning. This first installment of the "Dwellers of the Night" trilogy begins with the disease's outbreak. This is a story about tragedy, despair, and hopelessness in a...

The Outhouse

by David W. Gordon

As if growing up amidst the Great Depression isn't difficult enough, Paul Miller is dealing with a terrifying family secret. As the pressures of the Depression mount, Paul can no longer ignore the evidence piling...

Behind You - Pray You're Not Home When He's There

by Miss Christie Nortje

Its bad enough when someone breaks in. Its even worse when you're still in the house when they do.

Here I Am Again Part Three

by John Derek

This is for mature readers only. Carrie had been spanked more often than she would have liked as an adult. She never knew that telling a coworker of her desires would have such an impact to her life and to her...

Here I Am Again Part Two

by John Derek

This is a mature spanking fetish novel written in the first person. Carrie has been spanked as an adult, and she hasn't always liked it. But after a few mistakes at work, a coworker gives her a choice. Take...

Here I Am Again

by John Derek

This is intended for mature audiences only. Carrie made quite a discovery. She liked to be spanked. Who would have guessed? But what happens when she pushes the limit too far and gets a spanking that won't soon...

Barry's First Time

by John Derek

This book contains a depiction of a first person sexual act. Barry is straight. Or so he thinks. Until he sees his neighbor getting a blow job. It makes him wonder what is that all about. This is a first person...

36 Hours

by Anthony Barnhart

Originally published in 2004, 36 Hours is the classic fairy-tale meets zombies story, written in the author's high school years and inspired by a hopeless romanticism for someone he couldn't have. Rewritten...

Online Insurance - What Do Customers Think?

by Kevin Pledge

Results of research into consumers attitude to online insurance. This research was conducted using focus groups and individual interviews.

A Kaleidoscope Wardrobe: Hwyls of a Lifetime (2nd Edition)

by Angela Bellacosa

A Kaleidoscope Wardrobe: Hwyls of a Lifetime, 2nd Edition by Angela Bellacosa is a collection of poetry written over a period of four decades. The poems cover a lifetime of poetry writing and span several subjects,...