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Financial Management and Legal Affairs for Non-Profit Organisations In India

by FCMA, CMA Rajesh Kumar Sinha

This book briefly describes about Societies, Trusts & Section 8 Companies which are the primary forms of Non-Profit Organisations. It also explains the concepts of accounts management, framework of financial...

Fear of the Dark

by Erik Jayce Landberg

A collection of short stories by Swedish author and artist Erik Jayce Landberg

I Know

by Mayie House

Life is hard. What we learned at home, school, college, and work is not enough, we need to live our religions.

The Blood Roses

by Erika Penelope

An emotive exploration in the form of poetry and short stories expressed in varying shades of sensuality along with the sorrow, longing, ecstasy, and the romance that come with it. The Blood Roses is a visceral...

Bonsai Days, the Art of Living After Trauma

by Annie Bane

On any given day any one of us could awaken to an event that may change our lives forever. Experience this REALITY with those who created a new life from the trauma. DISABLED VETERANS: Discover a creativity...

Nothing Is Impossible

by Rev. Calvin E. Perterson

A poignant autobiography written by a remarkable spiritual and social activist for disability rights and the independent living movement. Rev. Calvin E. Peterson is sure to make you believe that Nothing Is Impossible!...

Countess Daisy

by Arne Handberg Jakobsen

A historical novel about the young Danish Countess' dramatic life, which brought her to St. John in the Danish West Indies to grow coffee like her cousin Karen Blixen did in Kenya.

Hoosier Hospitality

by John Carson

An astonishing man's dream of passion, determination, and innovation. The Marriott Inn at Clarksville became a popular destination point for many travelers -- interestingly, not so much for its location, but...

Charles Defoe: My Life

by Charles Defoe

Third Grade was crazy! Valentine's Day rejection!Insane ex-girlfriend! The most interesting diary of a nine year old you'll read all year!

Kid Magic, Lessons in Magic for Kids of All Ages

by Chuck L. Miller

Lessons in magic for children of all ages. Professional magician and educator Chuck L. Miller shares some of his best-kept secrets in this magic "how-to" ebook. Kids young and old will enjoy learning amazing...

A Letter to Santa Claus

by A.H. A.

A pictured story about a child named Joose who lives with his grandmother in the north of Finland, he sends a letter to Santa Claus asking him to let him move to the North Pole to live with the elves. He moved...

Male and Female He Created Them: A Guide to Classical Torah Commentary on the Roles and Natures of Men and Women

by Yisrael Ben Reuven

A Guide to Classical Torah Commentary on the Roles and Natures of Men and Women. This book focuses on three topics: the equality in worth of men and women and their equal opportunity for spiritual growth through...

Faith With Its Sleeves Rolled Up

by Daniel Singleton

Faith With its Sleeves Rolled Up provides an answer to anyone who believes the voice of faith is inaudible or irrelevant. Representing a wide range of faith positions, the chapters assembled here consider the...

An Enchanted Garden

by Carolina Graterol

Saddened by a selfish existence so far lived in loneliness, a woman cannot stand seeing other people's colourful and joyful lives. She decides to attack the greatest symbol of happiness in her village, an enchanted...


by Mary Brainin Huttrer

Elsa's hopes of a medical career are thwarted by the Nazis, but she triumphs over this and many other adversities. Elsa is beautiful, talented and generous. And she is a survivor.

The Orphans of Danica

by Rod Martinez

People are dying in Danica. An age old historical event that brought this rural Florida town together is slowly tearing it apart, an event that bonds six fifth graders together on a quest. These kids from different...

"It's Not the Olden Days Anymore, Grandma!": A Memoir about "Those" Good Old Days.

by Angeline M. Jerz

This book is a wonderful compilation of stories as recalled by the late Angeline Jerz, a native of the South Side of Chicago who grew up in the 30's and 40's. "Grandma Angie" was a great storyteller loved to...

Down the Road We Came

by Robert Hewett Sr

A most wonderful poetry book that will enchant and amuse all children from age 5yrs upwards... Within the pages Robert recalls through all his poems stories he as loved all his life since hearing them told by...


by The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859), were born in Hanau, near Frankfurt, in the German state of Hesse. Throughout their lives they remained close friends, and both studied law at Marburg...

Yellow Kitty: Life In the Garden

by S. L. Miller

This is a story of courage, unconditional love and redemption. It's the saga of Yellow Kitty and the residents of The Garden. The little animals we all see scurrying here and there in our own back yards and...