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Part I takes away all fear from learning about music and how to play the flute. As a master musician and teacher Joe Procopio has shown a great many people how to play the flute. All of them are accomplished...

Emotionally Free - Second Edition: Second Edition A Prescription for Healing Body, Soul, and Spirit

by Grant M. D. Mullen

Are you struggling to control your thoughts, moods, and emotions? Are you tired of always living with a sense of spiritual defeat? God wants us to be more than saved. He wants us to be transformed by the renewing...



The very best and lowest priced music ebook for Saxophone available worldwide. The only book designed to have you playing saxophone as quickly as possible from a saxophone virtuoso and master teacher with proven...

When Children Pray: Teaching Your Kids to Pray with Power

by Cheri Fuller

For Christian parents eager to see their children come closer to the Lord, Cheri Fuller's When Children Pray is a godsend. There's no better testament to the power and effectiveness of children's prayers than...

Freud on the Psychology of Ordinary Mental Life

by Susan Sugarman

Freud, although best known for his elucidation of the unusual in human mental life, also attempted to illuminate ordinary human experience, such as peopleOs appreciation of humor, their capacity to become engrossed...



THE EASYWAY TO PLAY GUITAR is the only music ebook that teaches you how to read and play Guitar at the same time. Most Guitar books simply show you how to imitate something that sounds like you know how to play...



This is the best and lowest priced musical instrument fingering guide available worldwide. This book contains the basic fingerings for all the Band Instruments including, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Banjo. It is...

Arun Kolatkar and Literary Modernism in India: Moving Lines

by Laetitia Zecchini

In this first scholarly work on India's great modern poet, Laetitia Zecchini outlines a story of literary modernism in India and discusses the traditions, figures and events that inspired and defined Arun Kolatkar....

Consistently Pro-Life: The Ethics of Bloodshed in Ancient Christianity

by Rob Arner & J. Jayakiran Sebastian

Consistently Pro-Life is a book about killing. Specifically, it takes up the question of when and under what circumstances is it morally justifiable for a Christian to take human life. The murder of abortionist...

Grace Sticks: The Bumper Sticker Gospel for Restless Souls

by Kristina Robb-Dover & Michael Frost

Even on a bumper sticker, grace is irresistible. Grace Sticks: The Bumper Sticker Gospel for Restless Souls is light-hearted spiritual memoir and theological travel guidance for restless souls looking for more...

The Eucharist's Biographer: The Liturgical Formation of Christian Identity

by Albert J. D. Walsh

Christians are not just called to be transformed into something better or even good, but to be transfigured into a new creation--ceasing to be what they are in order to become what they are not. In The Eucharist's...

Evangelism and the Openness of God: The Implications of Relational Theism for Evangelism and Mission

by Vaughn W. Baker

In Evangelism and the Openness of God, Vaughn Baker argues that a dynamic concept of God as articulated in open theism better serves the evangelistic mission of the church than does conventional theology. Open...

1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude: Worship Matters

by John Paul Heil

This book proposes new and comprehensive chiastic structures as well as new unifying themes for the often-neglected New Testament letters of 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude. In accord with these structures, which...

Allegorizing History: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis, and Historical Theory

by Timothy J. Furry

What is history and how does it impact biblical interpretation and theology? Allegorizing History seeks to begin answering this question by arguing that conceptions of the past and the purpose(s) of history...

Participating Witness: An Anabaptist Theology of Baptism and the Sacramental Character of the Church

by Anthony G. Siegrist

At a time when the fractious legacy of the Protestant Reformation is coming under new scrutiny, Anthony Siegrist explores the implications of ecumenism for believers' baptism. Writing from within the tradition...

Getting into Money: A Career Guide: A Career Guide

by Cheri Fein

Everything you need to know to break into today's most challenging and rewarding careers. Featuring interviews with the most successful executives in finance.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Commentary on the Letters of John: An Intra-Jewish Approach

by Birger Olsson & Richard J. Erickson

The long history of interpretation of the three Johannine letters has been largely characterized, at least since Irenaeus in the late second century, by the assumption that the Elder was addressing the Gnostic...

Elements of African Traditional Religion: A Textbook for Students of Comparative Religion

by Elia Shabani Mligo & Farles Ilomo

African Traditional religion (ATR) is one of the world religions with a great people and a great past. It is embraced by Africans within and outside the continent despite the various ethnic religious practices...

Babylon's Cap: Reflections on the Book of Revelation

by Michael J. H. Godfrey & Bruce W. Wilson

To read Revelation for meaning today we need to recognize and accept that the Christian community itself has often become the wearer of Babylon's Cap of oppression. This is a reading of Revelation that seeks...

Becoming Two in Love: Kierkegaard, Irigaray, and the Ethics of Sexual Difference

by Roland J. De Vries

This book draws Soren Kierkegaard and Luce Irigaray into conversation on the nature and ethics of sexual difference. While these two initially seem like doubtful dialogue partners, the conversation between them...