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The No Nonsense Guide to Heat Wave, Drought, & Hot Weather Safety

by Jeffery Sims

This book could save your life! The ebook edition of The No-Nonsense Guide To Heat Wave, Drought,& Hot Weather Safety is the latest in a series focusing on preparing for natural (and man-made) disasters. This...

Having a Real Relationship with God

by Kay Arthur

This Bible study series from beloved Bible teacher Kay Arthur and the teaching staff of Precept Ministries tackles important issues in brief, easy-to-grasp lessons you can benefit from personally or as part...

The Diva Chronicles

by A.J. Francis

Sasha, Cassidy and Erin are three business savvy women who work hard but love harder. The men in their lives are hot and captivating. Unfortunately for the three women who love them, that spells disaster. Sasha...

"The Five People You Meet In Heaven" Summarized and Analyzed

by Teacher Forum

The story begins with Eddie, the central character. He happens to be an elderly gentleman; he works at an amusement park named "Ruby Pier" as the head of the maintenance. The regular visitors to the park generally...

The Face of Alzheimer's as Seen from the Heart of a Caregiver

by Lynda Armstrong

In this book I open my heart as a loving testimony of my journey from darkness to light. Pat, was my dearest friend and companion, was drawn away from me through Alzheimer's disease long before her last breath....

Weight Loss : 20 Secrets to Dieting Success

by Azwal Hakim

Top 20 healthier secrets to dieting success in just 30 days without buying a supplements. Oh ! No exercises are needed too. Now you can keep the weight off forever while you are enjoying your meals !

Spanked Wife Two

by John Derek

Liz and Don have been married long enough to be comfortable with each other. When their marriage gets a little tedious, Liz learns the benefit of being spanked and loved. Read the first person perspective of...

Music Art

by Lenka Peskou

Coloring 100 musical instruments from all around the world! A fun book for children, suitable for teachers of Greek and foreign language education. Contains images of musical instruments from all around the...

My Time With Helen

by Rodney Tupweod

This book is about a woman who I shared beautiful moments with, over thirty years ago, she was a student, at the time, but making love to her was awesome, she had a wonderful body, She sent shivers through me...

Who Am I

by Dwelver Webb

Poetry that will relax your mind, give you a smile and fill your heart.

The Demon Emblem

by Joseph Richard

In nature there exists the concept of entropy: random changes that once done, can not be undone. There are times that the world changes in such a way that it can never go back to the way it was before. He was...

Because We Love Him: Embracing a Life of Holiness

by Clyde Cranford & Henry Blackaby

What does it mean to be holy? A holy life is the only true way to show our love for God, according to Clyde Cranford, who spent his life perfecting this way of being. Now in heaven himself, Cranford passes on...

Backroads and Barefoot

by Mary Green

Life leaves us with so many questions. Why did I go through that? What was the purpose? Why is life so unfair? We can get so caught up on asking the questions that we never hear the answers. I looked back at...

Teaching the Unique Learner

by Dawn Lucan

Working with Special Education or differently able learners is not an easy task for a classroom teacher. Each student brings their own unique challenges into the classroom. Even two students with the same diagnosis,...

Meditation for Musical Theater Performers

by Erin Roberts-Hall

A step-by-step guide to meditation, why it benefits musical theatre actors, and special techniques that connect this practice to the performing arts.

Beauty Within the Beast

by Tiffany Hayes

"The horrors of Tiffany's childhood leave her broken in a world of solitude. Until she discovers the power of true love in more than one form. This leads her on a journey to discover the 'Beauty Within the Beast'!"...

From Abandonment to Abundance

by Anita Ellis

Have you ever been abandoned by someone you thought loved you? How about feeling unwanted and unloved by your mother or father? From Abandonment to Abundance is a real story of an African American girl abandoned...

Discovering What the Future Holds

by Kay Arthur

Why wonder or worry about the future?

God has given you a sneak preview.

With all that’s transpiring in the world, people can’t help but wonder what the future holds. Will there ever be peace on earth? How...

Mobile Book: Greek Mythology

by Renzhi Notes

See the pictures at your iphone, enjoy Greek Mythology, more understand Greek Mythology

Quick Guide: Gather Together In My Name

by College Guide World

In the book "Gather Together In My Name" the author continues to discuss racism; however, she does not seem to be speaking on behalf of all Black women. In this book she speaks for only one young woman. The...