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Tenets of Islam

by Shaykh Abu Jafar Muhammad bin Hasa Tusi

This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by Ahlulbayt Organization throughout the world in different languages with the aim of conveying the message of Islam to the people of the world....

The Shocking Truth About Female Hair Loss

by Angela Dobovin

Hair is the fastest growing tissue of the body, made up of proteins called keratins. Every strand of female hair is made up of three layers: the inner layer or medulla (only present in thick hairs); the middle...

Live Wire

by Skeeter Wesinger

It's a dangerous world full of dangerous people. Jake Savage and his A-team are there to keep things in check. In Live Wire, the first in the Jake Savage series, Jake and Dakota square off against Colombian...


by David Cabbell

Mark Blackstone's life is falling apart and his international trading business is collapsing. Just when he thinks his life can't get any worse, the ferry he was on explodes and throws his whole life into chaos....

Ranger Creek Guest Ranch: Real Life, Real Faith

by Sue Comisford

"A friend of mine told me it takes about eight months to get over eight days in Wyoming. We've only been home one month, and I'm still dying to go back." It was born out of a love for the area. It withstood...

The Poetry Works of Bethel Arthur Angus: A True Appalachian Poet and a Daughter of the American Revolution

by Brian Angus

Poetry and songwriting are a gift--the unique ability to find the right words and to condense into written lines the emotions, inspiration, and imagination of various times, events, places, or personalities...

The Anxiety Code: Deciphering the Purposes of Neurotic Anxiety

by Roger Di Pietro

Generalized anxiety disorder is also known as neurotic anxiety. This text focuses on personality characteristics that may generate and maintain anxiety symptoms. It bridges the gap between popular psychology...

Angels of the Quantum Gate

by William David Hannah

Angels of the Quantum Gate is science fiction with a twist. It is certainly science fiction with fantasy elements, but it is encapsulated in a wry, ironic, satirical first person narrative that is very convincing....

Soft Cruelties

by James Ferace

A man dreams of escaping his unsatisfying life to a place he fondly remembers from his childhood, all the while having visions of his dead father.

The Officer's House

by Judith Baller-Fabian

Emily held the faded photograph of the officer and his family, pressing it against her lips and touching the soldier’s face over and over again. She took it out of its frame and folded it over, hiding his wife...

From Atheism to Christianity, Second Edition (MOC): Christian Evidences for Us Common Folk

by Cliff Baird

From Atheism to Christianity: Christian Evidence for Us Common Folk by Cliff Baird is a must read for everyone who loves the Lord and is striving to know His will. Mr. Baird's book covers such diverse subjects...

Your Baby's First Year

by GrandBlue

If you are like most expectant parents, you can't wait for your new bundle of joy to arrive. But how do you know what to do once your baby has arrived? Relax! The comprehensive book, Your Baby's First Year,...

The Residue of Design

by James Ferace

"A young man discovers he can remove his own internal organs and they will mysteriously grow back, so he begins selling them on the black market. However, when his secret is discovered, he finds himself held...

A Woman Loves until a Man Lies: The Dating Cycle

by Tamara Armour

When a woman gets fed up, she is tired of the dating scene altogether. She becomes discouraged and feels that all men are the same when they are really not. If you feel like you keep getting hurt over and over...

Reef Warrior: Journey to Discovery

by Cheri Andrews

When Diam Roceht woke up in a hospital with a head wound and a missing memory, she thought she was merely suffering from a concussion. However, clues to her mysterious past begin to emerge when her wound begins...

Vision Accomplished: The Story

by Elena Emma

If you've ever longed for a business book that makes you feel as if you were sky-diving, Vision Accomplished is the answer to your prayers. Author Elena Emma has crafted a story of struggle and transcendence,...

A Certain Malice

by Jake Page

A bizarre murder leaves two teenagers dead in a desert arroyo, their naked bodies side by side, face up under the New Mexican sun. Near them, etched in stone, is a symbol unlike any Native American marking....

100 Bowling Advices

by R Smith

Bowling is a popular sport nowadays around the world. There are plenty of leagues and competitions around the world. Here's 100 advice to become a great bowler.

Lead Like a Lion: Leadership Lessons from East-African Animal Stories

by Abdi Osman Jama, Jaak Treiman & Liisa Välikangas

Can stories about a lion provide inspiration for leadership? We believe so. In this book, stories about a lion, fox, sheep, cows, and hyenas with occasional giraffes are told to teach us about the behavior of...

A Blur of Snow and Amber

by James Ferace

"A young girl with severe burns covering her body is relentlessly pursued by a man, also burn victim, who blames her for the fire which scarred them both."