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A Glimpse to Open Pt. You [2]

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

The poetry book A Glimpse to Open Part You [2] is the sequel to A Glimpse to Open Part Eye [I]. It is a highly confessional volume with many poems about transcendence, the kundalini, Yoga, Buddhism, surrealism,...

The Sun and the Moon

by Nicole Palomino

First in the series that follows twins Luna and Sol as they find their place in a post apocalyptic world ran by power hungry militia. Luna is taken from their home and forced into a camp where she fears for...

The Vibe Manual

by Billy Chapata

Life seems to be a huge amusement park, full of emotional roller-coasters. Scary, but memorable. Unpredictable, but irresistible. This book is just that, a roller-coaster. Hold my hand, ride it with me.

The Raven Squad

by J O Rienhardt

An unsuspecting group of friends find themselves at the forefront of a rebellion against the corrupt World Government. To the secret organization known as the Society For Reform, this small group is key to the...

Change In My Pocket

by Annie J. Harrison

THE STORY IN A NUTSHELL: When two best friends take a trip to the West Coast for a wedding, neither of them has an inkling they'll get stuck at Denver Canterbury Airport due to a freakish autumnal blizzard....

DISCfunctional® Relationships

by Steve Settimo & Cynthia Beale

This book assists people by enhancing work, family, friend, and dating relationships using a time tested tool. This quadrant personality tool, DISC, has been used by over 50 million people in corporations all...

Pride: I Am Self Identified!

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

Pride: I am Self-Identified is a first of its kind. No other book for the gay and lesbian community has ever included BIID, Polyamory, and Affectional Orientation in its pages. Not only that, but this book also...

Literature Help: The Jew of Malta

by Students' Academy

The play was registered in the Stationers' Register on 17th of May 1594. It was first printed in 1633. This is the only surviving edition of the play. The prologues and epilogues of the book were written by...

Our Valley - Part 4 - The Flood

by T Steel

This is the fourth part of a four part series. A close knit family owns the valley where they live on horse properties. This story is about the things they do to keep the valley as their home. They also work...

Tangled Webs

by Ryan Vandenbosch

A collection of poetry spanning a variety of subjects such as romance, politics, and just purely inspirational. Download today! Thanks!

Hi' Steppin' : The Isometrics of Isolation and Power of Depression

by Albert D. Lucas Jr.

Paul is funny in the throes of addiction. Due to the kindness of his doctors he is allowed to read his journal to those who are willing and those unwilling. But a book is not enough. He must recreate himself....

The Young Cowgirl and the Prospector, a Western

by Author Burr Cook

This is a short romantic, action packed, western adventure story about a prospector who finds himself in charge of bringing up a girl child named Sandy. He raises her to be a typical cowgirl after he decides...

Body Rock 5: 'Til Death Do Us Part

by Doeneseya Bates

Unspoken words and undone actions are haunting Marissa. She just lost the most influential person in her life. Her wedding is just days away. She's dying inside, not to mention she's pregnant. Marissa has dealt...

Code of Men

by Scott Falls & Bryan Vasko

Code of Men is a collection of humorous man rules compiled over 6 years. We have also included food and drink recipes, BBQ basics, quotes from famous men, every thing a man should know, man movies and music....

A Glimpse to Open Pt. Eye [I]

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

A Glimpse to Open Pt. Eye [I] is the first poetry book written by international award winning authoress Danielle Sainte-Marie. It is an eclectic mix of themes: lesbian, eternity, temporality, spirituality, mystery,...

Escaping Redemption

by Chloe Behrens

Fresh from a fifteen-year stint in prison, Sofia Beauchamp comes back to Grangeville, Texas. Her homecoming reintroduces her to the town she was so desperate to get away from, but the silver lining is that she...


by Joshua Young

Joshua Williams is an average fifteen year old high school student, but when he is abruptly displaced into an alternate reality, his destiny to become, a deadly, unparalleled warrior is set in motion. Unexpectedly,...

The Crosswalk of Doom

by Chris Lico

This book is about a horror story in which several individuals live their daily lives until one day, a sudden, horrible decision was made on a crosswalk. When these individuals crossed the street, they had no...

The Silent Syllable

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

This eclectic and fascinating book of poetry from international award winning poetess and authoress, Danielle Sainte-Marie, will lift you up, make you laugh, and help you cry. The poems range from a variety...

Practical I.E.P. Meeting Manual

by Dawn Lucan

Special Education is a complex part of the education process for disabled children, and it is based on the individual needs of the individual student. The most important document associated with Special Education...