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Targets of Opportunity: On the Militarization of Thinking

by Samuel Weber

The title of this book echoes a phrase used by the Washington Post to describethe American attempt to kill Saddam Hussein at the start of the war againstIraq. Its theme is the notion of targeting (skopos) as...

Helping Bereaved Children, Third Edition: A Handbook for Practitioners

by Nancy Webb

This acclaimed work describes a range of counseling and therapy approaches for children who have experienced loss. Practitioners and students are given practical strategies for helping preschoolers through adolescents...

Becoming a Behavioral Science Researcher: A Guide to Producing Research That Matters

by Rex Kline & Robin Henson

Students and beginning researchers often discover that their introductory statistics and methods courses have not fully equipped them to plan and execute their own behavioral research studies. This indispensable...

Psychoanalytic Case Formulation

by Nancy McWilliams

What kinds of questions do experienced therapists ask themselves when facing a new client? How can clinical expertise be taught? From the author of the landmark Psychoanalytic Diagnosis, this book takes clinicians...

Handbook of Attachment, Second Edition: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications

by Jude Cassidy & Phillip Shaver

From foremost authorities, this comprehensive work is more than just the standard reference on attachment-it has “become indispensable” in the field. Coverage includes the origins and development of attachment...

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: A New Approach to Preventing Relapse

by Zindel Segal & J. Mark Williams

This book presents an innovative eight-session program that has been clinically proven to bolster recovery from depression and prevent relapse. Developed by leading scientist-practitioners, and solidly grounded...

Developing Mind

by Daniel Siegel

This book goes beyond the nature and nurture divisions that traditionally have constrained much of our thinking about development, exploring the role of interpersonal relationships in forging key connections...

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice

by Joel Paris & Alexander Chapman

Organizing a vast body of scientific literature, this indispensable book presents the state of the art in understanding borderline personality disorder (BPD) and distills key treatment principles that therapists...

Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship

by Steven Hick & Thomas Bien

A number of books have explored the ways psychotherapy clients can benefit from learning and practicing mindfulness. This is the first volume to focus specifically on how mindfulness can deepen the therapeutic...

Rethinking Learning Disabilities: Understanding Children Who Struggle in School

by Deborah Waber & David Rose

Experts have yet to reach consensus about what a learning disability is, how to determine if a child has one, and what to do about it. Leading researcher and clinician Deborah Waber offers an alternative to...


by Hent de Vries

What do we talk about when we talk about "religion"? Is it an array of empirical facts about historical human civilizations? Or is religion what is in essence unpredictable--perhaps the very emergence of the...

Oral History for the Qualitative Researcher: Choreographing the Story

by Valerie Janesick & Ruthellen Josselson

Oral history is a particularly useful way to capture ordinary people's lived experiences. This innovative book introduces the full array of oral history research methods and invites students and qualitative...

Contemporary Directions in Psychopathology: Scientific Foundations of the DSM-V and ICD-11

by Theodore Millon & Robert Krueger

This forward-thinking volume grapples with critical questions surrounding the mechanisms underlying mental disorders and the systems used for classifying them. Edited and written by leading international authorities,...

The Development of Shyness and Social Withdrawal

by Kenneth Rubin & Robert Coplan

While both positive and negative peer interactions have long been a focus of scientific interest, much less attention has been given to children who tend to refrain from interacting with peers. This volume brings...

Marital Conflict and Children: An Emotional Security Perspective

by E. Mark Cummings & Patrick Davies

From leading researchers, this book presents important advances in understanding how growing up in a discordant family affects child adjustment, the factors that make certain children more vulnerable than others,...

Behavioral Activation for Depression: A Clinician's Guide

by Christopher Martell & Sona Dimidjian

From leading experts in behavioral activation research and clinical practice, this volume presents an empirically tested approach for helping clients overcome depression by becoming active and engaged in their...

Mixed Methods Research: Merging Theory with Practice

by Sharlene Hesse-Biber

This accessibly written book is ideal for use in graduate courses or by practicing researchers and evaluators. The author puts the research problem at center stage, showing how mixed methods designs can fruitfully...

Handbook of Adult Resilience

by John Reich & Alex Zautra

What enables people to bounce back from stressful experiences? How do certain individuals maintain a sense of purpose and direction over the long term, even in the face of adversity? This is the first book...

The Procrastinator's Guide to Getting Things Done

by Monica Basco & Robert Leahy

Everyone waits till the last minute sometimes. But many procrastinators pay a significant price, from poor job performance to stress, financial problems, and relationship conflicts. Fortunately, just as anyone...

Bringing Reading Research to Life

by Linda Kucan & Margaret McKeown

This book brings together some of the world’s foremost literacy scholars to discuss how research influences what teachers actually do in the classroom. Chapters describe the current state of knowledge about...