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Embodied Cross: Intercontextual Reading of Theologia Crucis

by Arata Miyamoto

The cross carries the polar memories of history. One memory is the terrible violence imposed on Jesus, and the other is the memory of faith in the midst of the deepest abyss in human history. A theology of the...

The Feeling Intellect: Reading the Bible with C. S. Lewis

by Roger J. Newell

Christians of all backgrounds agree that the Bible is the unique sourcebook for our understanding and knowledge of God. Yet reading the Bible is often as neglected in believers' homes as amongst the skeptics....

Connecting to the Gospel: Texts, Sermons, Commentaries

by James Boyd White & Walter Brueggemann

How can we connect the Gospels--the fundamental texts of Christian faith--to our own experience of inner and outer life? This is the question that animates Connecting to the Gospel. In it James Boyd White presents...

Being in Ministry: Honestly, Openly, and Deeply

by Douglas Purnell & Charles R. Foster

An experienced pastoral practitioner writes with poetic insight and reflective discipline about the practice of ministry and the life of the priestly person. Doug Purnell is also a professional artist and the...

For the Sake of the World: Swedish Ecclesiology in Dialogue with William T. Cavanaugh

by Jonas Ideström

The church exists for the sake of the world. The crucial ecclesiological question that this book raises is How? How does the church exist for sake of the world? One can describe the theological reflections in...

Embraced: Prodigals at the Cross

by Steve Sherwood & Leonard Sweet

In a post-modern world leery of abstracted theology, might the answers to the deep question of why Jesus died on the cross be found, not in theology textbooks, but in the stories of the Bible? What if the playing...

Deception in the Body of Christ: Unveiled Mysteries and Neurolinguistic Dialectics

by Robert E. Hill

The purpose of this book is to present a comprehensive review of deception, its essential component of neurolinguistic dialectics, and how it is used by Satan to corrupt the human mind from devotion to Jesus...

Jairus's Daughter: A Midrash

by Patti Rutka

Jairus's Daughter is a literary-historic novel that sets up a rhythm between two women separated by twenty centuries. Their lives nonetheless mirror each other in subtle ways and finally intersect in modern...

Making Your Way to the Pulpit: Hethcock's Homiletics Goes to the Parish

by Jerrilee Parker Lewallen & William Hoover Hethcock

Making Your Way to the Pulpit is a book for beginning preachers, for preachers who will never have a seminary course called homiletics (the art of preaching), for preachers who studied homiletics with William...

Just a Dropped Stitch

by Laurie Levinger

Just a Dropped Stitch is a memoir told in interlocking short stories. It's a family photo album; each snapshot tells a mini-story. You're sure you understand what you're seeing, but it's not until you've finished...

Through the Church Door

by Harold P. Simonson

Through the Church Door illuminates the relevance and importance of the church in today's society. Through personal experiences as both a university professor of literature and an ordained minister, Simonson...

Saving Grandmother's Face: And Other Tales from Christian Teachers in China

by Aminta Arrington & Martha Chan

An elderly peasant woman lives with her coffin in the kitchen. An American teacher is adopted by a village family. An eccentric grandfather teaches Chinese to his American student by jumping around the room...

Doomed Edifice: The Eclipse of the Prophetic Ministry and the Spiritual Captivity of the Church

by P. W. Baker

In the early years, Christian congregations looked to the apostles and prophets for leadership. But before the end of the first century, the apostles and prophets were systematically eclipsed by the office of...

"Jesus Does Stand-Up," and Other Satires: Parables, Pictures, and Parodies for Today's Church

by Gordon S. Jackson

Jesus Does Stand-Up, and Other Satires is a collection of fifty short parables and parodies that highlight the weaknesses of the contemporary Western church and the increasingly secular culture in which its...

Climbing with Jesus: A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the Mount

by Stephen Grunlan

How does Jesus expect his followers to live in this world? The Sermon on the Mount is the manifesto of his Kingdom. Not a future kingdom, but his present kingdom. Satan is the ruler of this world. The Bible...

A Fellowship of Baptism: Karl Barth's Ecclesiology in Light of His Understanding of Baptism

by Tracey Mark Stout

A Fellowship of Baptism is a critical rereading of Karl Barth's ecclesiology, arguing that reading his ecclesiology through the lens of his mature view of baptism best enables one to understand Barth's view...

Some Men Are Our Heroes: Stories by Women about the Men Who Have Greatly Influenced Their Lives

by KeumJu Jewel Hyun & Cynthia Davis Lathrop

Do the little things we do and say really make a difference in the lives of others? Some Men Are Our Heroes answers this question with a resounding yes as eight accomplished Christian women tell the stories...

Fifteen Ps for Every Minister: Unveiling Matthew 10

by Ehis Agboga

Wondering about what you need to know before entering into ministry? Bothered about what the call of God entails? Or do you desire an evaluation of your life and work as a minister? If your answer to any of...

The Poems and Hymns of the New Testament

by Philip Wesley Comfort

Yes! There are poems and hymns in the New Testament! Large sections of Jesus' speeches are poetic-such as the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, and his final discourses in the book of John. The Epistles are...

Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal

by William L. De Arteaga

Agnes Sanford was arguably the most original and spiritually fruitful theologians of the twentieth century. Among her achievements were the discovery and development of the inner healing ministry, the development...