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The Secret Change: Escaping the Lies

by Allyson Emshaw

Sammy tries to stay safe as she searches for answers. With the police and Dr. Patel looking for her, she struggles with her pregnancy. The more the baby in her womb grows, the stronger her telepathic abilities...

Officers' Handbook

by United States Maritime Service

US Maritime Service Officers' Handbook originally published in 1944 detailing service etiquette and customs, commission requirements, rank insignia, uniform wear and care, decorations and regulations for their...

The Calling

by R. E. Kendall

Quinn McAlister woke up floating above her bed on her eighteenth birthday. For this shy introverted girl this is the worst thing that could ever happen. She learns that she is a "Miles Dei", a soldier of God...

Christian Letters

by Benny Tucker

Follow through the beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. How God planned from the beginning the coming of Jesus to redeem the world of their sin. Looking deeper into some areas of science and scripture...

Us Awakening¿¿ Our Power ¿As One - A Shared Reality

by Benoit Le Chevallier

Human, I am, like you. I summarize in 9 steps the 9 major steps of my own self acceptance process. I believe that together we all go through an awakening, and that our individual awakenings lead to our awakening...

Duckie Happy, Duckie Sad.

by Charles Reeves-Thacker

There Is 1 Duckie! Duckie Will Feel All Sorts Of Feelings And Do All Sorts Of Stuff!

A First Course In Ethical Hacking

by Herman van Heerden

As a youngster, the romance of hacking took hold of my imagination.  Computers were always my passion, and the myth (legend?) of kids who moved a satellite by messing around were well known and the subject...

My Mom Is a Marine - (Girl)

by Clifford Chen

This book explains who Marines are and what they do. Simple yet accurate illustrations depict Marine Corps' custom and traditions and the wars Marines have fought through history. Pages show examples of the...

Bobby's Adventures

by Maria Aulisio

Four short stories about Bobby's adventures in his room and out in the world, from the imagination of the writer these stories take life. The mouse that lives in the hole in the wall is taken place in Bobby's...

My Mom and Dad Are Marines - (Girl)

by Clifford Chen

This book explains who Marines are and what they do. Simple yet accurate illustrations depict Marine Corps' custom and traditions and the wars Marines have fought through history. Pages show examples of the...

Who's Afraid of the Slenderman?

by Joseph Sale

"They say that he is beyond time. That he has appeared in previous ages as the reaper, that you can see him in the shadows of paintings, that you can read him in the lines of poetry throughout the ages, that...

Mother's Girl

by Matthew Laxton

Therapist Mal Rickman returns to the town of his birth and tries to make sense of his life. His daughter is already there and seems further away than ever. Some sexual content.

Coccolì - The Adventure of a Hermit Crab

by Ruggero Lenci

A colony of Hermit Crabs lives happily on the beach of a Caribbean island. The younger of them play, the older are busy with the most different matters, some invent, others mend their shells cracked and trampled...

Holy Bible In Latin & English : Vol. 3

by Catholic Church

Volume 3. A beautiful Latin/English parallel edition of the Holy Bible. Volume 3 contains the entire New Testament. The text is the Latin of the Clementine Vulgate and the English of Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision....

The Magic Stove

by Alexis Jones & Scott James

A young girl gets captured by a wicked witch and transformed into a magical cook stove. Will she learn to stand on her own two feet and save herself, or remain in the magic kitchen forever A story written in...

Infinity's Shore

by David Brin

Nebula and Hugo award-winning author David Brin continues his bestselling Uplift series in this second novel of a bold new trilogy. Imaginative, inventive, and filled with Brin's trademark mix of adventure,...

The Newlywed Cookbook

by Roxanne Wyss & Kathy Moore

Today's newlyweds are contemporary and anything but traditional. Couples are more independent and their tastes are savvy because they grew up with The Food Network and frequent trendy restaurants, but their...

The New Book Of Whole Grains

by Marlene Anne Bumgarner, Marlene A. Bumgarner & Johanna Roy

Easy-to-make, delicious, and satisfying, whole grains are low in fat and cholesterol but terrifically high in fiber--and full of those "magic" antioxidants. They are also the foundations of a healthy diet. In...

Go For It :  Volunteering Adventures on Roads Less Travelled

by Alastair G Henry & Candas F Whitlock

"GO FOR IT" is a memoir about Alastair and Candas: two retired Boomers who wanted to help make a difference in the world. They met one day by chance, fell in love, and with a shared passion to improve the lives...

A Restless Spirit: The Last Months of Manfred von Richtofen

by Marc A Cirigliano

War is both serious business and the most traumatic of events. No one knew this more than Manfred von Richtofen, the German World War I ace. One of the central figures who both created and defined a new form...