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The Crosswalk of Doom

by Chris Lico

This book is about a horror story in which several individuals live their daily lives until one day, a sudden, horrible decision was made on a crosswalk. When these individuals crossed the street, they had no...

The Silent Syllable

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

This eclectic and fascinating book of poetry from international award winning poetess and authoress, Danielle Sainte-Marie, will lift you up, make you laugh, and help you cry. The poems range from a variety...

Practical I.E.P. Meeting Manual

by Dawn Lucan

Special Education is a complex part of the education process for disabled children, and it is based on the individual needs of the individual student. The most important document associated with Special Education...

Just Love

by John Devon Edmonds

A young man's introspective journey and recollection of love lost, love defined, and a Perfect Love someday found. Pondering life's purpose, the author makes his best effort to elucidate his feelings and deepest...

Robertson Hall

by Michelle Daemon

Geeky transsexual student Lisa Calder faces a new body, surgical complications, school bullies, bureaucracy, new relationships, and a robotics competition in her third year at university. Thankfully, she has...

Our Valley - Part 3 - The Ranch

by T Steel

This is the third part of a four part series. A close knit family owns the valley where they live on horse properties. This story is about the things they do to keep the valley as their home. They also work...

Our Valley - Part 2 - The Cabin

by T Steel

This is the second part of a four part series. A close knit family owns the valley where they live on horse properties. This story is about the things they do to keep the valley as their home. They also work...

Undocumented: The True Stories of Illegal Immigrants and Their Children

by Jenny Rodriguez

This book records conversations with people who have been negatively affected by the U.S. immigration system.

Our Valley - Part 1 - The Farm

by T Steel

This is the first part of a four part series. A close knit family owns the valley where they live on horse properties. This story is about the things they do to keep the valley as their home. They also work...

Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

by Christian Bullock

Guided By Spirits is a Solitary Magician's guide to Magick. It teaches knowledge of the Spirit Realm and how to contact your very own Spirit Guides. The book is a beginners take on Magick, Spirituality, and...

Dragon Meditations

by Christian Bullock

Dragon Meditations is a book of long guided meditations through the Spirit Realm. This book will teach you the art of meditation and reveal to you some of the mysteries that surround Dragons. In this book you...

Jerrica's A's Are Everywhere

by Sharleece Bell

Jerrica discovers the letter A everywhere while navigating through her neighborhood and environment.

Fighter In the Sands

by F B Files

Rachel's first off world vacation started off well, but before long, things went wrong. In fact things went about as wrong as they possibly could. She was kidnapped, sold, and used as a political pawn in a game...

Dead Black Bird In a Furnace

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

In this horrific and yet beautiful book of poetry, Danielle Sainte-Marie bares her troubled past and lets it all go. Unbridled honesty is the order of the day here, as she sends demons flying with every wicked,...

Earth Angel

by Jeff DeLuna

Rosalie begs for help to kill her husband who is abusing her and her daughter. Is the story true? Ray sneaks into her bedroom and meets a frightening evil beast abusing her who tells him the real story and it's...

An Open Book

by Danielle Sainte-Marie

An Open Book teaches young adults how to fall in love with poetry, and also introduces them to positive short stories which cover a variety of subjects, such as: how to cope with divorce, why the need to engage...

The Id Book: Unmasking the Soul and Revealing Your True Mission In Life

by Ross Lucas

Finding genuine fulfillment in life can be a daunting task. When we're at a crossroads, or our best-laid plans have been derailed, it's only human to feel lost, frustrated, or alone. For those searching to reconnect...

Miniature Mausoleums

by Anissa Belkadi

Before the artificial intelligence movement of the 1960s, everyone used to dream of a future where robots could do all the tedious tasks we hate. Fold laundry, take out the garbage, boring chores. But no one...

Cover and Structure for Bass Fishing

by Carlton "Doc" Holliday

A how to manual for finding, identifying and fishing cover and structure for bass. Also how to build, sink, fish and maintain your own brush piles.

The Fixer

by Terry L. Harris

Can a person see everything before them but be blind to everything around them? The bonus for Jon and his sister from another mister, and her brother from another mother, both are blessed with perspicacious...